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Ruth's story – the Japanese version
Gabby Newman
Published: 31.05.07, 16:12
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1. What a cool guy!
Mikeytrix   (05.31.07)
2. Jewish influences on Japanese culture?
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (05.31.07)
This URL referenced below reviews some of the curious parallels between Jewish and Japanese culture, suggesting that ancient Japan may have been influenced by remnants of the Lost Tribes. So perhaps Mr. Hatori has returned to his ancient roots. In any event, welcome to the Tribe, Mr. Hatori.
3. Not the usual Emotion or Passion but Covenant Love, This Rig
ben ,   singapore   (05.31.07)
By Covenant, - Covenant is the bond by which two parties pledge themselves to one another, each respecting the freedom and integrity of the other, agreeing to join their separate destinies into a single journey that they will travel together.’ Fearing no evil’ for You are with me. Unlike a contract, it is an open –ended relationship lived towards the unknown future. In one of the loveliest line in the prophetic literature G-d says to Israel through Jeremiah, ‘ I remember the kindness ( hessed ) of your mouth, the love of your betrothal- how you were willing to follow Me through the desert in an unseen land ….and here is he showing us the covenant with the bride and the groom. Not the unusual emotion or the usual passion but pure covenantal love he pledge. From Japan he Returned Home my children he is at home in our heart , mind and soul. ben singapore : - ) ~
4. What if he was born a Jew?
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (05.31.07)
Funny thing is that if he was born Jewish and grew up religious and was studying Torah to become a Rabbi, Ynet and the secular left would not only fail to recognize his accomplishments but would label this person a loser, failure, burden on society and call for him to get a real job.
5. Japanese Jews ?
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (05.31.07)
Many years ago, I read in the Fort Worth Star Telegram a story of a Japanese convert to Judaism who studied and received a smicha in the USA, and went back to found a congregation. Does anyone know about this, and what happened to him ???
6. hajimemashite, Hatori -sama ^_^
idan ,   haifa,israel   (05.31.07)
7. Jewish souls will always find their way to Jerusalem
8. Baruch ha Beh le Am Yisrael
Noam ,   Boca Raton, FL   (05.31.07)
Rabbi Hayoti, is an honor to welcome you to our people. I hope all our correligionists will treat you just like any other Jew with dignity and respect and that you will have a positive influence on your students. May you serve as an example that Judaism welcomes outsiders who are genuinely interested in living according to the Torah as full members, and that we are not solely based on blood lines. Hope to run into you one day in Eretz Yisrael!
9. Amazing!
10. Welcome to the Jewish people!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (05.31.07)
You have chosen a path that is not an easy one! Already you are experiencing difficulties because your family has disowned you. But you will establish a new - and Jewish - family in Eretz Yisrael!
11. Confusing: A priest is Catholic, Anglican, or Shinto. Was...
Stewart ,   USA   (05.31.07)
he a minister or a priest? Why the double life for so long? Whis story is waaaay to short to explain anything. Please elaborate.
12. welcome home...
rj ,   england   (05.31.07)
it must be a fantastic feeling for this gentleman and his family to realise where their true home and observance brings them home to Israel.....
13. to #2
paul malykont ,   United States   (05.31.07)
Good reference. There are similar people in Southwest Africa and we all know about Ethiopia. Time to reach out to all of them. Don't let the rabbis get in the way. We need more Jews and in more places. Who will join me?
14. Mazel Tov
Schvach   (05.31.07)
Mazel tov, Rabbi Hatori, on your conversion and smicha. I wish the Japanese converts to evangelical Christianity whom I've met in the past would view this video. I can't get enough of it. The prospect that Japanese/Shinto culture obtained many of their customs from Judaism is an exciting thought - so many people accuse us of stealing their teachings and rituals, as though we have derived our identity and culture from them.
15. Welcome to our people Mr. Hatori, and may Hashem bless you!
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.31.07)
16. WELCOME !!!
Ron ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.31.07)
17. He was a priest?
Darren ,   London   (06.01.07)
What does that mean? Why did he have to keep Shabbat in secret? Was he a priest of a Satanist cult or something?
