Palestinian collaborator: Terrorists only understand force
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 30.05.07, 00:55
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1. It has been tried
MK ,   USA   (05.30.07)
and tested, over and over... and over, to no avail. Force is never the answer. Going back to the 1967 borders, making peace with all Arab nations, is the answer, and there is NO other answer. Even a terribly dumb person would understand this by now. Violence breeds violence, and eye for an eye makes the world blind. But why am I surprised ? Both the Torah and the Quran have "Eye for an eye" in them. I think you guys deserve each other. Muslims & Jews are 2 different faces, of the same person. Good luck with Hamas and Qassams. Good luck with IDF bombs. Keep it up guys. Great job. We are so proud of you all.
2. Suliman Aadia
Brod ,   USA   (05.30.07)
He knows what he is talking about. The government and IDF better listen to him. He knows the formula to defeat the dark forces.
4. This man is more smart than all the israelis.....shame on us
Ron ,   Raanana, Israel   (05.30.07)
5. what a paradox...he should be our defense minister
6. #5 Yes, you deserve someone like him!
Dave ,   Washington, DC   (05.30.07)
7. this guy has more brains,than our olmert
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (05.30.07)
unfortunately,this quaida has more brains and common sense,than our so called prime minister. why do you call quaida a colaborator? to me he is a hero the title of colaborator would be more appropiate to none other than our 'olmert' people of israel please .please get rid of this insane government,before it's too late,and you find yourselves without a country
8. 1#We already retreated in Gaza to 67 borders
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (05.30.07)
read newspapers once in while please things worsened a million fold ever since that stupid peace- Jewish evacuation You need to stop smoking that stuff dude or move to sderot
9. He's right and #1 you are wrong, here's why...
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (05.30.07)
Appeasement is never the answer. In order to defeat Nazi Germany and Imperialist Japan, we had to virtually destroy the countries and rebuild them using democratic social, educational, and economic norms. Look at those countries now. One cannot make peace with crazies who are determined to destroy you. Peace overtures only work with people of reasonable mindsets; for example, the British colonialists in India. Ghandi's non-violent means were successful only because the British were people of moral character. Employing those methods against a Saddam Hussein or Haniyeh would have resulted in a wholesale slaughter. I suggest that you study history, the answers are there.
10. 'force is never the answer'
Meni   (05.30.07)
force is sometimes the answer. sometimes it is the wrong answer, but sometimes it is the right answer. history will show you this. for instance, the obvious example of world war 2 comes to mind. other less obvious examples, such as NATO air strikes on kosovo, also come to mind. 'violence breeds violence' is also a trite and incorrect phrase. petty violence, like blowing up empty fields and shooting occasional terrorists, yes, that breeds violence. serious massive violence, however, often breeds surrender and an end to violence.
11. Suleiman Qadia for Defence Minister
Barry ,   Tokyo   (05.30.07)
This guy has guts. Too bad his family is in danger by gangsters. Israel must try to save his relatives.
12. MK infidel from USA
Mohamed ,   Gaza   (05.30.07)
If we Moslems and Juws are 2 faces of the one purson, you must be the "derriere" of this idtiot. You certainly sound like one. Hope you don't look like one too.... keep it up - have a good one! we need useful idiots like you!
13. #1
BRL ,   USA   (05.30.07)
Who is going to gurantee that going to the 1967 borders will bring peace? Why did they go to war in 1967? Do to them what the Lebanese army is doing to them in Tripoli. Surrond them and start shelling. That is the only language they understand.
14. #1 trust an arm chair observer in the US to say that "force
Leo ,   melbourne   (05.30.07)
is never the answer." I guess you have greater insight into the conflict than an actual PALESTINIAN who lives through it every day and knows the Arab terrorist mindset. Retreat & surrender is always the practical solution when faced with an unrelenting enemy who won't settle for nothing less than your destruction, right? After all, we all know appeasement is what beat Hitler and his henchmen... going back to the 67 borders? I guess prior to 67, the arabs were all throwing flowers (and not rockets) at Israelis...
RA   (05.30.07)
16. He knows these guys PERSONALLY.
Zvi   (05.30.07)
This man is acquainted with both former and current HAMAS and Fatah terrorists at various levels. He knows how they think and how they respond to kindness and to self defense. He knows a lot more than Amir Peretz. Let's pay attention when a knowledgeable person speaks.
