Iran will resist 'any threat,' defense minister says
Published: 23.05.07, 17:17
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1. Oh no NOT Mostafa Mohammad Najjar!
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (05.23.07)
Not content with showing off AhMADinejad the comedians have brought out - Ladies and Gentlemen. Introducing - Dumbo Mostafa Mohammad Najjar for your delectation and enjoyment. For anyone not familar with this new face (Luverly Western designer stubble and shades!) THIS IS THE ONE OF THE VERY men who have passionately espoused a GREATER IRAN or IRANIAN EMPIRE BY FORCE from Afghanistan to the Med and swallowing Turkey in between. Try and get a hold of some of his speeches and 'lectures' in Teheran. And his strategy? Yup youve guessed it. GO NUCLEAR! Im not sure who is more twisted AhMADinejad or Stubbly Dumbo Mostafa but put them together and what have you got? Twiddle De Dee and Twiddle De Dumb? Or Dumb and Dumber!
2. ja!
TOM ,   BSAS,ARGENTINA   (05.23.07)
3. Fried White Dinner Jacket
Ted Stevens ,   Canada   (05.23.07)
I had a dream about watching that White Windbreaker Dinner Jacket Fried to a fine crisp.. Glorious indeed!
4. iran CAN retaliate
george ,   usa   (05.23.07)
5. remember?
6. hay!
does anyone recall when what's his name, that rediculous iraqi defense minister telling the world that the usa will face the MOTHER OF ALL BATTLES in iraq.....look what happened! we toppled sadaam. we'll topple this rediculous monkey as well.
7. A Dog that barks seldom bites
Barry ,   Tokyo   (05.23.07)
This dog of a leadership will soon be decapitated. Let hem bark as much as they want.... what a pathetic bunch of ignorant losers these islamo-fascists are... they live for satan
8. Bush will not leave office with Iran's nuclear program....
AJ ,   Washington DC   (05.23.07)
intact. There will be a bombing campaign in the next year.
9. Response to #8
Sam ,   Florida- USA   (05.23.07)
AJ- I am almost sure we dont have to wait for next year. This summer is a 99% possible. let hope in allah that they all go as marthyrs to hell.
10. #8
agree with you 100% he won't let it go. he doesn't care what anyone thinks. he has convictions and stands by them. people can ridicule him all they want, but maybe, just maybe, he's got a better vision than any of us. he thinks about the unimaginable happening and weants to stop it. he may have had a wrong move with iraq, but cut the man some slack. maybe he knows what he's doing and we live in denial? remember, 9/11 was termed a failure of imagination by the world. usa couldn't have imagined the unimaginable happening. so, bush knows a little more than us, so called peaceniks, what needs to be done and he'll do it. maybe his legacy will finally be that he has combated the greatest danger to the west that ever existed...liran. the cause of all extremists in the world.
11. #10
Jon ,   FL, USA   (05.23.07)
I couldn't agree with you more. Bush has stuck to his guns for the past six years. He has a vision for the US which includes taking the fight to the extremists on their ground and on our terms. Along the way he's managed to boost the US economy to record highs. I think history will prove the naysayers totally wrong and show Bush to be a true visionary and superb Commander-in-Chief
12. u guys are losers
Not brainwashed   (05.23.07)
are u all for real??? #6,7,8,9,20???? Continue watching CNN and FOX.... Iran is not Iraq, and Bush is a bitch doing israel's bidding.... That's why its american soldiers in harms way...getting killed...not coming back...because the israili lobby has their hands so far up bush's ass he opens his moth and says and does what they want. #10's saying that iran is the source of all extremism....?????? who supported osama back in the day? who supported the old dictator from iraq? who's supporting the freak job groups in lebabon that attacked the army over there????? YOU-DOT-S-OF-AY...or actually this current administration. Iran's fault is that they has resisted falling in line with the israili vision of who stays top dog in the region. And for that Israiel has its puppies in the west sending its kids in harm's way.
13. #12
Jon ,   FL, USA   (05.23.07)
Clueless!! You may not be brainwashed, but you've certainly been eating some funny mushrooms. I don't know where you get your so-called information, but I spent time over there in uniform and it wasn't to do Israeli's bidding. You sound like just another "blame the US first and get the facts later" liberal nut job.
14. To 'Not Brainwashed'
Josh ,   Gatineau, Canada   (05.23.07)
Well if our Iranian friends are such peaceful people (and if you won't cease to so extravagantly defend them), then please explain the nuclear program and U.N. defiance. Thanks
15. Not Brainwashed
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (05.23.07)
You seem to know all the answers. Please enlighten all of us on how WE should handle Iran.
16. sign posts
who am i ,   lake city,florida   (05.23.07)
if you look what iran wants it's pretty clear what there intent is [no israel] ! israel just wants what Yahweh said they can have . stop dancing around what is right in front of you in plain sight . take care of iran ,no nukes for these guys ! Yah's will be done .pray for the peace of yirulsalem those who love it will prosper.
17. More
Josh ,   Gatineau, Canada   (05.23.07)
Let's leave religion and opinion out of this guys! The world's full of differing views but this issue can be conceived rationally - whether or not the Israeli government is uncorrupted and peaceful, and whether or not Judaism is right is completely beyond the point here! The facts are that the Iranian government is contributing to aggression towards innocent Israeli people, and that Iran has denied FREE nuclear power from Russia. I love talking about Bush sticking his nose everywhere and about guarding civil liberties, but if someone doesn't stop Iran from building nukes - we're all going to regret it.