18. "Jews" in Japan
Isragirl   (06.01.07)
I lived in Tokyo for 3 years. I encountered Japanese members of this group (I forgot their name) who believe that Japanese are descendants of the Jews, they speak Hebrew. I also met in Kamakura a rather impressive Japanese young man who lived in Jerusalem, spoke fluent Hebrew, converted to Judaism and was on his way to one of the old yeshivas in Ukraine to study... Yiddish. I also was at the Yom Hashoah event at Tokyo JCC where a group of kippa-wearing Japanese men and women sang Hebrew songs and Hatikva. Honestly? Despite the very somber circumstances I found myself hiding behind somebody's back and laughing hysterically with my mouth closed, smearing tears of laughter all over my face. Rude, I know... Yet,couldn't help myself.
19. Great story.
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.01.07)
Welcome home, Moshe Hatori.
RCA ,   USA   (06.01.07)
When you dare to look outside the box, it's amazing what you find !
21. #19
Josh ,   Vancouver   (06.01.07)
sweet post man.
22. RCA, it's true
John   (06.01.07)
When a person such as this, having a Jewish soul will find their way back home. It does not matter of their past. I have seen it many times. I have also seen some convert without a Jewish soul. What can one do? By the way, great post nailing the self proclaimed leader and defending Charles with elegance. I am amazed how such a person such as the self proclaimed enlightened one can speak as such. I would be astounded if the guy he claims to represent (real or not) would have ever spoken with such venem and hatred. I cannot fathom any Rabbi and I know a bunch of them would ever speak this way to Jews and equally non-Jews in this manner. If I were to look to the Torah this would be the last guy that would lead me there, I would run as this cannot represent G-d nor Torah (forget about religion). Kol hakavod
23. to #11, #17: acording to article: christian pastor
Tobias   (06.01.07)
according to the article he was a "christian pastor" and prepared "his church sermon for Sunday" after motze shabat. So he wasn't a Shinto priest and also didn't belong to a "satanic cult" (as alleged in tb #17).
24. Yes, but
Dorothy Friend ,   Tel Aviv   (06.01.07)
What does he do for a living? Yet another parasite sucking on my tax shekels?
25. #24, see #4
Besalel ,   Kew Gardens, NY   (06.01.07)
Thank you assisting me in my efforts to show how extremist the secular left has become in all of its views. This is why you have become so marginalized in Israeli society and politics. Do you realize what you have become? (if not I suggest you see the last episode of the first season of Haverim Shel Naor).
26. Rabbi Hatari
Hilda ,   USA   (06.01.07)
What a fascinating story. I would love to learn more about this wonderful couple.
27. very beautiful story
hanina   (06.01.07)
May Hashem correct his physical vision now that his spirtitual one is perfected.
28. #22- Thank you very much, John.
RCA ,   USA   (06.01.07)
29. #2- Raymond from DC
RCA ,   USA   (06.02.07)
There are many historical footnotes and references that I have run across in the past about the presence of Buddhist missionaries traveling throughout the Middle East from about 500 BCE. This would make sense, since there have been many Buddhist shrines found there. In fact , very recently a famous one carved into mountain side was blown up and destroyed a few years ago by muslims in either Iran, Iraq or Syria. I do not recall which one it was. Supposedly these Buddhists had some lasting effects on early Jewish groups such as the Essenes and others. If you dig below the surface, I believe that you will find some shared values, commonalities and influences from Buddhism on Judaism. Perhaps this is the reason why many Jews in the US find Buddhism appealing, and were instrumental in helping to bring Buddhism to the US. Many of the "Beat Generations" movers and shakers were Jewish Buddhists such as Alan Ginsburg, Jack Kerouac, and many others. Supposedly, Jewish meditation techniques were derived from the Buddhist missionaries many millenia ago. Naturally, early Jewish groups adapted these techniques to their own needs. If I remember correctly, Rabbi Aryeh Kaplan mentions this in a few of his books. One could make an argument for Buddhist influences on Judaism solely on these forgotten Jewish / Buddhist , Buddhist/ Jewish practices. Though Rabbi Hatori may have been a Christian priest, he grew up in a Buddhist country and this may have been a factor in why Judaism was irresistable. ...Or not.
30. Japanese suffered the Nuclearcaust
john ,   nz   (06.02.07)
Jews suffered the Holocaust Both are technically advance That's where the similarity ends
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