UK lecturers to vote on Israel boycott
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 30.05.07, 12:06
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3. england
rj ,   england   (05.30.07)
living in england i witness daily anti-semetism and anti-israeli by a majority moslem london in colleges and universities...teh vast ammount of moslems in teh colleges and universities continues nott o bring any education to these moslems as teh majority leave these unis and colleges without any want for employment afterwards and just use education services to further their cause in domination of the countries they are in and to try to further destroy Israel by any means...people think france is bad for racism against jews and israelis well england is worse....
4. UK Academic nihilists
JPS ,   Efrat   (05.30.07)
Racist demagogues, nothing less. If they already had a dozen boycotts in place in areas of the world that are rife with human rights abuses, then maybe I'd think they were possibly sincere. However, singling out Israel is simply obviously a purely racist decision. It leads one to question the academic qualifications and capabilities of UK higher institutes of learning.
5. Go ahead
It's not like we need you.
6. the sun is setting on the british empire!
israeli ,   israel   (05.30.07)
7. academic boycots
rebecca ,   modiin   (05.30.07)
Have they boycotted the University of Zimbabwe - or has it boycotted them!! Have they boycotted Arab states where woman are not allowed in universites or have to wear restrictive clothing and are not allowed to talk? There are many others to boycot first.
8. A palastinian trade union??????
freejay ,   Israel   (05.30.07)
What the hell is that? The Palastinians have no trade so why have a union? This is clear anti- semitism at its utmost!! Why is livni so quiet and not addressing this issue? Isnt she incharge of foreign affairs?
9. Most Wecome Stupid Brits !
ben ,   singapore   (05.30.07)
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (05.30.07)
11. Pro Terrorist Academics
Simon ,   London UK   (05.30.07)
These same academics have refused to report extremist activities on campus such as activities by terrorist organisations like Hizbut Tahariah and Al Mujaharun, resposible for the recruitment of the London Bombers. That explains the position they take visa vis Israel. Let one of them, just one of justify this position.
12. Their home
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (05.30.07)
will soon be Islamistan.
13. all who participate:
you are trators and not be excused for it later! think before you act
14. Let them do it...
charles ,   petach tikva   (05.30.07)
they will be the loosers . But i sujest them also to boycott all Israeli [ and Jewish ] invented , discovered or developped Hi Tec . So please , boycott , a list ? Microsoft , Intel and Cisco have their only , or first , R&D centers in Israel . Don't use the Jewish discovered anti polyo vaccines , blood transfusions [ blood groups and rhesus factors discovered by Jews ] vitamines , their role discovered by Casimir Funk , another Jew of course . And this list is only a very small tip of the iceberg . So , please , bloody Albion , boycott , and return to where you belong , the caverns . This of course is directed against those wanting to boycott Israeli Academics , those so nicely influenced by their muslim friends . Wait a little bit , first the Israelis , then you .
15. Anti-Semetic Britain
Vicki ,   Kadima, Israel   (05.30.07)
As an ex-pat who used to be proud to call myself British, I am disgusted by the behaviour of the so called intellects. It shows just how much Londinistan has been coerced into the bidding of the Muslims there. It will be a sad day for Britain should they boycott our accademic institutes. As one talkbacker rightly put what about the other countries who impose far worse human rights violations than us. Don't the Brits get it, that we are fighting for our right to exist. The Muslims have so many countries that they can go to and call home, however we have just one - ISRAEL. Why on earth is Livni not there putting ourside across, plus also pointing out what Englandistan stand to lose, from our incredible know how in virtually every field there is, from Hi-tec to medicine etc etc. Wake up Britain before it is too late (or maybe it is!!!)
16. #10, Andrew
israeli ,   israel   (05.30.07)
such a wonderful accomplishment, but why confuse British academics with facts? Besides, isn't the revival of that ancient date palm tree proof that this land will bloom and bear fruit only for the Jews?
17. I'll boycott UK
Iossef ,   J'lem, Israel   (05.30.07)
As a researcher in Mathematics and teaching in universities here (IL) and there (USA) I'll boycott UK. Anyway I hate London's weather, so it's not painful ;)
18. british boycott
hilary ,   israel   (05.30.07)
As an ex Brit I find it almost refreshing to witness the british expose themselves for what they really are-spineless, hypocritical racists- the truth is out!!
19. UK boycot
Ahmad Rinawi ,   dearborn, USA   (05.30.07)
Most damage of Israeli academics and their institution is due to relentless propaganda by Israeli academics such as Pappe and Neve Gordon. These are working against peace but fo increasing the wedge between us Palestinians and the Israel people. They do abuse freedom of speech to advance their own carreer and have no plan for peace.
