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Oprah coming to Israel for solidarity visit
Itamar Eichner
Published: 22.05.07, 12:03
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1. Oprah is black woman but she like white people
husseinali ,   canada   (05.22.07)
she black woman but she like white people like jewish ,she know will about the israel is terrosist country
2. look into my crystal ball
izzy d   (05.22.07)
This trip will be "postponed" due to high security concerns. Oprah will regret not being able to make it and another PR stunt hits the dust
3. Noooo!!!!!!!!
Israel   (05.22.07)
4. C.A.I.R. will soon contact her
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.22.07)
And tell her not to do so and give her a bunch of bullsh-t about the Zionist oppresssor!! Hope she can withstand the pressure!
5. Out of your minds??
jewish mother ,   jerusalem   (05.22.07)
Oprah Winfrey has shown to be pro-Palestinian over and over again. She interviewed the sisiter of a suicide bomber and showed sympathy beyond good taste. She is best frinds with Mandela, not exactly a friend of Israel. Weisel should tread very lightly with this woman lest she stab us all in the back and use the oppurtunity to promote her fifth column. Her influence could very well be used against us!
6. Oprah
rasjie ,   Jerusalem   (05.22.07)
Great! I really admire Oprah! She is fantastic.
7. stay away ophrah believe me whoever you are
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.22.07)
this is islamic land from the creation of this planet and the stars and we are the original people even before africa and amrica was invented and we dont invite you to come to our arab land believe me i tell you this is history and you cant argue with that because i tell the truth
8. You Don't Get It
Fred ,   New York, USA   (05.22.07)
The influence of Oprah is something most non-Americans don't get. Her fans are devoted and support the causes she supports. She has done well and done good. Wiesel is no fool and leaving aside her legitimate deserving of the award, if he believes she can become a public supporter of Israel, it is well worth the effort.
9. Boo Hoo
Poor Israelis......
10. Oprah coming to Israel for solidarity visit
Patrick B. Leek ,   Bexley, Ohio U.S.A.   (05.22.07)
I quit watching her show after a very slanted pro-PLO show she did a few years ago. If she says anything nice about her visit, I will be very very surprised!
11. oprah
Elisa   (05.22.07)
Last year Oprahs o Magazine published an article about a palestian girl who is in an Isrraeli prison for trying to blow herself up and kill innocent Israeli's. The article portrayed this little pig would be suicide bomber as a poor child who is wrongfully sitting in jail and is just a victim of circumstance. It was one of the most disturbing articles I have ever read. So I say to Oprah just stay the hell home!
12. welcome
mohammed ,   ramallah   (05.22.07)
you program very nice and alsoo ome to ramallah
13. #7
Adam ,   Manchester   (05.22.07)
Your posting has so many holes in it so I dont know where to start.......... 1. Never an independent country called 'Palestine' - it was a term coined by the Emperor Hadrian in 132AD to rename the Roman Province of Judea when the Jews revolted and when he expelled the mass majority from there and wanted to 'de-Jewdify' the land. 2. Islam was only founded in the middle of the first millennium AD so to say it was made by G-d's creation for Islam from the beginning is a bit extreme to say the least. 3 The latest anthropological research tends to think that man first evolved from Africa and wasnt, in fact, Palestinian Muslims........ I could go on...
14. Not Fair to Her
semsem ,   New York, USA   (05.22.07)
I love Israel but it's not fair to her to get her involved in such a viscious situation.
15. #5 - That was my first reaction too!
Otter ,   Canada   (05.22.07)
And watch Oprah because she will be pressured by "her public" to meet with the poor Palestinians, and she will make an "appropriate" statement about their victimhood that will be used for years to come. Oprah is a double-sided sword. She is business savvy but not very bright otherwise. She's prone to let her emotions override her good sense and once a stupid remark is out of her lips, there is no taking it back.
