Israel will be uprooted should it attack Lebanon, Ahmadinejad says
Associated Press
Published: 24.05.07, 18:54
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1. Root and Stem
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.24.07)
Maybe Mahmoud had best watch his own root and stem. He's not the most popular guy in his own garden. Besides, according to the size of his feet and hands, his root or stem can't be much to write home about. What a little twerp!
2. the monkey
A V ,   London UK   (05.24.07)
why you have done nothing last war in lebanon. it is easy to talk after you stupid monkey
3. ahMADman must have gotten beat up alot when he was a kid
jerome ,   basalt, co   (05.24.07)
4. woooooooooo...s c a r y s t u f f .....
Hush up monkey man before someone pulls down your diaper and gives you a spanking.
5. No time for a weak leader
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.24.07)
Kadima and the gang of losers ,Olmert,Livni,Peretz,Peres have proven to be inept and weak in dealing with the threat Israel faces. A strong leader who puts the security of Israel above a failed U.S. genda (i.e. Road Map,Iraq disaster) is needed . Pray and ask Hashem to clean the dung out of the Knesset stable's and replace them with those who trust in Him and not corrupt and devious men (i.e., Bush)
6. Shut up Ahmadinajad
Akram ,   Paris/Beirut   (05.24.07)
The first thing you have to do is cut the weapons from Hezbollah. When this is done, Hezbollah will not attack Israel anymore and Israel will not attack Lebanon too. So keep your filthy hands off Lebanon. Got it s**thead?
7. of course
JEROME   (05.24.07)
hey mahmood, stop dreaming, you should take care of your butt because someone is going to come and kick it, do you think that we r asleep....... f*** off b*****d. we ll crush you as we crushed you in the past
8. Don't wait Much Longer West
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (05.24.07)
With Iran's quest for nuclear parity with Israel progressing as I post, isn't it about time Israel start becoming pro-active. For instance, Israel could attack Iran's nukes with virtual impunity by using it's own nukes (numbering som estimate at 400 high fusion bombs). For Iran to attack Israel, it will have to use up it's Shihad Missiles, w/o nuclear warhead. But they do have biological/chemcial. Israel can deal with those. Iran of course would be destroyed. But first, get the Jews out of Iran or spread them out of harm's way. Iran's President has lost his mind obviously, if he thinks he's not in a fight. Neither Egypt nor Syria wants the same fate as Iran, but Syria might get involved. So Syria will also have to be on Israel's hit list, starting with Damascus. I don't think these people understand what they are fomenting. We in the Diaspora will aid Israel as much as possible.
9. God bless Ahmadinejad. Long live Iran !!
Dark Justice ,   Occupied   (05.24.07)
Eternal war until freeing our Stolen land !!
10. The madness of Armedinejad
Nick ,   London   (05.24.07)
You'd think someone who was trying to build a "peaceful" nuclear programme would keep his head down until the warheads were ready, not go around shouting his mouth off about how Israel will be 'uprooted' - obviously not very clever. And did he forget that it was he who caused the whole thing last time in the first place. So basically he's warning himself not to kidnapp any Israeli soldiers and fire ketushas. Armedinajad, talking to yourself is a sign of madness, otherwise you seem completely sane
11. it's time for dimona to go "hot"!
oded   (05.24.07)
what can one say in the face of such rehtoric? but we need a leader with balls to act first and answer questions later... olmert ain't it... he needs to share a cell in jail with the rest of his cronies... bastards, look how you destryed this nation! only bibbu cant save us now!
12. #9 - Stark madness, Vacant
13. Thank you israel for introducing nukes to the ME.
them come into the middle east, displace millions of Palestinians, then says they never existed. Iran never displaced millions, nore does it occupy millions. it has more right to a nuke then israel ever has. Thank you israel for introducing nukes to the middle east, other arabs countries will soon follow, why should israel the only enemy of all other countries have nukes. only a matter of time....
14. This guy talks too much..
Rami ,   Nazareth, Israel   (05.24.07)
irresponsible and unrealistic, not exactly the qualities you expect from a leader.
15. The guy is loony tunes!!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.24.07)
Dangerous and crazy - what a combination!
16. Clownade
Ali ,   Jerusalem   (05.24.07)
What surprises me the most that serious news papers actually bother reprinting what this lunatic has to say. Why not start recording the blabber in a local market... Besides he is only a puppet in the hands of the mullahs.
17. invitation ?
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (05.24.07)
If Ahmadinejad was talking to himself, it would make sense. Fools usually do. - If the core of the message is : Beat me up please, My nuclear potential is almost ready to wipe the "Zionist entity" off the earth, Israel might consider accepting the invitation.
18. Correction #9:
You surely meant to say: Eternal war until freeing our a) forfeited land b) conquered land c) barren land Oh, damn the peace treaties! Eternal war for the sake of Eternal war!
19. Stems grow FROM roots, not the other way around
Logic Watch ,   USA   (05.24.07)
If Ahmadinejad keeps saying stupid stuff, he will be plucked like a weed, root and all, by his own people, who are fed up with his lame logic, gangster rhetoric,and, most of all, ineffectual leadership.
20. Stem to Root
Ben Dover ,   Manchester, UK   (05.24.07)
Amahnutjob needs to get a stem all the way up to the root.
21. #1
farsis as well as arabs have been known to use such flowery language. i really believe he wasn't talkng about the garden dear. maybe about his own "gifts"??? if he used that little twerpy gift more often with however many wives he now has, maybe the total frustration and desire to kill will diminish? what do you say? the little man is suffering from sexual frustration. it's obvious. garden, shmarden!
