5 rockets fired at western Negev
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 25.05.07, 08:44
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1. Our pilots are risking their lives bombing empty buildings !
redkmike ,   tel aviv - Israel   (05.25.07)
The whole Olmert junta is a political disgrace but we all know that already. Our pilots are risking their lives and their planes bombing empty shacks and warehouses and our non-government then proudly announces 'no fatalities'. Hopefully Monday will usher in the end of Olmert and his spineless cronies that are endangering Israel more every day by creating the illusion that we can do nothing about either Hamas or the kassams. If Labor pulls out of the coalition then Israel Beiteinu will hopefully follow or even preempt them depending on the results of Monday's primaries.
2. Its clear that They dont want to HURT but to ANNOY !
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (05.25.07)
I also dont want to anger but I really wonder WHO IS THE BOSS OF HAMAS ? The US' politicians ? or The Qeen of England ? *** Good Morning. What a boring day, right ? love Atilla Liman Karagözoğlu
3. olmert is afraid of international pressure
jason white ,   afula,israel   (05.25.07)
Too bad he is not afraid of Jews dying and being wounded. Enough with the nonsense of bombing empty buildings.Let the palis suffer death and destruction till they cease terrorism.
4. i am ready for you wallahe i am ready for you
rashid ,   palistinian   (05.25.07)
we will continue to fight until we liberate ramat hashiron and dir el balah believe me you throw atomic bomb at us every day shoting at our pregnant women with your submarines and not only your f18 but also f19 and even f20 but we still fight because the g8 is on our side and we are lucky that we dont fight against the lebanese arme so then we would be finished, yaani hallas, but with you we still have a shance ramat hashimron here we come
5. "Rashid", give it up already...
Isragirl   (05.25.07)
Are you that bored? Come up with a new joke, it's old material...
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