18. #12, I assume your questions are rhetorical but just in case
Danny   (05.23.07)
The Saudis supported Osama - who by the way is a multi-millionaire. The US supported the people who now make up the "Northern Alliance", the old leader of whom Osama killed two days before 9/11. The people supporting the Freak jobs are the Syrians. The hint is the ones who have been captured so far are Syrian nationals. Iranian Islamic regime only survived the Iran-Iraq war because of Israeli weapons. The people who supported Sadam were the Russians and French. The US had intel links but the weaponry was almost all Russian - hint MiGs, Scuds, T-72, AK-47, MiLs are ALL Russian. The people the US armed, via Israel, was the Iranians. Feel free to look up Iran-contra, assuming you is it your real age not just your mental age under 5. You need a brain before it can be washed.
19. Don't know if Bush WILL take out Iran ...
sk ,   USA   (05.24.07)
One thing is clear, though. When Bush goes, the hardware build-up in the region will go as well, sooner rather than later, assuming a Dem wins the presidency. The inertia of moving the hardware means that to get it back there again will be difficult, and there is no way to decapitate Iran without it. So, Bush must know that if he does NOT take out Iran, it will indeed go nuclear, and in a big way. Taking Iran out now is easy enough. Bush might be worried about the effect on Iraq of flattening Iran; on the other hand, Iran supports the insurgency. But if Iraq looks hopeless, that's even more reason to take out Iran when he can.
20. iran is doomed! its nuke sites will be bombed by usa!
debra ,   usa   (05.24.07)
21. HAHAHA you guys are so dumb.
AR ,   USA   (05.24.07)
I love it. You guys are so brainwashed or just uninformed. Bush is THE WORST PRESIDENT IN AMERICAN HISTORY. Why? Its not all bushes fault but he definetly the worst president because he has failed to see the REAL threats to america. They are not al qaeda they are not iran or syria. The real threat to america is bankruptcy. Bush looked at americas financial situation and decided that he and those who put him in power should try to get as much off the sinking ship as they could ship being america. The trillions of dollars in debt which grows another trillion every year of the war. Once he starts a war with Iran that number will double. How can any nation have a strong economy when it is losing a trillion or 2 dollars a year? Come on guys use your brains. Danny you are either a liar or stupid. America supported bin laden. America has admitted giving him billions of dollars. Iran supported the northern alliance iran is the only reason afghanistan isnt like Iraq right know. Im not supporting the mullahs but im just giving you the facts. The united states supported both sides. The US not only gave saddam intel satelite imagery etc etc. The US also ran diplomatic cover for Saddam in the UN while he was gassing iranians. Your wrong when you say the islamic regime only survived because of israel and us. Saddam husseins advancement into iranian territory was stopped in the first year of the war. When regular iranians took up arms and defended their own country against the largest and best trained (by us)military force in the ME. The people with rifles, grenades and rpg protected their own nation and the in turn the regime a good 5 years before america or isreal started selling them weapons.
22. Dont stop at the neuclear sites
zionist forever   (05.24.07)
Sink their ships, destroy as many rockets and fighter jets as possible... the US has the capability to do all of this not just destroy Irans neuclear program but also making it a much weaker and less of a conventional millitary threat to their naighbors Israel and Gulf States. One single surprise US airstrike against a range of targets and then straight out leaving the Iranians to pick up the peices of their smashed millitary and neuclear program while the US jets fly back to the saftey of those carrier fleets. currently playing war games. It will create short term problems in the Gulf and probably for Israel but a long term threat will have been emiminated it would be an investment in the future stability of the region.
23. 6 - hey
zionist forever   (05.24.07)
24. Not to mention
AR ,   USA   (05.24.07)
Israel supported Hamas and gave hamas its first weapons shipments. To go fight fatah what you think about that danny?
25. Think again
Yusuf ,   Delhi, India   (05.24.07)
Why you people making so much hue and cry over Iran's nuclear program? What about Israel which posses hundreds of atom bomb and its mentor USA which is the only country who used atom bomb against civilian.
26. Dont Forget 6 August 1945
Yusuf ,   Delhi, India   (05.24.07)
27. wake up yusuf!
larry ,   seattle wa.   (05.24.07)
History shows Israel has had plenty of reasons to use nukes against their enemies and not once have they did that. If they wanted to they could destroy the whole area. And here we go again about the U.S. using nukes. I sure you would have liked hitler in charge also!!! THINK Dude.!!!
28. #10 - Amen!
AJ ,   Washington, DC   (05.24.07)
29. #21 - WTF? Go write a book....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (05.24.07)
nobody is praising Bush's entire presidency. He has failed in significant ways, so spare us the dissertation. The ONLY point is that he realizes the threat of a nuclear Iran, and I respect him for that. He will bomb them before they go nuclear and for that he will be remembered as saving the world from a big threat.
30. continueing
AR ,   USA   (05.24.07)
The saudis are bushes friends man. Bin ladens brother in law was in a meeting with bushes dad discussing their investments on 9/11 in new york city. Fact. The US supported the NA After 9/11 guess who was supporting them up to and after 9/11 Iran. Not US. The cia was fighting the NA. Ask anyone who isnt an israeli or neo con and they will tell you. Militaraly you cannot defeat iran right now. You cannot completely distroy their nuclear program. Their are hundreds of sites. Their wont be an airiel strike their will be a war. Iran has the largest paramilitary and potential paramilitary force in the world. The majority of the people of the country are between the ages of 18-30. your talking about a potential 8-12 million people with guns going into iraq and afghanistan. Not to mention Iran would unleash their militias in Iraq, Hezbollah, etc etc. cut off oil lanes pretty much ensuring amreicas financial collapse. The only part of the american economy that is doing good is the stock market. AKA the richest 2% of americans are doing great under bush while the rest of us are working 2 or 3 jobs just to pay of our college loans. I disagree with the notion that america is in Iraq for Israel. America is in Iraq for control over oil and to keep producing our number one export. Weapons.
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