Palestinian collaborator: Terrorists only understand force
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 30.05.07, 00:55
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31. This is a religious war:
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (05.30.07)
There is no 'winning' against the fundamentalists, only being dragged down to their level=barbarity. At best, there is a perpetual uneasy detente based upon a show of force.
32. #1, in my defence
MK ,   USA   (05.30.07)
Pulling out of Gaza is not a solution. Pulling back to the 1967 borders is. When Israel does that, then it will have the moral ground to counter the "terrorists". The Palis will not have an excuse after that. The whole Arab world would side with Israel in such a case. King Abdullah of Jordan said something very true. He said "Desperate people do desperate things". What do the Gazans have ? what do the Palis have ? They have no passports, no identity, no hopes, no future, not even water. I do acknowledge that the real problem is not with Islam or Judaism. The real problem is ECONOMIC RESOURCES. Give these people hopes, and they will never resort to terrorism again. Israel has been fighting violence with violence for years, and what did that bring us ?? Only more bloodshed. The only answer to the middle east problem is the Geneva Accords. Nothing else will ever work. Goodluck to you guys.
33. what else shall he say? put youself in his shoes !
observer   (05.30.07)
34. do you trust his knowledge? then go on follow a betrayer
it depends on how much you give him. a normal human is somewhat little greedy; what about a spy?
35. the actual weapon
observer   (05.30.07)
Note that he has not mentioned rockets, but he has only stressed steadfastness.
36. #32 MK & #28 Meni
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (05.30.07)
#32 - are you actually that naive? Did you read Thomas Friedman and swallow his ignorance hook, line, and sinker? The paleos have something much stronger than economic motivation and that is a warped ideology which worships death. Islamofascism eschews the goodness of worldy pursuits in favor of nihlistic rewards. The paleo's actually enjoyed a higher standard of living while under relative peace with Israel. They threw that away in favor of war. Economic reward is not their primary motivation. Otherwise they would have built a thriving society (as the Israelis have) instead of institutions of hatred and industries of violence. #28 Meni - The Brits enjoyed superior firepower and had been outnumbered by the locals throughout their colonial reign. That never stopped them from using force to effect subjugation. In fact, Britain had just finished laying to waste most of Europe. The Brits were driven out by conscience not fear.
37. @29
Suzanne   (05.30.07)
I think he means that the Qassam rockets are a way to divert the attention from their own disputes. The world (well, where it reached the news, that is) was fed with continuous infighting between Pal. factions. Now the Qassam rockets have increased, killed two Israelis, and Israel is retaliating the attention is going again to Israels actions. That rocketing will stop if the Pals will live with each others as brothers,.. I dont know. With Hamas en Fatah we will never know I am afraid.
38. Collaborators
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.30.07)
So pathetic to see the whole list of people claiming that this collaborator (i.e. traitor) has got "good advice for the Israeli government". The only reason his words seem to chime here are because to many retrenched supremacists his words are honeyed. Indeed, he says "kill the Arabs, don't worry about my family". Strangely, when an Israeli like Vanunu blows the whistle, the same people write calling for his execution. Such myopic opinions. The traitor from Gaza who calls for Israeli strikes on his own people - is a scumbag - just as you would call an Israel who calls upon the Palestinians to send more Qassams a traitor. The fact that he has most probably been incredibly compromised by Shin Bet into leaving his own people and living as a fourth or fifth class citizen in a benighted rocket-afflicted wasteland called Sderot has been overlooked by the journalist. We all know how the collaborators are coopted - through Shin Bet blackmail and threats. Simplest thing to do would be to discount the words of this traitor as completely and totally meaningless. In fact, anyone calling for more death and destruction in my books at least deserves to be totally ignored as a dinosaur from some pathetic and passé dark age.
39. #38, more projection from al-rustum
Chatich   (05.30.07)
Such sublime irony - rustum calling someone else a scumbag. ROFL. Dearest rustum, Your shameless and complete inability (or unwillingness) to differentiate between good and evil is the fundimental (with emphasis on the MENTAL) flaw in all of your, erm... "arguments" Your feeble attempts at moral equivilence of regarding good and evil destroys any shred of credibility you may have had. But don't worry - there's a great career waiting for you in the Jew-hating msm - I suggest calling the BBC first. Just a quick review for the non-nazis in the audience: Good = peace-loving, family oriented civilized people just wishing to be left alone on their rightfully owned land (i.e. Israelis). Evil = 7th century death-cult terrorists who teach hatred to toddlers, fire rockets from behind women's skirts and strap bombs to their own children for the sole purpose of killing other people's children (i.e. Palis). Scumbags = retarded liberal leftards and other useful idiots who legitimize and enable evil to exist (i.e. rustum). Thanks for playing...
40. #39
Rustum ,   London, UK   (05.30.07)
Can I respectfully draw your attention towards a little-known book called 1984. Your comments could be straight out of the book of Goldstein. BTW Chatich is hardly a nom-de-plume which suits your consistently ugly and racist comments.
41. So, Rustum, you're an Orwell fan?
Chatich   (05.30.07)
Your citing of George Orwell is pure gold! The hypocricy and doublespeak which you spew send my irony meter into the red. Stop it or my head might explode! So now I'm a racist? Ha! I'll admit I am prejudiced - prejudiced against Islamic terrorists and murderers of innocent Israelis - but these germs can hardly be classified as a race. I suppose you could call them a species; one resembling humans in appearance only, but having a soul filled with pure evil. But, alas, these are your heroes, so your disdain for me is understandable. As for my moniker, well, I can't help that - it's just what the girls call me :)
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