First Israeli store to open in Dubai
Navit Zomer
Published: 24.05.07, 08:55
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1. and on the label it will say:
ora levi   (05.24.07)
"made in Jordan" or made in taiwan or gaza or korea or the moon--as long as its NOT ISRAEL. so who cares....
2. right wingers: how does this support you believes...
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (05.24.07)
that all what the arabs want is to destroy israel??? I like to hear your explenation..!
3. Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo
4. to #2, read #1
Antonio ,   Haifa   (05.24.07)
5. #2 - Even better proof
Moshe   (05.24.07)
Even better proof than a business deal in Dubai is your own self! Reading your post, I must admit that not all Arabs are attempting to commit genocide of the Jewish people.
6. why dubai
Dave ,   Herzliya   (05.27.07)
If they are marketing clothes to over-sized men, they've got to be in the USA!!
7. this is our country
dubai ,   -----   (06.11.07)
this is our country we will not let you to open the shop and you will see
8. talk is cheap
Latifa ,   UAE   (06.12.07)
I cant believe what money can do to ppl .. how could this rich arab family destroy arabs & muslims history just for the sake of getting richer... i cant imagine that the ppl of Dubai or the Gov allowing this. So all i have to say z.. dont believe it untill u see it.. talk is cheap
9. comment
un known ,   dubai   (06.13.07)
damn you..... hope all your ml shops burns before it reaches to uae.... i bet you will lose lots of money coz no one will be interested to from stupid israeli shop!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
10. my country
I AM ,   UAE   (06.15.07)
this is my country go away from it >>>
11. get out
Emiratiah ,   Abu-Dhabi   (06.15.07)
we all in UAE are disagree and not allowing to open these shops in our pure country... Get out from our land... we don't want your are killers !
12. Go away
Abu Mohammed ,   abu Dhabi, U.A.E   (06.15.07)
Those who built their factories on Palestainian Lands have not to stay on our land. GO AWAY
13. No
ahmed ,   dibba   (06.15.07)
no way we dont want Israeli open any store in dubai or in hole united arab emirates !!
14. come|!
samurai sam ,   dubai   (06.16.07)
might as well
15. oh dear!
oh dear!
16. spelling!
not an israeli,   (06.16.07)
hey people of dubai learn to spell!!
17. spelling is not importana!!!
muslim ,   islam countries   (06.16.07)
hey (not an israeli).. spelling is not important because this is not our language.. the most important thing is to say our opinions even if you lik it or not.. this is not important too!!!!
18. How do you Dare?
Muslim Emarati ,   UAE   (06.17.07)
You know we hate you, so go away with your dirty shop we don't need it. STOP THIS .....
19. No WAY
alsedeeq ,   ksa   (06.18.07)
this will never happen..
20. No for Israel
no for israel in UAE or Dubai
21. Keep dreaming
Muslim ,   U.A.E.   (06.19.07)
In U.A.E it will never happend this is not Qater, keep dreeming to hill
22. MI Store
Younes ,   UAE   (06.19.07)
I do not think that is a wise idea to open stores in Dubai, and trust me it will not work as Israelis are not the most welcome people in the UAE. That's a fact but maybe you should try to open it in Gaza? At least, I will not be one of your customers
23. Believe me you loss your 1.5 million
Abdalla ,   Sharjah - UAE   (06.19.07)
A bloody jewesh what you want from dubai? money ? if yes we will not buy, and we will encuorage all we know to do so. You will ask why? Because Palestaine and UAE is one part of the world and what your politics is doing now there is something we can't be silent regard it. So all of you are killing our brother in Palestine , Therefore we will kill your business. Badluck to your 1.5 million investment, hope you will lose it.
24. Oh No
Keep away, Bomb plast very soon
25. It dosent matter now !
Musilm & Arab ,   Dubai   (06.20.07)
well i don't really like Israiel nore who believes in it yet lets be real for a sec. they're every where....StarBucks - Second Cup - coca cola - pepsi....etc they all support israiel lol so what's the point of fighting this back ! its either you do thinks the right way or don't and we can't start bye not buying any thing from that shop nore the rest we can do that but all we need is courage and faith...God Bless all muslims and arabs
26. Ml clothing chain, which specializes in large sizes
Braveheart.Muslim ,   UAE   (06.20.07)
on account of all large sized peolple, I Welcome MI to Dubai.
27. Why not?
M.G ,   Dubai, Arab Emirates   (06.20.07)
Well, I'm a Muslim person. And although the product is Israeli, I do not mind buying from them as long as I can find my size!!! The only thing that will stop me from buying is when I find bigger size clothing with other brands, which is very difficult to find. There's only one store that specializes in bigger sized clothing in Dubai, big sized men like my self need more choices.
28. A Dream
shateera ,   UAE, Dubai   (06.23.07)
I wish its just jewish dream not more!
JJJJ ,   DUBAI   (06.26.07)
we all in UAE are disagree and not allowing to open these shops in our pure country... Get out from our land... we don't want your are killers !
30. to hell
hohe ,   UAE   (06.26.07)
To the hell Israel..... We will never buy...We will talk to our responsible and we will take your money and through it in the Gulf.... You will see... All Muslims hate you because you are killing our brothers in palestine... Yes, we all hate you,
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