20. English Moral Imperialism
Barry ,   Tokyo   (05.30.07)
England has been experiencing difficulty adjusting to her newfound second rate worldpower status. This being the case, they have discovered a new form of imperialism from which they believe they can exert their self-righteous Moral Imperialism. This is evident by reading and hearing what is constantly being reportted by the mainstream British media. It must be hard for them to see their former colonies doing better than them. After 60 years in existence, the Israeli gdp per capita will soon surpass that of the UK. Must be hard to belong to a nation with no future.
21. UK boycots
I. Barr ,   Michigan USA   (05.30.07)
You Israeli go out in the thousands and demonstrate in front of British embassy in TA, stop travel to UK, do not buy UK products. Go out and E mail the Brits that the days of the British Mandate are over and they are the ones who left the big mess. Do not write your anger at the UK academics, journalists and architects who want to do you harm. Go and demonstrate daily. Let them know how you feel in front of their bloody embassy.
22. Is everyone only waking up now that UK is Jewphobic
Alan ,   SA   (05.30.07)
under guise of Anti Zionistism . Why arnt the UK intellectuals equally concerned about the myriad other countries where things are far worse. There are zillions of surveys,you gov ,polls etc showing how they hate Israel and also their tales of Jewish Cabals and other stories. On the other hand Israelis vote hands down how UK is their favourite country-arnt people strange
23. confused
Y ,   Israel   (05.30.07)
British academics, from the country that is occupying northern ireland to protect english protestant settlers, who subjected Irish catholics to cruel and inhuman torture and humiliation, bombed and killed innocent Irish citizens in response to the IRA "militants" who were only fighting the illegal occupation of their land, want to boycott Israel. Also, don't they claim that Israel is punishing civilians by boycotting nad not talking to the PA? Aren't they also punishing civilians by their boycott?
24. freejay #8
israeli ,   israel   (05.30.07)
what do you mean they have no trade? Don't they trade in weapons and explosives?
25. UK anti-Israel stance
Maurice ,   Israel   (05.30.07)
Why is there no UK boycott of all Palestinian institutions whilst daily rocket attacks on Israeli civilian targets continue? Why is there no UK boycott of Lebanon following their unlawful kidnapping of Israeli soldiers (from Israeli soil), border incursion, and commencement of rocket attack? Why is there no worldwide boycott of the UK...for so many reasons?
26. boycott
lee ,   vancover canada   (05.30.07)
Maybe Isreal should boycott all western aid be it bombs planes nuke material cash bulldozers. That would fix us evil westerners. Also we hear talk of these rockets that are being fired at Isreal but we never hear about the f-18s and the mega bombs taht are dropped on the Palestintians.. Why? War is just a racket.
27. Calm down...
UK Academic ,   UK   (05.30.07)
I'm against the boycott - I have many Israeli colleagues who I work with, and I intend to continue this, regardless of any decision taken by my union. I expect many of my colleagues in the UK to take the same attitude. But, the hysterical reaction to all this really doesn't present supporters of Israel in a good light. First, the UK is, in my experience, not anti-semitic. The group suffering most from discrimination at the moment are Moslems. Second, all this talk of counter-boycotts only suggests that boycotts are a valid mechanism by which to express political views. Duh! Third, slinging mud in every possible direction suggests that there are no real arguments against a boycott. Finally, the UCU does have many policies on other international issues, so it's not just singling out Israel - but, boycotting the academics of, say, Sudan, wouldn't really have much of an impact, would it? Anyway, that's my 2p worth....
28. union
mary kent ,   uk   (05.30.07)
this is not good
29. 2p academic #27
israeli ,   israel   (05.30.07)
The Moslems are the group suffering most from discrimination? I heard that Holocaust is no longer taught in the UK because teachers receive death threats from Moslem students. What do you mean by: all this talk of counter-boycotts only suggests that boycotts are a valid mechanism by which to express political views? If boycotts are not a valid mechanism to express political views, why on earth do we hear of boycott after boycott after boycott from the land of Stilton cheese and tea cosies? Can't you talk about the weather anymore?
30. UK Anti-Semitism
Edi ,   Dallas, USA   (05.31.07)
The source of UK Anti-Semitism is, for the most part, the Iraq War. Many Britons feel used by the US and UK neo-cons (who are disproportionately Jewish) by having been led into a War that kills Britons for the sake of a foreign nation (Israel). Put two and two together. Israel should stop trying to stir up others (US, UK, etc.) to fight their wars for them. If Israel thinks Iraq is a threat, then let Israel attack them on her own. If Israel thinks Iran is a threat, then Israel should bomb them on her own. Leave the rest of the world out of your political ambitions. Trying to hijack others to do your dirty work only makes people hate you for doing so.
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