Man catches leopard in bedroom with bare hands
Anat Bereshovsky
Published: 28.05.07, 13:20
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1. When GREEDY HUMAN RACE intrude their
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
widerness, their run into homes, Salvage the kid Leopard before it gets kidnapped and sold in the black market for the skin and the flesh and oxymorron medical food.Now dont be suprised if they are found in Hong Kong, Taiwan, China dining table.
2. A leopard in the bedroom???
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.28.07)
Well, I'll just have to scratch Medreshest Ben Gurion off my list of places to visit. This article is NOT good for tourism. Let me wake up to a leopard in the bedroom, and I'd go straight through the roof and beat light to the milky way.
3. Number 1 is dumb
scott ,   USA   (05.28.07)
there were no lepards there 50 years ago, since israel actually takes care of the land they have come back
4. waiter, there's a leopard in my soup
prankman ,   il   (05.28.07)
benjy put your chop sticks down...this fella will stay here!! alive and fully clothed...
5. Ben from Singapore
Harry   (05.28.07)
Ben - Strange thing - the last time I was in Singapore, I noticed that it had no natural habitats left whatsoever. Everything is concrete, glass and human order. As an endangered species themselves, Israelis, as a rule, don't engage in hunting or skinning of endangered animals.
6. At least one leopard in the bedroom....
7. The leopard
david ,   israel   (05.28.07)
that was a great story!!! too bad all the news in Israel isn't as funny!!! captianzanax
8. Leopard spotted in bedroom
Ilan ,   Ariel   (05.28.07)
Eating in the bedroom messes up the bed. It should be trained to stay in the kitchen.
9. An animal in a leopard skin coat
mark ,   Israel   (05.28.07)
Great, great story! Kol Ha,Kavod to Mr ( and Mrs) Damush for keeping their cool and doing exactly the right thing
10. It looks like a kitten :)
Shaz ,   South Africa   (05.28.07)
11. Wow - what a story!
Andy   (05.28.07)
12. One young leopard? At least a much bigger female and sibling
Yonatan Koss ,   Chiloquin   (05.28.07)
That youngster is probably not alone and children should be guarded carefully. Even when hunted in known leopard country the animals are secretive and very elusive. Trained dogs are about the only means successfully used to find these nocturnal hunters. Pound for pound a large cat such as a leopard is at least ten times as strong as an adult male human.
13. That wasn't a leopard, it was Esterina Tartman
after a night on the town.
14. Dumbos listen : - )
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
That kiddo leopard was Damush's pet. He must have kept a lost cat. Now that the kiddo taken away, he must be feeling sad. It was his paet NUTS ! : - ) To Harry - come to Singapore- it is a garden city- many tourist are saying so- I took the MRT and public buses to see for myself. Harry it is better to have concrete, glass, human order. We dont want broken concrete, shattered glass,and human disorder. The last time I was in Israel, I sae the sort after VEAL meat. It is still the trend. The skin of Veals are they still exporting to Italy ? Here in Singapore no nonsense, It is the PAP Govt unlike the current Israeli Govt.Everybody has a good decent home with world class public utilities ( although the housing are expensive). Wecome to Singapore, stay in our world class hotels if you want kosher food ask you will get kosher food ! ; - ) ben : - ) singapore
15. Number 1
Mike ,   Canada   (05.28.07)
ok Ben, in Asia you guys just eat them!!
16. #1 Ben. Game animals in Israel are strictly ---
ELY GREENHUT ,   Tzfat Israel   (05.28.07)
forbidden to be killed for pleasure. I do not know if you are jewish but the only animals Jews are allowed to eat are cow, chicken, lamb. Mr. Damush chose not to kill the leopard & he was in the position to do so but held it until park rangers arrived. I do not want to be another talk backer to throw insults at you but Israel is a very tiny country & amazingly there is a lot of nature & beautiful landscape within its borders. I do not think there is another country in the world that protects its nature like Israel does. This leopard will be released in the wild instead of exported to a foreign country for its fur or meat.Animals
17. Mike
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
Yes ! it is sick thing they eat endangered animals, under many disguise, traditional food, medicinal health food, and what ever crap. Here in singapore wild animal do get smuggled in but the smugglers get napped. The Customs & Excise of Singapore doest a effecient effective work. At time we read in out local papers reports with photos of many kind of endangers brids -Baby Turtle, monkeys, puppys. pyton snakes, crocodile, birds. Here in singapore we save there use to a secret soscity smuggling. When the crime is naped, endangered animals are treated and deport to the country of origin via proper liason with the country of origin. The local who caught or arrested in possession and smuggleing go to the PRISON. But now this habit of eating endengered animal we do seen or hear anymore - everthing stopped for good, but it might apear from time there and here. O yes, when you are in singapore you will see Bad Cats lying around basking in the sun.These are all protected domesticated Singapore Cats.We have a lot of bird, all migratoty birds from all around the world, They fly and land without plane ticket or pass ports. tHe species are so many but bird watching is an exciting hobby in Singapore. Their colour, shapes, sizes w very attractive in the garden City of Singapore. Wecome to Singapore come and see for yourself. Have you see how the monkey scull is opened while the monket still alive ? I saw that in Arabia and Hong Kong.I was angry all the day and refused to sign the contract. Serves then right. In Homg kong and taiwan they tape insert tubes into Bear to tape the gall juice form the oximorron medicinal practise. Dog meat is they famous dish . We try to avoid Public Funtions, we make oder Kosher Food or we bring our own food, In singapore such HORRIFIC EATING of ENDANGERED is DEad Al realy. The Legislation an denforcement Officers went hard.
