Israel assault on Hamas to continue - PM aides
Ronny Sofer
Published: 25.05.07, 00:33
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1. Yes! (There is nothing else to add)
enzo ,   london,uk   (05.25.07)
2. g8 summit
as long as none of the g8 summit people and their wives, children and families do not live in israel or in sderot or ashkelon, they have no say in what israel is doing to protect its sovereign nation. period! no one, no one, not a single country can tell us to halt and not finish the job well. we halted in lebanon and look what happened!
3. Hold the G8 in Sderot
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (05.25.07)
And while your at it, build a jail for all of the Palestinian prisoners there.
4. Israel is a sovereign country not a colony
Frank ,   Canada   (05.25.07)
Israel must not accept to prevented from fighting her ennemies by any foreign country.
5. Build a jail for Pal's in Sderot
aaron ,   la jolla, CA   (05.25.07)
#3 Robby, in San Jose, you're a genius. Maybe the Hamas members recently arrested will do for starters. Of course, the only downside might be that Hamas makes Gilad Shalit a "bodyguard" for Haniyeh.
6. Peace Now Means War Later
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. USA   (05.25.07)
Let's face it, the US has screwed up badly in Iraq and has yet to decide what to do with Iran? The other axis of evil nation, No. Korea, has backed down on it's pledges to the 6 nations, including the US, China, etc. Yet we do nothing. We are big talkers, but will not go the extra mile to defeat our enemies, just as we withdrew in Vietnam. 55,000 young people died for nothing there. Vietnam sells to K-Mart and Wal-Mart now..(a communist country/dictatorship, is benefitting from US). Israel should look East to Iraq to see it's future, if it doesn't begin to fight seriously, and it's politics colors it's mentality. Sharon allowed Hezbollah, and Hamas to equip themselves and strengthen. Olmert's fiasco in Lebanon was due to Israel's banana republic status with US. In the meantime, Christians in Iraq, and Jews in Israel are being battered and murdered by thugs and gangsters. Israel and US, have the power, but not the will it seems to win. Colin Powell advised using all out force to defeat an enemy. If Hamas had Abrams Tanks, and F15s, do we not think that they would bomb Tel Aviv and kill as many Jews as possible? If I were an Israeli, I would be mad as hell.
7. Iran Will Nuke Israel Within 3 Years Unless...
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (05.25.07)
Sooner or later, Israel will have to argue with Condi, the EU, the UN and the World Court and World Bank, if it is to survive. Israel must act like a sovereign country, not a puppet for Democrats in our Congress. Israel erred when it withdrew it's IDF from the Strip (I was not for settlers there). It erred turning over the Philadelphia Corridor to Egypt. Israel erred in not attacking Hamas sooner. Israel made a strategic mistake in allowing Hezbollah to arm with 15,000 rockets., while the UN approved the borders. Let's face a fact of life, if Israel were to disappear, (like 6m Holocaust Jews) few would cry for it. That is what must govern Israel's actions, not trying to be politically correct to appease people who just don't know or care what is going on. And I include leftist peace-now, (war later) American Jews. If their fancy homes were bombed, what would they do?
..............DACON9   (05.25.07)
9. Pressure by international community
ben ,   singapore   (05.25.07)
Olmert, dont worry or bother about the pressure, they will pressure while their EYES Close towards the ATROCITIES OF THE GAZA TERRORIST.THEY CANT SEE the ATROCITIES OF THE GAZA TERRORIST. Now, such WICKEDNESS of the International COmmunity is what I call the passionate teaching of the WICKED HEART.They are mixed up with SELF- IMPOSED JUSTICE OF SELF -INTEREST. They are BLIND towards the Children of Yisrael. Olmert, please understand that this is a time for Israe l to STRIKE and BREAK the BOW for EVERY OFFENCES dont by the Gaza TERRORIST and the one sided INTERNATIONAL COMMINITY. Their WEIGHT OF INJUSTICE forces THE HANDS of ISRAEL to break the BOW OF THE ENEMIES.The INTERNATIONAL community are like THE BRIBED JUDGES who UNDERMINE the CLAIMS of the JUST the CHILDREN Of YISRAEL, ISRAEL as a WHOLE in Israel and in The Diapora.The INTERNATIONAL Community has beeb artificially raising INJUSTICE and impoverish the poor and trample the POVERLESS into the DUST. LOOK at the DAFUR REFUGEES, LOOK At the PEOPLE OF SEDEROT, LOOK AT THE MANY JEWS MADE HOMELESS IN THE LAND OF THE JEWS. OLMERT COME OUT AND DONT BE PART OF THESE IDEAS of SELF - HATE. REINSTATE the cHILDREN OF YISRAEL in their HOMES. PLEASE WIPE our TEARS. IN the pass months you have been going around meeting the Arab Leaders who has all the while been the enemis of Israel, their HIDDEN SECRET is to TRAMPLE the heads of the powerless into dust. You joined them in IGNORANCE and you forces the humble to walk a crooked path.Your team of Polititians are the crooked one who turned aginst the Poeple of Israel. The PA Polititians are the team of CROOKED LEADERS for their PEOPLE suffer and continue the WICKED Legacxy of the BRIBED INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY GREEDY for FUEL and ENERGY SOURCES in THE MIDDLE EAST. Even if ISRael was not there among the Arab Nations- the iNTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY will do INJUSTICE by their POLICY and CONSPIRACIES.Thier YOUNG nad OLD are inundated with SElFISHNESS, and if you UNDERMIND the iNTEREST OF MY CHILDREN OF YISRAEL you OLMERT LOUNGE on GARMENTS the POOR of THE LRD G-d OF YISRAEL and you force our children to pawn their FREEDOM. NOW OLMERT DONT GET DRUNK by the INTERNATIONAL PRESSURE it is like UNJUST TAXES that the ISRAELI NEED NOT PAY ! MY PERSONAL MESSAGE TO YOU OLMERT : THE ACCUMULATION OF EVIL IS WHAT CONDEMNS YOU but IT IS NOT G_d's DESIRE to PUNISH YOU BUT TO SALVAGE YOU TOGETHER WITH THE HOUSE OF YISRAEL- NOW BREAK THE BOWS OF THE ENEMIES- TAKE YOUR SIDE- BE WITH US ISRAEL OR GO WITH THE ENEMIES. COME CROSS OVER THIS SIDE FOR WE HAVE THE TORAH.CROSS OVER THIS SIDE WE HAVE THE WATER : - ) OLMERT, THANKS , I will DAVEN :- ) IDF Dont worry about the international pressure of the international community ,Keep Blasting the Gaza Terrorist.
david ,   usa   (05.25.07)
The current government is an embarrassment to western civilization, no country would tolerate such an elaborate & deadly build up of a such crude arsenal as Israel has allowed in Gaza.
11. Thanks Araron, only....
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (05.25.07)
I'm sure the Geneva convention prevents it. Which means Hamas probably would be allowed to do it and Israel would not.
12. The BBC website has a "Have Your Say" poll on how to solve
Michelle ,   Vancouver   (05.25.07)
the Palestinian question. Time to do some PR.
13. # 10-If he doesn't, for sure there will be a lynching!!!
jan   (05.25.07)
14. as we used to say back in WW2
Jonathan ,   Canada   (05.26.07)
Praise the Lord and pass the amunition !
15. aides
colin   (05.26.07)
Has it now become so bad that the PM cannot say anything ONLY THE AIDES AT THE PM OFFICE ISSUE ALL THE STATEMENTS. Well at least the corrupt cowardly olmert must be getting the message The nation does not want him Get out olmert
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