17. MK#1
BB ,   USA   (05.30.07)
Even a terribly dumb person would see that you are a racist hiding behind your talkback comment. Keep your opinions and your "approval" to yourself. No one is interested.
18. MK, #1, should be tried for stupidity
Phil ,   US   (05.30.07)
MK, you must have such a low IQ. You just cannot see real similarities and differences. In addition, you are so ignorant of the real situation in Gaza and about the conflict in general. The problem isn't what is writtin in the Koran or the Torah. The problem is that a large segment of the Islamic community believes in violence, is unwilling to compromise, worships a cult of child sacrifice and suicide, and seeks to dominate the world. This Islamist group has a lust for blood and obscenely celebrates the death of innocent civilians--even babies. In fact, they deliberately target children and women. They threaten genocide and seek to destroy an existing state. In contrast, there are no significant Jewish followers of such demonic practices and there is no clergy that incites to murder like the radical Islamists. MK, other than criticizing all Muslims and Jews, even peaceful ones, you don't state your religious beliefs so I guess you are either an atheist or are ashamed of your religion. Finally, force ended the first and second intefada. Force and the building of the security fence has managed to keep may terrorists out of Israel. I wonder if you would have resisted the D Day invasion against Hitler by proclaiming that force had been tried before and what we need is peace.
19. Experince is the thing, and Courage !
AlbertoGA ,   Houston, USA   (05.30.07)
Now, here is a man who has first hand experence with the devlish Hamas and Pals. If people in high places in the Gov. of Jerusalem do not pay attention, it is for one reason alone "WORLD OPINION" my friends. Do you thing they will help us in the Next War ? W.O. Is this courage ? At this spead Mr. Olmer The next person in charge will have much more trouble to solve the situation. The details. # of Guns in Gaza 20.000 #of anty- tank rockets 100 #of explosives 100 Tons And this will increase by the hour...the border with Egypt is like the "Fromage Suisse" ..just made of holes
20. You are all too naives
e,m ,   s.f   (05.30.07)
Why should Israel will stop the rockets, Don’t you get that the rockets attack in long term is Israel interest and in short term Israel government will sacrifice some her innocent population ‘so if you think the politicos really cares for those rockets or ours life’s then you are too naives Do you remembers how Barak withdrawal from Shout of Lebanon? Do you remember disengagement from Gaza? And do you remember second Lebanon war, if you really thinking that Israel could not defeated Hezbollah in few days then you are too naives
21. to #1
Bubba ,   Austin Tx USA   (05.30.07)
I agree that Israel should pull back to the pre1967 borders because everyone knows that before those bad Israeli's attacked the poor defenseless Arabs who never bothered anyone that Israel was a secure nation with no enemies seeking to destroy her.........NOT
22. It has not been tried
Marcel ,   Florida   (05.30.07)
Israel has always been restrained by U.S. interlopers with their sham peace schemes which protect and reward the Palestinian terrorist enterprise. An unrestrained Israel is a rare as snow in Florida in the middle of summer. The lapdog Israeli politicians are too stupid to see what this Palestinian sees so well.
23. To#1
freejay ,   Israel   (05.30.07)
What a stupid statement and you have no idea what you are talking about., Israel has never used enough force and going back to the 67' borders will destroy Israels security. All our governments have done in the past is appease and bow down to terrorists and its time to hit them hard, but this wont happen till Bibi gets in.....Olmerts is just another moronic leftie fool like you MK>
24. #5 LOL
ayl   (05.30.07)
25. #1 Mike - Good Thing you are in the US.
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (05.30.07)
By the way, what benefits did Israel gain from leaving Gaza? I'm sure the residents of Sderot will be eager to tell you. Tembel.
26. More Palestinians should speak out!
27. @1 There are only two cheeks two show.
We showed both of them already.
28. Mike Jefferson
Meni   (05.30.07)
"Ghandis non-violent means were successful only because the British were people of moral character." More likely because there were several hundred million indians and a few thousand brits. Moral character...I doubt it. The British empire was built on the blood of a lot of 'natives'...
29. something in the article is not clear to me ..
redkmike ,   tel aviv and london   (05.30.07)
"the rocket attacks will only stop once the factional violence in Gaza ceases". If anyone can explain to me the above logic or reasoning then please do ? When all of the different Palestinian factions kiss and make up then the attacks on Israel will stop !?
30. Make him a Righteous Among the Nations!
Ariel ,   Sydney, Australia   (05.30.07)
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