‘Israel can forget about Shalit if Hamas leaders targeted,’ spokesman says
Ali Waked
Published: 26.05.07, 17:33
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1. Erase Gaza
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.26.07)
The practicioners of the religion of intolerance,hate,violence and threats use Shalit as a ploy to restrain Israel. Most of us who know the way Palestinians summairly execute their own for the charge of 'collobaration' know Shalit has already met his fate at the hands of these ruthless butcher amalikites . I is high time that Israel stops knuckling under the threats of this vile refuse and give them what they so richly deserve in over abundance not just a few missiles. Stop showing mercy to the merciless ,give the their due justice.
2. What's the difference?
Linichka ,   Be'er-Sheva, Israel   (05.26.07)
I think our kidnapped soldier is lost and gone forever in any event - G-d comfort his family. Totaling Haniyeh or not will have no effect on Gilad Shalit. But Haniyeh's elimination would at least remove another arch-terrorist from our world.
3. israel should turn the tables
kutuzov ,   new york   (05.26.07)
The israeli government should immediately issue a statement saying that if Shlit is harmed then all of the hamas ministers will be assassinated starting with Haniyeh. Likewise, it should state that the arrest of terrorists in suits will continue. Two can play at this game. -k-
4. Israel, put Haniyeh on trial! Show some spine!
Steve ,   USA   (05.26.07)
5. target abou obeida too !!
dovdevan ,   ashdod ; israel   (05.26.07)
6. They Are Beginning To Feel Some Pain.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.26.07)
These Islamic blowhards always react to setbacks with threats, intimidation, blackmail, & exaggerated rhetoric. This means we should stay the course & continue hitting them with no respite. None of their leaders should be immune including Haniyeh.
7. By the way .....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (05.26.07)
Abu Obaida should be the next target. And every time a Hamas spokesman opens his big mouth, target him too. I'm not being funny either - it is a good propaganda effect to turn their own propaganda into crap.
8. Israel will NEVER forget about Shalit
9. ' unity and resistance of the Palestinian people"
Resist Terrorists ,   USA   (05.26.07)
If the Palestinian people were smart, they would unify against Hamas. What they need to resist is the anarchy and violence caused by terrorist entities who do nothing to help them and put them in harm's way.
10. Show us that he is alive in the first place!!!!!!!!!!
11. #2 your "what a relief"= hitting two birds with one bullet
12. Big deal. There's no Shalit now. Not even a sign of life
same story ,   different spin   (05.26.07)
13. Use Popeyes and Jerichos
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (05.26.07)
The bottom line: Israel is at war, but still denies it. Israel is targeting inane areas, empty buldings, speeding cars, vacant fields where Kassams were launched. Olmert is playing for time..hoping things will subside. The 3 soldiers are tragic consequences of the conflict, and should be considered already dead. We now are seeing the UN wanting to save Hamas from further attacks by Israel, as they did in Lebanon with Hezbollah. Israel is slowly losing this battle. Things will erode further unless acts more aggressively. ALL members of the Hamas leadership, civilian and military, must be eradicated. If Hamas threatens a hostage, Israel can do similarly. As long as Olmert is timid, nothing will change. If one rocket is fired into Askelon, Israel should use it's own Popeyes, and Jerichos.
14. he's probably already dead anyway
so you can keep on targeting killing of hamas members! any of them!
15. #3 who needs the Shalit piece
observer   (05.26.07)
Palestinian Ministers are already POW. You have the Shakid and their spirit, start action AS usual.
16. Trade big-mouth Hamas cabinet ministers for Shalit
17. How about No Haniyeh if Shalit harmed?
Golan   (05.26.07)
18. So Sorry...
David ,   Israel   (05.26.07)
We keep up the pressure. If they kill Gilad for it, then we increase the pressure exponentially. I feel for the young man, but they're using him to keep six million Israeli's hostage and we can't allow that. They must lose this war of nerves, even if it costs us a fine young soldier.
19. The right option
Frank ,   Canada   (05.26.07)
Israel should explain to Hamasniks that if they don't release Shalit, their leadership will be exterminated.
