Gov't secretary calls for national PR staff
Itamar Eichner
Published: 24.05.07, 10:32
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1. PR
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (05.24.07)
About time too.
2. hasbarah - what israel does worst
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (05.24.07)
israel has everything it needs for the most effective PR in the world, but does the worst job of it. it is purely restrained and reactionary, at best, just like it's defense policy. you'll never win, just do enough to ensure that the terrorists remain securely on the playing field.
roxy ,   Israel   (05.24.07)
Finally someone is listening to what I have been saying,to get our story out from here by people who are native speakers of English,French,German etc. More must be done however including having all government spokes people be versed at the alomst native tongue level in English,or French etc so that they can get their points across to the world's media. YOU need people like BIBI in the government who speak perfect english and know how to speak to the medai!
4. PR!!!
mark ,   israel   (05.24.07)
Yet another potential failure to add to the growing list of established catastrophes initiated by this pathetic excuse for a government. Heaven help us
5. 3 years!!??!!
Michael ,   Ramat Gan   (05.24.07)
It took you 3 years to figure out that Israel needs PR help!!?! I can't believe it. Why so long!??
6. Okay, lie to us (again)...
Joel McGee III ,   Hong Kong, SAR   (05.24.07)
yes, please tell us that you're not occupying and/or stealing other people's land; that you're not starving the Gazans; that you're not building a fence that tears Palestinian communites asunder; and that you will not threaten to unleash Abraham Foxman and Martin Indyk on us to label us anti-Semites for speaking these truths. Stop the PR. End the occupation; end the killings; end the lies.
7. Gee, ya think?!
Cynical ,   Bet Shemesh Israel   (05.24.07)
8. Gov't secretary calls for national PROPAGANDA staff
Stig ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (05.24.07)
One of the basics of PR is that you should have something “good” to tell about. Does the apartheid state of Israel has anything “good”? NO. So basically this committee will be marketing illegal and racist policies, as well as give a nice face to the ugly practices of the Israeli occupation of Palestine, Syrian Golan heights, and Shib’a farms in South Lebanon. Having said that makes it so clear that we aren’t talking about PR, but about PROPAGANDA which is central to a state like Israel.. “lie and lie till people believe your lies”. Good luck “Israel” Any way, I have to go now to have falafil and hummos breakfast at some resturant here in Ramallah.. Palestinian food is so delicious (zaaki kteer).. come and try it. Salaam...
9. and when hollywood honchos offered to help...
rpc ,   modiin, israel   (05.24.07)
so, the government of screw ups will create an office of screw-ups to once again screw up PR? I think they need to ask for professional help from the PR pros in the US who offered to help and have continued to offer to help. The last thing we need is a new ministry for a scandal laden MK to run into the ground
10. pr staff
colin   (05.24.07)
More wastage of money on salaries ,offices,secretaries,cars .drivers ,perks-labour strikes etc.instead of using the same manpower to help sderot residents,to help holocast survivors to help bereaved parents,Typical of this corrupt olmert and company.Use the PR office for lies to attempt to get votes and popularity.
11. To number 6
Allan ,   Ramat Ilan   (05.24.07)
Perhaps a quick look at the situation in Gaza would help you as Egypt controls the crossing points as well as Israel and as such Gazans are not being starved to death. Also, worth noting that Gaza is supplied with Water and Electricity from Israel as well as allowing food into Gaza through its crossings, it has also allowed the EU to monitor the border crossing at Rafah, which has come under attack. Perhaps if the PLO had accepted the agreements no-one in the region would be in this mess right now.
12. Will not be of any help!
The world knows what is going on. This country's people are all immigrants and occupying the historical Palestinian land under various religious legends and claims that are irrelevant. How about moving all Nazarene Chrisitians of the World to Nazareth too?? This is a racist country that basis its existence on discrimination and the illegal annexation of other's lands... The Pals surely have all the right to fight back.... If I were one of them, I will certainly feel the same way....
13.  Spanish PRs for fierce pro Palestinian South America needed
Hanale ,   South America   (05.24.07)
14. Get Max Clifford!
Nick ,   London   (05.24.07)
London PR Guru
15. PR in spanish
El Guardian ,   Israel   (05.24.07)
There is a very good website specially dedicated to present to the hispanic readers of Internet the israeli's side of the conflict, even has a forum of opinion. Website:
16. #12 The pals are the biggest phoney myth in the world!
