Gaza: Palestinians say 5 killed in IAF attack
Ali Waked
Published: 26.05.07, 15:30
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1. Haniyeh
ben ,   singapore   (05.26.07)
Next is your house !
2. Haneyih's Kassems moral ?
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.26.07)
The Palestinians are troubled when they recieve what they dish out. They call Israel's act of self defense immoral assuming that Israel would just do nothing and allow Hamas to continue targeting their civilian population. The pressure of IAF attacks is working and the Palestinians are paying a well deserved price ,but Israel could end this in one afternoon if her leaders decieded to get much tougher and wipe out much of Hamas. A defeated enemy understands real defeat ,not the limited strikes we see now.
3. This is not fair
papa jay   (05.26.07)
The jews are killing too many palestinians in retaliation for the indidcriminate kassam missile attacks intentionally targeted at isaeli cities. When the pals kill two jews then the jews should only kill two pals. When the pals blow up a bus of israelis then the jews should only blow up one bus of pals. Tit for Tat forever so no one can ever win a war.
4. #2 Palestinians did not get what they dished out
Qassams, which they Palestinians launch, have an inaccurate trajectory. You can fire on the same place twice, in exactly the same way, and have rockets land almost a kilometer apart. This, compounded with the fact that they don't even bother to fire on military targets, indicates that they are CHOOSING to target civilians. In contrast, four Palestinians gunmen were killed in the IDF air strike. They were armed. They have COMBATANT STATUS. That is who the IDF targets. In order for Palestinians to get what they dished out, Israel would need to DELIBERATELY TARGET civilians. I'm not recommending that they actually do this, of course. I'm saying that we need to recognize that Israel, in contrast to Palestinians, is behaving legally and far more morally.
5. Haneyih
Amos ,   Yotvata, Israel   (05.26.07)
I get the idea the targets are getting closer and closer to Haneyir. He must understand that his days are numbered.
6. Haneyh is just a puppet
Lednah ,   Europe   (05.26.07)
The masterminds are in Syria and Iran
7. #4 you mean Qassams hit civilians by mistake,
but the IDF with much more advanced weopons-accurately hit civilians, "DELIBERATELY" IDF should be hailed for its accuracy, and you should be hailed for your frankness!
8. *Shakes head in total disbelief at Papa
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (05.26.07)
"Smurf" err Jay*
9. #7 your reading comprehension is pathetic
what you wrote is the exact opposite of what #4 said in his/her TB. Your disingenuous comments don't fool anyone except the terminally brainwashed.
10. #4
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.26.07)
I agree with you ,but am trouibled that you worry so much about legal nonsense when your enemies have been given carta blanche by the world community to go illegal against Israel. The Palestinians have brought a curse upon all their families. The 'good' ones died as 'collaborators' long ago. Lebanon had no problem fireing artillery at their fellow moslems. Remember how the International court in the Hague wanted Sharon tired for war crimes but ignored their hero Arafat ? Quit submitting yourselves to the hypocrisy and deciet of this evil world and bend your knee to the will of God.
11. #7 -you're saying no Western nations make mistakes in war?
Israel targets combatants. That doesn't mean no civilians are ever killed. Name one war in which zero civilians were killed by accident. None such exist.
12. all BS
Yisraeli   (05.27.07)
this tit for tat nonsense is just for home consuption as if to say the government is doing something but its all bs. Israel has no intention of really hurting the enemy. amazing how in fact its Israel who prolongs all this warring, any other sane country would have destroyed theyre sword enemies decades ago.
13. #11 of course, a MIDDLE Western nation makes mistakes
14. papa jay is right
israeli ,   israel   (05.27.07)
let's go tit for tat. Hamas have launched thousands of qassams during the past 6-7 years. We should have obliged with the same number of rockets. Parking lot ring any bells?
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