5 Qassams hit Negev; IAF resumes Gaza strikes
Yael Branovsky
Published: 26.05.07, 23:43
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1. How long more ?
AlbertoGA ,   Houston, USA   (05.26.07)
This is really getting ridiculous. In accordance to the BBC we killed 40 terrorists in 10 days. How about the poor people in the Negev. They have lost totaly a semblance of normalicy. Is this what Mr. Olmert want to maintain as a permanent situation. You hit me*** I hit you. And then he gives the orders to the Pilots most of the time to make sure that the buildings are empty. It is time to declare this situation as a declaration of WAR. Nothing less will do. Shalom from Houston
2. stopping the rockets ,   manchester u.k.   (05.27.07)
Take convicted terrorists out of jail and put them in "temporary "prisons in Sderot,if the complaint comes in against the geneva convention,tell them so is your attacks on civillians and they have no say in the matter.You convicted associates are safe as soon as you stop the rocket attacks.
3. 1 Personally, I can not see much objectivity
freedom ,   canada   (05.27.07)
in that kind of reporting. One only has to look at the Sudan to see massive reporting that misses the fundamental cause of the misery in the Sudan. A religiously intolerant government, that is attempting to evict christians from their rightful homes.
4. 2 Human shields are illegal according to
freedom ,   canada   (05.27.07)
the geneva convention. Did not stop those in lebanon though did it?
Richard ,   USA   (05.27.07)
6. Olmert is killing innocent Israelis and is weak and useless!
Adam ,   Connecticut, USA   (05.27.07)
Olmert is weak, useless and powerless! He claims he is the leader of Israel and will stay that even after the report came out stating he has no idea what in god's name he is doing in security matters or economic for that matter! He also tries to talk strong but when it comes down to actions is one weak sh**! He says we will retaliate for every Qassam that lands in Israel and hit them where it hurts! 1 stop letting them know you are going to bomb them! They have fired ROCKETS into ISRAEL. GAZA is no longer in ISRAELI hands therefore this is an act of WAR! KILL THEM BEFORE THEY KILL YOU STUPID OLMERT! These are not ordinary people but terrorists who wish to kill innocent civilians and terrorize ISRAELIS. Therefore you should just unload on them with everything in the army's power! If Mexico was firing Qassams at Escondido, California you think we would just bomb some buildings and before we did make sure they were empty? Are you sick in the head? We would send B-52's and bomb them back to the stone age! So they could never come back and try this crap again! You don't win by tiptoing around it you strike them where it hurts and take their heart out!
7. the value of using the IAF against terrorists
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (05.27.07)
it is a total waste of resourses Olamrt and Peretz are just repeating the stupidity of their failed Lebenon venture. terror cannot be contained or curtailed only with as the expression goes "Boots on the Ground" all this failed policy is going to produce is a never ending war of attrition which Israel has never won nor can it win as such action will be unable to avoid civilians and thus be condemend by all countries of the world including the USA which Israel is a slave to
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