22. #6
i agree with you completely. you lebanese MUST uproot this iranian/syrian cancer playing with your lives from within your country. how hard is it to do, man? your army is doing a pretty good job in the tripoli palestinian camp. why can't you do the same with this cancer? why? israel never bothered you before the war for many many years. if you continue to harbor and give refuge to this kind of movement, kidnapping israeli soldiers, etc... killing your civilians, how can you complain. you are not helpless as a nation. i truly believe that should you decide to finally oust this malignant tumor out of your southern parts, the idf will be more than happy to help any way they can. together, you can do a pretty good job. this way iran and syria will not set foot in your country and then israel and lebanon can establish a peace treaty between the two with trade, sharing of knowledge and business deals. it's good for your country and people and it is good for israel. why not? just a thought!
23. #6
how about three armies join forces here...the idf, the lebanese and the usa? do you really think we can't overwhelm this monkey? you try it and wait and see the results....iran a parking lot! no doubt about it.
24. Fools! This Man Needs To Be Taken At His Word
David ,   Marietta USA   (05.24.07)
The world would have been a much better place if it had taken a little man with a moustache at his word in 1933. Unfortunately for uncountable millions, only Winston Churchill did. The price the planet paid was horrific. And Olmert is definitely no Churchill.
25. Mutual Assured Destruction Needed To Deter Israel/US
Fred Farkelsteinman ,   NY, NY USA   (05.25.07)
No matter what Israel and the US whine about wanting or not, the fact is that the cat is out of the bag, and Iran is a nuclear power today and will continue to become more of a power in the future. M.A.D. preserved the peace between the US and USSR for decades, and there is no reason to believe that it cannot deter Israeli aggression in the region and bring peace in the Middle east for the first time since Israel was formed as well. Israel would have to think twice about invading Lebanon or Syria if it stood to lose a couple of major cities itself and since Iran has never invaded or attacked anyone, they are the perfect choice as a deterent.
26. what a feg
mike ,   US   (05.25.07)
stems, roots, petals, flowers and butterflies. Hitler used to make flowery post cards, Ahmajidad writes flowery poems about genocide. Hey Iranians, seriously, are you not ashamed that this simian creature is your president? We Americans are ashamed of our monkey, are you shamed of yours?
27. Fred Farkelsteinman
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.25.07)
Do you honestly think Iran has never attacked anyone? Indirectly, they have funded pretty much every major terrorist group operating against Israel, as well as insurgents in Iraq who are killing their own people (specifically to promote the killing, destabilize the country, and grow to influence it more). They are trying to take over the Middle East, and even Arab leaders, especially in Egypt, acknowledged that Iran is a bigger threat to them than Israel. Israel's nukes are a deterrent to an Arab invasion of Israel. That is the reason they exist. The decision to use them would only be made if Israel was crippled to its dying breath and only Dimona stood. You also make it out that if Israel does not attack Syria or Lebanon or Gaza, there will be peace in the Middle East. In doing so you ignore terrorist agression. You ignore every single attack ever made on Israel, ever, by designating every IDF raid as not ever having been a response to such an attack. The only thing it will "deter" is Israel's right to attack those terrorists, and in doing so, the Middle East will break out into a war the likes of which it has never seen.
28. Ahmandinejad another "I" psycho
kannon9 ,   Maricopa, USA   (05.25.07)
Ahmandinejad is in the Illuminati or a sister organization. I have seen pictures of him, Hugo Chavez, Fidel Castro, Blair and Bush making the same hand signal which use to mean BS now means satanist. This is just a sick evil game for the corporations (like Monsanto & the oil companies & ect.) to rule all the world . Almost all leaders except for maybe President Ellen johnson Sirulat (soory not sure about the spelling of her last name of Liberia). Are in this sick game to destroy North America, Central & South America,Australia, New Zealand, Europe, Asia, The Middle-East, AFRICA, and all the islands in the world. Our leaders have sold us out to be blood sacrifices not just for the Illuminati but for those evil devils the Reptoids and Greys. By the way those monsters fed off of negative energy especially war and strife. They want to take over the earth (Alex Jones is right they want to make this a Prison planet) read what Credo Mutwa has to say about these evil parasites. We must not omitt anymore, we must stand for what we know to be the truth, we cannot trust the major news networks only news thats honest so far is LINK TV. To me the sad thing is there are too many people still in denial about what really is happening. The really normal good jewish people and palestians have been set up to be pawns by thew Rothchilds. We all need to spread the truth, and pray for peace and visualize it and please remember Africa first that continent is taking the worst beating ever. Remember in Quntum Physics thoughts, feelings, and attitudes are very powerful things. We humans who care need to stop and think we own ourselves and are no longer slaves to those parasites who sold us out and the monsters they work for.
29. For your information
AL ,   NEW YORK   (05.25.07)
just bc the article is about Ahmadinejad doesn't mean he reads your talkbacks for all you guys who directed your remarks to Ahmadinejad. But i do agree ahmadinejad is definitely from plant of the apes . Ironically those apes ended up nuking the world (did someone say foreshadowing)
30. to #28
AY_Lamb ,   USA   (05.25.07)
Join Russ Feingold to help end the war "Huh"??? What is the hand signal? I have never noticed a pattern of hand signals from the individuals you mentioned and pattern analysis is part of my trade craft" HaShomerim Emet LEHI be careful the US is in transition prepare your forces NOW - worse case scenario - unilateral action but, the most likely scenario
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