Let's begin with the fact that "Palestina" is a Latin name given by the Romans who conquered Judea under Jewish sovereignty and that there is AMPLE archeological evidence of Jewish presence throughout the country dating back 3,000 years. See Massada, Gamla, Tsipori, Jerusalem, just to name a few. And may I remind you that this evidenced Jewish presence pre-dates Islam by a very long time! Most Pals came from neighboring countries. For one, Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo, Egypt in 1929. Can't blame 1948 or the Holocaust for his being Egyptian, NOT PALESTINIAN!!
17. It's a good idea in principle
Tracy W   (05.24.07)
And I'm glad that the Israeli government has finally realized that they have been losing the PR war to the Palestinians for decades now. Not being an expert at this, I can only point to the fact that Israelis want to train their own staff. I'm a little wary of people learning on the job when it's a matter of such great importance. The fact that it took bureaucrats three years to produce their report says a lot about their understanding of the urgency of this matter. Perhaps the government should consider hiring an American firm with an impeccable track record to get things started. Training could take place at the same time. This article says that "when carrying out security evaluations before deciding on any defense operation, PR repercussions should be considered, and a PR plan should be formed for every scenario". Although it's hard to tell without reading the original report, that paragraph could be worrisome. Should the IDF be restrained from doing its job because of PR reasons? Timidity due to fear of criticism has done more harm than good to Israeli defence. Concerns with PR are good, but don't overdo it. I think that we should all be grateful to dedicated people in Israel and abroad who over the years have been doing research and publishing information about Israel's rightful cause on top quality websites to counteract the relentless PR from the Arab side. Also this is a good time to give a word of thanks to the pro-Israel talkbackers who share their knowledge on this and other news websites. We all learn from you.
18. Won't Work
Jon ,   USA   (05.24.07)
Government sponsored PR campaign in order to tell Israel's side of the story to the masses? Yeah, fat chance. Face it, the bias is so thick you can choke on it. Of course the bias is just as thick on most if not all of the pro-Arab/Palestinian sites. But if they're run by average people, then they'll have slightly more credibility on the issue.
19. PR for Israel
Ros ,   Tel Aviv   (05.24.07)
Maybe we should find out who the PR people are in Gaza and Lebanon. They didn't need 3 years and a committee to decide what we need.
20. #6 - Wow, nice dramatics..could use facts, but nice show
21. no 8
Rebecca ,   Modiin   (05.24.07)
I suppose the palestinian retoric on "Infidiles" and the world being under Islamic rule is not "Apartheid"? Enjoy your falefel. The ingredients were problably grown in Israel where all the work for the economy that the palestinians want, is done. Have a look at Independent, Apartheid free Zimabwe..
22. Finally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Y ,   N   (05.24.07)
Very good move.
23. It won't help you Joe(no.6)
dd   (05.24.07)
because, your cynicism asunder, whatever you scribble about is a huge exaggeration. Understand this:ISRAEL HAS THE RIGHT AND DUTY TO SURVIVE IN SPITE OF WHAT PEOPLE LIKE YOU ADVOCATE AND PRAY FOR. Israel has been doing this for the better part of its 59 years of modern existence, not to mention the other 5000 years. Also, understand this: Israel is going to succeed big time in the PR simply because we have the know-how and the human determination for this to succeed. That is why people like you won't "end" a thing.
24. No 8, read my post. It is meant for no.6
dd   (05.24.07)
and people like you.
25. No.12 But you are not or maybe you
dd   (05.24.07)
are a Pali,as you call the Palestinians. And you won't fight because you are a regular blah, blah and you only talk the talk. Why don't you walk the walk ?
26. About time...
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (05.24.07)
You cannot expect other people to understand your side of the story, unless you are able to express your self and get out there and tell your story to the world. And secondly, it is important not to come across as a victim. Make people see what Israel can produce and grow, make the world see a place and relevans for Israel to exist. Now where do you sign up to take part in the online war? :op
27. Use INTERNET Sites. U wont get help from News Agencies&TV.
Its IN to bash IL ,   Alan SA   (05.24.07)
28. A cat knows more about surfing, than Israel knows about PR
Alan ,   SA   (05.24.07)
29. Israel should know that:
Jennifer Jacob ,   Manhattan, NYC   (05.24.07)
The noise of its tanks, missals, aircrafts and cannons will make it impossible for any propaganda effort to succeed, with some exceptions in the US where you have FOX and it’s spoon-fed ignorant Americans. The Palestinians got their message through not because they have PR officers, but because their blood has been shedding for decades by the Zionist military machine. The best PR recipe for Israel is to stop killing non-Jews in Palestine and change its nature from a “jewsih state for jews only” to a state for all its citizens.
30. "israel waging a PR war" = "enhancing the validity of lies"
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (05.24.07)
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