'World heading towards Iran confrontation'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 24.05.07, 14:26
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1. Military Action Is Unavoidable.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.24.07)
While a military attack will have unfortunate consequences, a nuclear Iran will have far more serious consequences. An ideologically driven regime of fanatics cannot be allowed to succeed - the regime itself should be the target along with the nuclear sites. Nothing short of military action will work. Considering that we may be the first target (but not the last) we cannot just sit & wait, hoping the Americans will take action.
2. El Baradei's 3 to 8 years crap
Brod ,   USA   (05.24.07)
Is he trying to fool the world on Iran's nuke program. Everyone knows that the Ayatollahs already have the capability. It is a matter of them mass producing their WMD and arming their ICBMs. Baradei seems keen to give Iran as much time as possible to mass produce their WMD and arming their ICBMs. It is time to get Baradei fired for his craps. It is time for Israel and America to focus their full attention on the Ayatollahs who are hellbent on the annihilation of Israel and terrorizing and dominating other countries.
3. i am ready believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.24.07)
with my little rocket launcher and my ak 47 it goes took took took took and my home made bomb to kill other bad brother and then blame it on the west believe me and my kidds around me to protect me and my phone on speed dial to the bbc and cnn i am ready boys, bring it on, let me show you how good we are
4. push de boton!
5. Lots of problems, no solutions offered!
Aussie ,   Far, far away   (05.24.07)
We see and hear, over and over, the world-problem being caused by the onward determination of the Iranian regime to become nuclear-armed. But what viable solution(s) gets suggested - none! What are the world leaders coming up with. “oooh, wee better not actually do anything, the nasty Persians will get upset with us, ooohh!" Fire up them B52s, and do what’s gotta be done. Before it’s too late!
6. 'rashid' is a fake & so transparent . . .
Hardy ,   har har   (05.24.07)
But congrats, number 3, it's basically between you and Borat . . .
7. Osirak attack "slowed" nuke program?
Shmuel ,   USA   (05.24.07)
Oh really? So Iraq had WMDs? Blix is full of shit.
8. Iran Has Every Right to Nuks
J. Abramoff ,   NYC, USA   (05.24.07)
So does every other country in ME.
9. Wada wada wada ...Here is by buddy :)
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.24.07)
relax ! I am not a politician. He makes me smile, I cant stop it :) look at the photo on main page, please :) Funny funny :) *** anyway ! Hi My love Israel Hi Tali Farkash whats up :) *** Lets write some politics ! than we dont be too personal ! I believe He is not that weak. Look he is still in power ! I wonder If He stills sees Natural Karta guys ! How he kissed one of them :) I mean almost. Cant you remember the photo ? Damn that was discussing :) *** Today I had two meetings. Thats why I wasnt around. They all left my office. I am free now. and I am little relax :) Look dont blame me, please ! all I have is you and my cold medication :) If no, where I go ? who wants Atilla, anyway ? *** I wish best luck for Iranian people. I wish they keep their president in love and peace. PEOPLE IS THE OWNER OF COUNTRIES. PRESIDENTS ARE NOTHING WITHOUT PEOPLE SUPPORT. *** so, for better world, All people need to speak out more. we all have some responsibities for world peace. I love you. Atilla Liman Karagözoğlu
10. #7, Shmuel...RE:Blix
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.24.07)
If Israel's fate depended on people like Hans Blix, there would be no Israel. This moron contradicts himself left and right. He is the epitome of appeasing terror to retain Europes good name. He's a joke!!!
11. #8, I hope you are joking!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.24.07)
If you are serious, then you need to get help...maybe check into a rehab program. There are five year olds that can tell you why your statement is insane!!!
12. Is there anone in the world left who does believe Iran?
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (05.24.07)
Make NO MISTAKE. Anyone remotely listening to this regimes statements and 'chatter' from people close to the regime HAVE NO DOUBTS WHATSOEVER Iran is developing nuclear weapons. Iran WILL deploy nuclear weapons Iran WILL have no compunction whatsoever to make THREATS of nuclear attack to frighten any adversaries and indeed friends to surrender to her demands The NIGHTMARE though is that THIS REGIME has ALREADY ALSO PLANNED TO USE THEM. For anyone still left with their heads in the sand - its time to face the world ...and Iran!
13. Ignorance is Blix
Frank ,   Canada   (05.24.07)
This moron pretends that an attack on Iranian nuclear facilities will strengthen support for Ahmadinejad. First of all, there is no proof that such an attack will produce this kind of result but even if we assume that this is true, what is worse? A nuclear Iran or more support for Ahmadinejad? Moreover, even if Iranians rebuild their nuclear facilities, these infrasctures can be destroyed again.
14. Iran cannot be stopped
John ,   London,UK   (05.24.07)
I dont think bombing Iran will deter the Iranian from pursuing their aims of building nuclear weapons. Once a nation has made up its mind that it will be armed to the teeth, there is nothing anyhone can do about it. And trying to stop Iran is futile. Iran is too determinded to have it its own way. Use of force even by most power nation on earth has not stopped Iraqis from beating the US military into an immenent humilating withdrawal. Israel also witnessed disgrace at the hands of Hezbollah. I think a fair negotiations on nuclear issue is the only way forwards. So far America has done nothing bu threatens and try to intimidate Iran. Clearly this has not worked. Iranians want t fight. They look forward to a war with Great Satan. That will be their only oppertunity to finish off Israel once and for all. Therefore, I suggest that west should stop its rhetoric and begin fair dialogue with Iran. Iran needs to be reassured that west is not its enemy.
