'World heading towards Iran confrontation'
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 24.05.07, 14:26
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31. On nuclear confrontetion
Jose Nigrin ,   Guatemala   (05.24.07)
We have to akwnoledge that even though many countries are seeking to have nuclear power does not mean they have achieved the destroying capacity of developed countries like, the USA, Russia, China or Israel.
32. Iranian Strike
Thomas ,   Cleveland USA   (05.24.07)
"A military strike against iran would be catostrophic."? Give me a break! If Iran acquires a nuclear weapon, THAT could be catostrophic! Not only for Israel but for other countries in the region and elsewhere. A good example would be the U.S. forces in Iraq. If Iran acquires nukes while American troops are still in Iraq, which ism uch closer to Iran than Israel, that could be a problem too! The international community can end these fruitless "peace talks" and start taking REAL action.
33. #29...uneducated drone!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.24.07)
Read some history and learn that Israel has not started one war. It is your Arab brothers who want to destroy Israel and when they are not fighting US, they are killing each other. Open your eyes and your brian and see the real world for once.
34. El Baradei
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (05.24.07)
I don'' like Barradei, but if even he says that the production of nuclear weapons in Iran is imminent , we might as well take that for granted. The world should not tolerate this. Sanctions will never work, so the only question is : Who is going to do something about it? I am not a military expert but I see logistic problems if Israel is going to do the job. The US army appears to be the best option, as it is in the neigborhood already. Anyone ?
35. Finish the job.
Jill ,   Colorado Springs, CO   (05.24.07)
Would a scorched earth policy really be so bad? I am under the impression that the jihadists want to do no less to the west.
36. look #30 is an American #3
terdonme ,   Amerika   (05.24.07)
#30 you are just as off the hook as a protrayed idiot as #3 This is whole thing is way over do. Iran is the middle eastern version of Cuba for the US. Extrapolated, yeah the US should not be surprised by the fact it got a dose of reality with 9/11....the savage and brutal world it spawns with its arms abroad. Of course it was an evil act, and it was unconnected to Iran...but there at the other end of the Islamic spectrum from Al Qaida is Hizballah. Hate is hate, just the source of it is different. The dilemma is do we treat this like Chamberlain did and get a piece of worthless paper? Do we treat it like Roosevelt and goad them into an attack that the world will decry as a legitimate reason to go to War? Or do we do a Bush and fabricate another confrontational rational.....wait can't do that here, there are actually WMDs being made? Or do we grow up as a planet and stop all this before literally millions die.
37. #14 john...
Uzil ,   U.S.A.   (05.24.07) may be willing to deal with the devil, but leave ther rest of us out.
38. #14; #8
Oleg ,   USA   (05.24.07)
I do not think Iranian nation has anyting to do with nuclear development in this country. The Iranian regime is completly suicidal. They are drugging the whole nation to a complete disaster. All the West have to do is bombed Iranian military and nuclear facilities without ground intervention, bringing this country back to donkeys and camels. This will be good lesson for any other idiotic regime that has tight ties with terrorist organizations. We should not leave them and let them develop weapons the same way we did with Germany in 1933. This inaction 70 years ago caused 100 million lives to Humanity. Don't you think it would be better to destroy Nazi regime right at the beginning with death toll much much less then what we've got after all? The same with Iran. Even if they won't attack West with their nukes, what is the guarantee that they won't pass tchnology to terrorist, who absolutely do not care about the whole world? If you do not like country you live in go and live for some time in any country with authoritarian regime and you will immedeately understad what is better and why. So stop be so liberal. As for Mr. Abramoff -- you are from Russian descent (I think I am right) you should know history of Russia a little better to make such idiotic statements.
39. #36 we will grow up as a planet
mike ,   usa   (05.24.07)
Millions will not die, but billions will. After that we will grow up as a planet. No one can change that.
