Special UN envoy to Mideast says he’s ‘very troubled’ by Gaza violence
Associated Press
Published: 26.05.07, 16:40
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1. Well, isn't that just special!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.26.07)
The infighting is bad, and Israeli airstrikes are bad. How about those frigging qassams? Does he think they improve the agriculture in and around Sderot??? What a bunch of a--holes!
2. What did he say about Sderot and other towns ?!
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (05.26.07)
If he said nothing about Sderot and the attacks on Israel civilians then he is to be ignored as someone that is totally biased !! And also completely stupid ! He doesn't even know how to play the 'game'.
3. How pathetic...
Natan ,   USA   (05.26.07)
I don't recall the UN being "troubled" by the Qassams being lobbed into Israelis cities...
4. Notice how Williams DOES NOT CONDEMN QASSAMS
attacks on Jews ,   ok for Williams?   (05.26.07)
Also, he should have noted that, empirically, 'considerable numbers' of civilians deaths were caused by Palestinian infighting, arguably more than by IDF air strikes.
5. Now He's Troubled.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.26.07)
He wasn't troubled by Kassams hitting Sderot since the disengagement. The Hamas/Fatah violence evidently didn't "trouble" him much either - until we started to hit back. Sure, the UN likes restraint but only on our part. Well, if the UN jerk is troubled, let him take some valium & go back to sleep at UN HQ .... By the way, is he troubled also by Darfur? Perhaps the Lebanese Army pounding a refugee camp? Not troubling enough? How about Iran with a nuclear weapon - I know it troubles me. Go get troubled somewhere else you miserable hypocrite.
6. UN Envoy
Rick S. ,   L.A.   (05.26.07)
So I guess that this anti Semitic jerk thinks it's OK to fire rockets at Israel. He does not seem to complain about that.
7. Ezekiel 35-36...Ezekiel 38-39
Mike ,   USA   (05.26.07)
I think everyone is familiar with the prophecies of Ezekiel 38-39... which is the utter and absolute destruction of the arnies which will invade Israel. But don't forget what God said would happen the precursor to this attack. Read Ezekiel 35-36 for yourself and see. It is a prophecy of destruction and desolation to those who would "swallow you up on every side" Ezekiel 36:3. It is against "the nations that are you around you" Ezekiel 36:7. IT IS HAPPENING NOW!
8. Whats more troubling
BJL ,   Appleland USA   (05.26.07)
Hey stupid UN. How about the weapons smuggling tunnels? How about the Hizbollah style bunkers being built? How about former Israeli towns being used as bases to attack Israel? How about Hizbollah being better armed now than before last summer? UN you suck at everything you do. You dont prevent wars, you enable them.
9. Williams closing eyes on cause of all of this: IsrOCCUPATION
Will ,   USA   (05.26.07)
How Mr. Williams would feel if Germany is still occupying France and the French people are still living in refugee camps across Europe and are prevented from returning to their homes and towns in France. Israel occupies Palestine and is preventing Palestinians from returning to their homes and towns. It is doing the opposite, it is bringing Jews from Africa and former Soviet Union to take Palestinian lands and towns and continue to blame Palestinians for the problem.
10. troubled ,disappointed ,useless garbage
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.26.07)
What do these high minded perverts accomplish of any good ? Nothing , ask the people of Darfur and those women raped in the Congo by U.N peacekeepers. The corrupt inhabitants of the earth are doomed and hopeless without God and those who trust in the u.N.,U.S.,E.U. are doomed fools as are the cursed people of Gaza and all of Israel's enemies.
11. Is this biased fool also troubled by Fatah Islam's attacks
on Lebanon's sovereignty? Is he willing to be honest and admit that the Palestinians are being exploited by other meddling countries (i.e. Syria and Iran) and that both Israeli and Lebanese citizens have the right not to tolerate unprovoked attacks by having their armies defend their homelands?
12. Your UN at work, just for YOU!
Cameron ,   USA   (05.26.07)
13. gaza
colin   (05.26.07)
Now the special envoy of the anti Israel and anti semetic United Nations is concerned about the israeli attacks in Gaza.Where was he when the hamas in gaza was sending qassams into Israel He is only worried because Israel is hitting back He is lucky that the coward olmert does not do a proper attack and finish this group of terrorists.The civilian deaths in Israel mean nothing to mr Michael C Williams of the UN Does he think only the terrorists bleed blood.He better continue meeting with abbas and ziad abu amr to see how to placate the poor terrorists.They are getting themselves killed
14. Troubled Williams can rest comfortably in nearby Sderot
Uzi ,   Haifa   (05.26.07)
15. He's not troubled about Lebanon???
Chaya ,   Bat Yam   (05.26.07)
What is going on in Lebanon is far more troubling!! There you have about 200 fighters basically holding hostage thousands of civilians and using them as human shields!!
16. World opinion
AlbertoGA ,   Houston, Texas   (05.27.07)
Is this a bad joke. This guy is representing the "UN World Opinion" In that case this confirm the total lack of concern for Israelis. Are you surprised ? I am not. This is one more proof that Israel has to act in self defense. And this regardless of the so called UN (Circus)
17. To #9
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.27.07)
And how, pray tell, did this "occupation" come about??? Go back to the 6 Day and Yom Kippur wars, and then talk of occupation. As a matter of fact, it goes back even further than that. What you see now is what happened, when Israel "un-occupied" Gaza. Comparing the ME to Europe after WWII doesn't make a lick of sense, either. Had Germany won the war, there would be no France today. As it was and thank goodness, the Germans lost the war. What kind of convoluted logic are you trying to pawn off? Oh, and btw, I grew up in Germany, Saarbruecken to be specific, so don't even try to sell me any of your garbage.
18. Where's Atilla?
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.27.07)
May Hashem forgive me, but I'm about ready to get totally and sloppily drunk with a Muslim Turk.
19. The Sorry UN
Not Jewish ,   USA   (05.27.07)
The UN as well as the EU and my own USA has caused and exasperated the Israeli/Arab conflict. The UN and western powers have supported the pals since 1948. This has given the pal terrorists plenty of time to kill Jews, Christians, and of course each other. If the pals went to work each day for a living, they wouldn't have the idle time or energy to commit terror. The idle mind is the devil's workshop. The UN is a corrupt cesspool of humanity. The Islamic dominated UNHRC passes constant resolutions condemning Israel for defending herself, while saying little or nothing about the Islamic genocide in Darfur that has killed hundreds of thousands of ethic Africans as well as the Islamics trying to take over other African nations. The Islamics believe in spreading Islam at the point of a sword, that the end justifies the means. This UN envoy, Michael Williams is a typical, sorry, UN man, with his condemnation of Israeli air attacks, with no mention that those airstrikes are occurring because of the pals firing rockets into Israel. The pal rocket attacks are also a form of airstrike. The UN is disgusting failure and should be closed and it's actors sent back to their miserable nations from whence they came.
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