15. What to do
Jason Grover ,   Idaho Falls, USA   (05.24.07)
From Iran's perspective to me it seems foolish NOT to want nuclear weapons. And not because they're crazy idealists wanting to kill everyone either. We're always talking about what a threat Iran is, but remember that the last decade has shown that Iran's enemies are the aggresive ones. Two of Iran's neighbors (Afganistan, and Iraq) were wiped out. No one bad talks Israel and the US for having nukes, but Iran of course is just irresponsible. Iran may hate the US and Israel, but I don't think that alone would drive them to use WMDs. If they did they would be totally wiped out and they know it. Truthfully, I buy that they just want them for security. And since nothing short of an invasion would stop them, we to stop simply wishing the problem would go away, and either make plans to live this new fact, or make realistic plans to change the facts.
16. #3
Nia ,   Israel   (05.24.07)
Maybe you think you can win for a while, but your are sick and hatemonger and this will make you sink . There will be peace one day despite of you and the ones like you and God will save us from you! How old are you? Are you young and brainwashed? Don't you want to leave ? be married? enjoy children? AND IF YOU ARE ALREADY MARRIED AND HAVE CHILDREN , don't you have any humanity left? Only hatred? You don't know what you are missing and this is so sad , and one other thing , before going on like that you should have more culture, you should read because you are so far from the facts in history that no one can't even discuss with you about ideas, you couldn't even bring arguments to explain yourself(i read what you wrote in"ophra's visit in israel"article),everything you say in it is wrong it is embarrassing. Please think before acting like a irresponsible lad.
17. #8, Till they give one to a terrorist on YOUR doorstep,idiot
Stewart ,   USA   (05.24.07)
18. I wish everyone drinks, we would have great world
19. This is my land, The Land I was born
20. Cheeers everyone :)
I love youuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :))) THIS MY HOME LAND....THE LAND I AM FREE :) Hi Tali :) Atilla Liman Karagözoğlu
21. #14...the same was said about nazi germany!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.24.07)
Sitting back and letting evil regimes do as they please is the worst possible thing to do. Iran will not hesitate to "lose" a few nukes and arm Hezballah with them. This is their ultimate goal...the destructioj of Israel and the downfall of western culture....they say it openly...are you not listening? Your attitude suggests that we should just accept radical islam and that we cannot intervene in its violent actions. I disagree completely!!!
22. #16, Nia - 'hook, line & sinker' (not that you 'get' that)
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (05.24.07)
Nia dear, the writer 'Rashid' has you fooled. He is a fake trying to be the quintessential Pali stigmatized terrorist. He's got you caught hook, line and sinker! haw haw! read between the lines - he's a fraud!!!
23. to # 14 - John - u forgot something
Zaphod ,   Pluto   (05.24.07)
"I think a fair negotiations on nuclear issue is the only way forwards." but their leader has called for the destruction and genocide of another nation and it's people - several times. Are you truely an idiot? moron
24. 3-8 years is equal to 3-8 months, West Must Stop Iran
ZALMAN ,   Central Coast, USA   (05.24.07)
25. #14 BS. Saddam was a big talker too and where is he?
People who are suggesting that a sustained military effort to 'box in' Iran wont work . That's CRAP. It will. The cost will be high and it could go on for sometime. and yes, there will be a big mess of another kind created as a result but it wont be nuclear capable - or have an organized , well equipped military....anymore. We'll get attempts of international terrorism on a bigger scale maybe - but just how is all that going to work? I mean if these scumbags could do it, they would have done something by now? Iran can be crippled and honestly although its sad for her people - its their leadership that's causing the problems. Its them or us.
26. #14. John of London. Stop betraying your ignorance!
Cy ,   Reading, Berks   (05.24.07)
You are in a roundabout way syaing WHAT THE WHOLE WORLD has been fearing. That Iran will have no hesitation in using the bomb against Israel, Europe, the US or indeed anyone in order to provoke a world conflagration. THATS IRAN for you. Totally mad, irresponsible without an ounce of morality. This is a regime out of control. And if you are so enamoured with these gangsters try living there. You wont because like me you value your rights, your freedoms your security far too much. So why apply these standards for yourself but condemn ordinary Iranians to this foul regime and all they stand for.
27. Just bomb the reactors and get it over with...
Jellybean ,   Chicago   (05.24.07)
Many Iranians wanto to get rid of their current government anyway, this would be good opportunity for them to do so.
28. #23, Zaphod
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.24.07)
Some people just don't get it. Whether it is reading betwen the lines or seeing reality...some people are lost. They may need the hitchhikers guide to help them!
29. Iran ha the right to defend themselves...
especially there worst enemy isreal who does not undersatnd the meaning of peace. and always looking for the excuse to start a war!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
30. Blow the facilities to pieces..
Bush Supporter ,   USA   (05.24.07)
And to hell with Russia. That's the only reason the facilities haven't been hit yet, is because of Russia. America's resolve is weak. We need to go back to how we became the Power we are. If it's a fight people want, then a fight they will get!!!
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