20. Further to #17
JPS ,   Efrat   (05.26.07)
Not just no Haniyeh if Shalit harmed. Similarly, the Pals can forget about the Hamas leadership if Shalit is executed.
21. backwards
tom ,   toronto, canada   (05.27.07)
it seems that hamas has it backwards: not one of their leaders should expect to see the light of day, if shalit is NOT released unharmed, and soon. it's not shalit's life that should hang in the balance, but haniyeh's.
22. Horrible intelligence
Future1   (05.27.07)
Its pathetic...Israel does not know where Shalit is located! Poor guy is no doubt a mental vegetable brainwashed into being muslim. Shame on Israel! Horrible intelligence! Lets not forget about those two in Hezbo land also!
23. Put another way...
Joan ,   Haifa   (05.27.07)
How about putting it *this* way: Israel will consider not harming Haniyeh ONLY WHEN they hand over Gilad Shalit?
24. Stop playing "ring=around=the=roses" with the Arabs
EGW ,   vancouver canada   (05.27.07)
We should make public our conviction that Shalit is dead (even quote "proofs") and that they are only playing "mind-games" with us. Then hit them as hard and as often as we can, especially including their leaders. Even if he's alive, which NO ONE can say, his life hangs by a thread anyway, since the Arabs are all crazy, especially with Jew hatred. Our stepped up attacks will force them to show him to try to stop our attacks. If they don't, we KNOW for sure he's long dead.
25. Hamas
R.Alkalai ,   USA   (05.27.07)
osh, didn't Haniyeh himself say only days ago he would welcome Martydom? Now is his big chance for the 72 virgins. IDF can fulfill his request. So why is he, and the other leaders hiding? They are even afraid to use their cell phones. Or, is martydom just for the idiots they can talk into killing themselves, while these brave leaders fight amongst themselves for first dibs on stealing the aid money and grabbing more power? It looks like the IDF's attacks are beginning to have some effect - the Arabs are mouthing off threats, calling upon the UN again, and bragging about the size of their rockets again. I pray that Shalit is safe- may his family be comforted. But I fear this young man is either dead, or in very bad shape. Why else would they not allow the Red Cross in or show a recent picture? The IDF should just take out Hamas and the other terrorist groups completely. They need to thoroughly clean out Gaza. Anything less will not work. You cannot bargain or make agreements with these people. The word of an Arab holds no value. The lesson in this, to all of us, is that Israel should never, ever allow her politicians to give away any of its sacred birthright. We now see what happens from such poor decisions, and weak leaders. Hashem cast Ishmael out from Israel, and into the desert for a very good reason. What is there to question?
26. Hamas crap
Brod ,   USA   (05.27.07)
Hamas is trying to hold Israel hostage. The fact that they are bring Shallit into the equation is one of the reasons why Israel needs to neutralize them completely.
MIKE ,   USA   (05.27.07)
ben ,   singapore   (05.27.07)
Using The Blessed Boy Gilat Shalit. well It dosent work anymore.TERRORISE THE TERRORIST HAMAS & FATAH ! Let The UNITED NATIONS ENVOY- INTERNATIONAL COMMUNITY - see for them selves !
29. thinking
slomy ,   new york USA   (05.27.07)
i think israel shoudent go into gaza and walk into a deathly trap i think first israel should stop the smugling of weapons by cmpletly taking the Rafah border and to divide gaza from Egypt by some 10 miles so tunnels shoudent be able to be dug and sloely not kill the palistinian leader but just make sure they shoudent have anyone to give orders meaning wiping out their militants
30. If Only Hamas Had Tanks
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (05.27.07)
With the present gov't in power, most especially Livni and Peretz, I don't believe Israel will make any progress in this total war with Hamas. Israeli's bicker among themselves, just as we in the US have been arguing, for and against the bubble, time frames, etc. Meantime, Al Qaeda Iraq and the insurgents are more embolden. Both the US and Israel must hit, and hit hard, much harder. Israel needs NOW to wipe out Hamas, or face Hezbollah, Syria and Iran down the road. Israel has the power, but is reluctant to ruffle world opinion. It's to late for that. Starting with Gaza, day and night bombing would be a starter..followed by bunker busters, and clusters. This is war, not a boy scout picnic. If Hamas had tanks, they would use them.
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