18. Ben, please check the -----
ELY GREENHUT ,   Tzfat Israel   (05.28.07)
Nature Conservation in Israel website. It will tell you what you would like to know. Good Luck.
19. # 16 ELY GreenHut Tzfat Israel
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
Isarel must create some records like it is reported in the articel-A transmitter was fixed to the leopard in order to provide information on its whereabouts at all time. Mr Damush treat that kiddo leopard already as his baby, that was already a father son relationship. Now it is going to be very hard to sedn the leopard into the wilderness after being domesticated. You see that kiddo leaopard will return to see Mr.Damush. I hope the Kiddo grow up to an adult faster and get used to his actual habitat.In the meant thim the Ragers must protect the Kiddo .Yossi Sinai, a Nature and Parks Authority inspector should be Thanked for his good work. Please ensure this kiddo dosent land in the hands of wicked pochers.I bet you my last dollar, this kiddo will look for his father- Mr Damush. YOU WILL SEE. : -)
20. Ely Greenhut tzfat Israel
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
Ok , I will, tomorow, now I am going to sleep. Good Nite to all : -) ben : -) singapore
21. cat story
reader ,     (05.28.07)
this cat story is retarded. send it back tto the bush
22. The Jade and ORIENTAL Tradition of eating endangered anima
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
In Asia, especially in Taiwan, Korea, Hong kong ... Japan they eat anything that flys, with four legs, with exception to planes, helecopters, tables and chairs. : - ) In the Jewish Dietry- I dont like the VEAL- I think it is a barbaric selfish cruelty way of breeding kids cows. I am still thnking how this Veal is classified a sKosher Meat an dpasses the Khasrut law. The very treatment of the vEal is cruel : - (
23. Nature Conservation in Israel
ben ,   singapore   (05.28.07)
Ok that are repoting their effecient and effective duty. I must Thank Them for their hardwork in protecting the endangering animals. Thank you Ely Greenhut, I checked it out, GOOD : -) ben : - ) singapore
24. Thank goodness
Tova Saul ,   Jerusalem/Israel   (05.28.07)
Thank goodness that Mr. Damush is a compassionate man, rather than someone who relishes macho killing for fun, in the name of "being a big strong hero". May other men learn from him.
25. Totally Cool!!!!
26. leopard
Pinchas ,   Holy City of NY / US   (05.29.07)
"A transmitter was fixed to the leopard in order to provide information on its whereabouts at all times." No wonder you are awash in jihadists.
27. Leopard in bed
Marisa ,   UK   (05.29.07)
A huge 'Well done!' to Damush for catching the cat without killing him! Bring all those others like Jamieson Stone to shame:,2933,275524,00.html I'd have done the same if it had been chasing my cats :-)
28. Ben
Marisa ,   UK   (05.29.07)
What are you on???
29. That's nothing.
Trevor Brooks ,   Huron Park, Canada   (05.30.07)
I remember about 18 months ago reading a story about a tiny woman in Quebec (I believe the story said she was barely 5 feet tall and weighed under 100 pounds) who was able to hold off a full grown polar bear while somebody ran to find some hunters. Also, I have to disagree with Ely Greenhut (#16) when he wrote "I do not think there is another country in the world that protects its nature like Israel does". I invite him to come to Canada and visit some of our National Parks in the the North. If he undertook the venture of hiking through those parks there is a very real possibility he would be walking where, and seeing sights, no other human to ever live has. We have National Parks that are bigger than some Nations. Although I would caution him against venturing too far north. There are locations in the North where no man has ever walked for good reason. Our far North is like another planet.
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