Report: High Court permits torture of Palestinians
Aviram Zino
Published: 30.05.07, 12:06
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31. Why are the methods used not mentioned in this article?
The report exists of testimonies of the alleged tortured individuals and memos of their interrogators. A must-read anyway.
32. #28 Kyle, that was great
33. Israel tortures its Neighbours
John ,   London,UK   (05.30.07)
Love thy neighbour no more. That is the new commandment. Israel tortures Arabs as if they were not human beings. Occupation is a form of torture. Please Israel be civilised and dont turn your nation into one big Abu Ghraib torture chamber. Israel should never side with the likes of Gautanamo Bay.
34. I am ashamed
Yaron ,   Barcelona, Spain   (05.30.07)
I am ashamed to read some of the reactions on this talkback. If torture is justified, then terrorism is justified too. Or you stop whining about terrorism, yelling how inhuman it is, and stop calling yourself a human rights abiding western democracy. Or you stop torturing people in the name of security. Torture like terrorism is NEVER justifiable
JB   (05.30.07)
36. #14 It looks like Isreali Art Students Work
Blame Herzel ,   NYC, USA   (05.30.07)
Sort of like the yellow uranium cake from"africa" story. Hasbara Flunkies Unite. The End is Near.
37. to Yaron 34
ygalg   (05.30.07)
you mixing apples with oranges. first they are Islamists terrorists. who consider non Islamists inhuman. torturing in purpose to get info from terrorists it is a must. it's not done in purpose of pleasure. but to prevent further terror attack on civilians. terror attack on civilians is same as torturing terrorists? your logic is flaw. the torture is result of terrorism not the way around.
38. to 33
ygalg ,   faithfreedom   (05.30.07)
Israeli forces does not conduct torture on Arabs but on Islamists terrorists who been captured and are suspect to be of a key member in certain group they are affiliated. and probability hold valued information. such behavior is conducted by every respected country to assure security of it's civilians and so on. there are priorities. civilians are first to be concern of.
39. I have a question....
jan   (05.30.07)
Why is ok when they torture us, but it's not ok when we torture them? You can't have it both ways. al-qaeda in iraq can torture people with blow torches, drills, whips, pull their finger nails out with pliers, hang them uspide down and beat them, etc... and yet when they get to guantanamo bay and get 3 meals a day, a shower(probably taking more showers there than they ever have in their entire life), give them their koran, clean sheets, and a cot to sleep on, we are the ones torturing them. I say no more mister nice guy. If it will prevent a terrorist act from being committed, well then go ahead and become jack bauer. Do what you need to to. If we don't do it to them, they surely will do it to us.
40. To John UK and Yaron Barcelona
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.30.07)
Had both of your respective "shabaks" [ security services ] been able to find one of those bombers , and had questioned him [ or her ] seriously , by using all the possible methods , maybe those killings in London and Madrid could have been prevented , and many lifes saved . So , if our service can prevent an Israeli to be , even lightly , hurt , by using some methods you dislike , i can only agree on the use of them . They have prooved to be effective , many lives have been saved by this way
zionist forever   (05.31.07)
We need to change our view of priorities. ... we cant constalntly be worrying about palestian rights . Torture can be cruel but the cruelest thing would be to allow more Israelis to die because palestian rights not to be tortured were being put first. If torture gets the results and helps save lives then it must be done and even the Torah would support it because the most important thing is life and if hurting a few enemies to save those lives then it should be done. No more trying to do the politcly correct thing or worrying about morrals .. When your in the fortunate position that you dont have these kinds of threats to national security then its easy to condem and try and take the morral high ground saying what should and should not be done but when your on the front line you need to make your own rules even if the rest of the world condems it.
42. Torture
Steve McGirr ,   Christchurch, New Ze   (01.05.09)
Torture appears to be used by terrorist groups all the time. They deserve the same happening to them. Also; I believe the only way to discourage suicide bombers is to go after their entire surviving families. Steve, Christchurch
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