16. Bravo!! Welcome Oprah....this will be well worth it.
andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.22.07)
17. humanitarian issues
joseph sahab md ,   leesburg usa   (05.22.07)
excellent only if she extends her visit to the west bank and gaza
18. Do you See All The Advertising Above the Talkbacks
Canada ,   Canada   (05.22.07)
She has no connection to Israel and will probably either cancel or come for dinner and shmooze with some leftist idiot who wants to exploit her too.
19. GREAT!!!!!
segal ,   ramat gan israel   (05.22.07)
O is great!!! if she want's to promote israel by all means!!! we need all the help we can get!!! i love her and all the work she does around the world! thanks Oprah !
20. Answer to No. 7
susan ,   Houston, TX   (05.22.07)
Dear Sir or Madame: You are soooo brain washed that is not funny at all. You need to shake up you brain and learn about who was in the Holy Land first. Really sooo sad to see how ignorance brings about twisted minds.
21. Oprah Visit..WONDERFUL
RAY ,   USA   (05.22.07)
Her program with Wiesel was fantastic , her Auchwitz visit on TV helped many people gain understanding. Was remarkable; her highschool essay contest promoted much understanding among youth who will count.. Her visit should be a great opportunity to increase world wide understanding for Israel Absolutely super Mr Wiesel.
22. Yes, well worth the effort,
Elad Lending ,   Israel   (05.22.07)
Let's just try not to harrass her at Security at Ben Gurion, shall we?!
23. to #7, Nappy Rash
freejay ,   Israel   (05.22.07)
Boy are you screwed up in the brain. Islam is only 1600 years old, us jews have been here for over 5000 years, Now tell me again who are the original people? You have been taught lies and thats all you repeat. Go back to school and learn history you imbecile.
24. Oprah is little old But not bad !
But I respect her. Well :))) *** Ynet, would you publish my only first post. The TALI post. Atilla Karagözoğlu
25. #1 you make no sense
26. Rashid, take your pills
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.22.07)
You're delusional again!
27. No. 5 Jewish Mother
NYC Girl   (05.22.07)
While I share some of your feelings about Oprah Winfrey, I believe that some of what appeared to be her pro-Palestinian viewpoints were more a matter of her not having sufficiently educated herself about the conflict. And if that's the case, then what better way for her to learn the truth than to come to Israel? Believe me, if Elie Weisel feels she's redeemable, perhaps she should be given the opportunity to witness the situation firsthand. Not only that, but she visited Auschwitz with him and somehow I can't see her using her considerable influence for Israel's detriment after having had that experience.
28. Hopefully this will make up for
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.22.07)
some of her really biased stories in the O magazine about sisters of suicide bombers. If it does then good I welcome it.
29. no!
oprah is a humanitarian and a free thinking intelligent african american woman. oprah doesn't make distinction between white or black individuals. but she makes a distinction about WHO IS AN ARAB MUSLIM TERRORIST AND WHO IS A PEACEFUL PERSON. if she chooses to go to israel in a show of solidarity, she is entitled to herr opinion and it has nothing to do with jews or non jes, muslims or christians. only someone filled with hate would think like you. it's not ab out supporting jews or israel here. it's her statement that she abhors terrorists like yourself, as most american european and the world abhor you and your tactics and violence and simple mindedness. you and islam need to take a very close look to see why an oprah will support a peaceful nation rather than killing, democracy and freedom of thought rather than barbarism, backwardness and a mentality that is so degrading and opressive to muslim women rather than freedom of choice, respect for all sexes and individual and the ability to reflect on what is wrong with people that live with a 12th century mentality in a free world in the 21st century.
30. Israelis' sufferings!!!!!
Youssri ,   Qalqilyeh, Palestine   (05.22.07)
She sympathizes with the occupier not the occupied? ISrel lost 1 person in the last 2 weeks, Palestinians lost 48 !!!! Can;t she do the math? Ohh wait a minute, this is a paid PR visit paid for by AIPAC and the zionist lobby in the USA, ohhh never mind then, I hope you pay taxes for the pay, no more under the table deals fatty
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