40. #29 . . "on nuclear confrontation"
Bill ,   Texas, USA   (05.24.07)
There is a drastic difference between possessing a destroying capacity and being possessed by a destroying mentality. The USA, Russia, China and Israel have had nuclear weapons for decades, and have not used them. Compare these nations with Iran? Does anybody out there seriously believe the ayatollahs order the use of nukes against all 'infidels' as soon as they get them?
41. Military Action Is Unavoidable. WTH??!
J ,   Canada   (05.25.07)
You have to be American because only an American would endorse such a stupid action. Suppose you also believe that Bush is the greatest president. Stupid Americans are contributing to an unsafe and paranoid place to live.
42. World heading or has already arrived to Iran confrontation?
Heatherross ,   Clarksville, USA   (05.25.07)
Well, come along you big, strong men, Uncle Sam needs your help again, Got himself in a terrible jam, Way down yonder in Iran, So put down your books, And pick up a gun, We're gonna have a whole lotta fun! and its one, two, three, what are we fighting for, Don't ask me, I don't give a d*@#n, Next stop is in Iran, And its five, six, seven, Open up the pearly gates, Well no time to question why, Whoopie, we're all gonna die!
43. World Heading > > >Iran
Heatherross ,   Clarksville, USA   (05.25.07)
You can blame the US, or how about those providing Iran with weapons? How about watching Germany go after Iran, think they won't, Hold your breath, and count to Ahmadinejad! You wait you see, Germany always likes to start a good war! Yehaa!
44. #34 - Maybe Europe can ACTUALLY have the US's back in this
45. jesus said there will be wars & rumors of wars...
mimi ,   usa   (05.26.07)
and cries of peace! peace! but there will be no peace until He returns. So lift your eyes unto the hills from whence He cometh because He will come in a flash... literally... like a thief in the night and then and only then will there be peace on earth.
harold ,   watauga, tx   (05.28.07)
let iran do what it wants to do but use the threat jfk gave russia we have the weapons we have the capability to wipe you off the map if a terrorist are the nation its self uses a nuke we will wipe iran off the map obliterate every city until only fire and smoke is all that iran is.. so go ahead iran go for it the consequences will be devestating for us all.
47. Maturity in Humanity
dustin ,   USA   (05.29.07)
not sure why I am posting this since these forrums seem to go no where but. Some argue Iran deserves nuclear weapons cause the other guys got em. Wow. Lets put that into perspective. Jim bob goes hunting momy. Im 4 I wana big gun too. but that dosn't even put it into proper perspective. Lets try this analogy. Momy the aliens have anti mater weapon that could destroy the earth in one blast. Can I have one too. Thanks Momy. Dang it Timmy im mad at you im gona teach you a lesson. Boom! What does that analogy mean for some of the layman. Its talking about maturity. Iran hasn't demonstrated very much maturity from what I have been reading. Their leader talks about wiping Israel from the pages of time. (the wars and rumors of wars comment is pretty close actually concerning the bible. Look at our weather and natural disasters. Its heating up and quick. big changes are coming and soon. they will think Peace! Peace! and then sudden destruction.) Acutaly if I remember right they guys name was Ben Abraham (not sure of the name. saw him on Benny Hinn). He was on the Island of potmos. He saw this coming a long time ago. God showed him floods coming. Rain distribution changing. Atomic War in the East. Droughts, The twin towers and pentagon hit way before they were hit. Of course my mom had a dream of that before it happened also. Two towers and the pentagon. Of course in this day and age when our children are kidnapped to be sex slaves for the growing industry of porn you know humanity has come to its lows and civilization will again collapse as it has in the past. So the Earth groans for the return of Jesus, justice, and repair of the human condition. Its not only a physical war out there. We battle against principalities, power, rulers in high places. Basically entities alien (not physical but ghostly spirits or dimensional entities intelligences) who battle for the minds of men. Physical weapons can not destroy them. Only prayer as a weapon will tear them down and release their hosts. It may take a lot to wake us from our slumber, unite with God, hate our lusts and unite in prayer as we have in the past. Or will it?
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