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Rabbi Aviner: Girls should dodge army service
Kobi Nahshoni
Published: 03.06.07, 19:58
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1. repressing women's souls encourages spiritual deterioration!
ktzina datia ,   Israel   (06.03.07)
Holier-than-thou rabbis insist on 'Talmudizing' Torah in the most misogynistic way possible. Memo to you: The most sexist interpretation of laws is not always the best one.
2. Rabbi fancies himself expert on IDF
Susan ,   Israel   (06.03.07)
I am curious: Did Rabbi Aviner serve in the IDF? His statements are ridiculous: "Who do we want in the army, women or the Almighty?" um, why are these choices mutually exclusive? "the recruitment of women may lead to spiritual deterioration among soldiers." Um, some of thresoldiers ARE women (a point the Rabbi seems unable to acknowledge).
3. Army service
Joe ,   Israel   (06.03.07)
If serving in the army will bring about religious deterioration, then their brand of religion isn't worth a tinker's damn. The girls should be religious because they want to be. In that case, no matter where they are, it will not have any effect.
4. stand-up
Michael ,   Haifa   (06.03.07)
some of these rabbis could better devote their "talents" to stand-up comedy rather than to real issues
5. Women Soldiers
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.03.07)
Does the Rabbi have any idea what a fighting force these women would be, if the enemy even implied that those uniforms made the ladies' butts look big or that they're nothing more than so much "uncovered meat???"
6. Thinly veiled misogyny: translation = females are so ungodly
Israel   (06.03.07)
they scare God away. Well, Rabbi, assuming you want what's best for Israel, it has already been proven that avoidance of military recruitment has brought about cultural deterioration. But by all means, you and your lazy, economy-draining, brothel-visiting male comrades go face our enemies with only the "Army of God" for protection. At least we'll never hear from you again.
7. what about Joan of Arc??? (end)
colin ,   (06.03.07)
8. Girls in the Army
NYC Girl   (06.03.07)
Perhaps the best thing would be is for rabbis to stick to theology, and leave the military matters to the IDF. They've managed to do okay without the almighty up until now.
9. Rabbi Redundant
M. Martin ,   NYC/Tel-Aviv   (06.03.07)
As far as I know what the rabbi suggests (lying about being religious to get out of Army service) already happens all the time. Women who don't want to go to the army but aren't religious throw on a long skirt and say they keep Shabbat and the Army gives them a pass. Women who are religious don't even have to lie, they just go straight to Sherut Leumi. I would almost ask if this Rabbi has any daughters or if he knows people who have daughters of army age. It would seem to me that anyone who does would know this.
10. Aviner overlooks Deborah the Prophetess
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.03.07)
Aviner has obviously overlooked the story of Deborah in Judges (Chapter 4) who led the forces of Barak against those of Sicera. Sicera, of course, was ultimately taken out by Yael. But a woman needn't be a prophetess to make a valued contribution to the IDF even outside the combat arena. Intelligence, education, R&D, legal staff, communication, medical support, etc.
11. Rabbi Is Clearly Right
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (06.03.07)
Women are a waste of space in the army (serving coffee and sexual immorality are no way to spend 2 years of their lives), and it is clearly against Jewish law. Tell us all about the religious not serving in the army now and I will tell you that I was a combat soldier and reservist, that 50% of the combat officers today are religious, and that a HUGE percentage of the combat soldiers, including commandos, are too. Women should do sherut leumi (national service); NOT army.
12. rabbi & woman
bernardbuzby ,   raanana Israel   (06.03.07)
middle-ages moron. Perhaps he should be with the Taliban where he would feel comfortable with there attitude to woman
13. emet
ecr   (06.03.07)
Let's hear it for the truth. I onced as a young cabie what he thought about girls in the army and he said "It's good for the boys". Enough said!
14. Anyone one who evades army service
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.03.07)
should be sent to a forced labor camp for five years.Let them be forced to build the country.They should not be allowed higher education,driver's licenses, business licenses or passports. They should be treated as the criminals they are. This "rabbi" should be jailed for aiding the enemy. Women prevent G-d's presence? Someone better tell this caveman women are humans also.
15. If you think women are so ungodly,
may you go without for the rest of your days and be holy
16. To #15 Go without what? :- I
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.04.07)
17. Male/female
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.04.07)
Since the nature of god is unknown and unknowable, but since god did create us male and female, isn't it just possible that those are, among a whole lot of others, equal aspects of god? I wouldn't want to have insulted or belittled either, much less convinced someone else to do it.
18. What about Devorah?
19. Stupid rabbi
Pedro ,   Sao Paulo,brasil   (06.04.07)
"This is our choice: Who do we want in the army, women or the Almighty?" So,dismiss the soldiers and let the Almighty defend the country
20. Stupid old man
Aharon   (06.04.07)
If you want to dodge the army and destroy your country, then go ahead, BUT DONT TELL OTHERS TO DO IT TOO!
21. why are the givers of life...
Greg ,   New York City   (06.04.07)
treated like such shit by fundamentalists Muslims and our crazy Orthodox Jews. i don't just don't get it.
22. To NYC Girl
NYC Boy   (06.04.07)
They have managed to do okay without the Almighty. I am guessing you have no recollection of the 6 day war, where soldiers testified to opened miracles. Where leaders like Rabin acknowledged afterwards of G-d fighting that war with us. And if you call the second lebanon war okay. It might be to you but most of the world look down at Israels aggresiveness. Soldiers died for no reason in that war. On a scale of 1 - 10 i would give the war no more than a 2 like most Jews would. Keep turning away from the Almighty and see how well the IDF's aim will be and their success.
23. Discouraging the Girls
Arielush ,   ramat ha golan   (06.04.07)
Actually the IDF seems to be doing the utmost to discourage girls. My daughter and many of her friends decided to do a Shnat Sherut before entering the army. The girls were supposed to go in on Oct 21st. Just on thursday their enlistment was put off till January 2Oth. Is this there reward for helping the country? My daughter will be in the army untill she is almost 23.
24. Proud mother
Rachel   (06.04.07)
I take great issue with #11's response. Women can and do contribute in the army. I am very proud that my religious daughter, served in the army. She did important work and never touched a coffee machine. What is more, she found her work rewarding and is gratified that she was able to contribute to her country.
25. Rabbi says girls should dodge army service
HH ,   jerusalem, israel   (06.04.07)
The rabbi expressed his opinion that due to rampant immorality, he recommends religious girls not join the army. This is nothing new; been going on for decades. The rabbi probably says to keep Shabbat as well. Do you subject him to such rancorous and insulting replies about that too? The situation today is that most religious girls don't serve in the army anyway. RE: Deborah the prophetess: she gave orders, didn't take orders . . . wssn't subject to any CO's advances .... unlike today.
26. WHO?
YAAKOV ,   Jerusalem   (06.04.07)
Pardon me but is this the same person who discredited himself at the enampment outside Gush Katif? read my lips............
27. NYC girl... every breath you take is thanks to the almighty.
28. Arrest him
Former IDF Soldier ,   Israel   (06.04.07)
This man is encouraging people to break the law. Not just any law; the law that allows for our national survival. He should be arrested and tried.
29. #24: Don't bother w/#11 - just another male trying to blame
Male cafe-worker ,   Israel   (06.04.07)
females for male weakness. A quick news review makes it clear who initiates sex crimes the army. If females were barred from every industry in which males could not keep their hands off, many advances in science, medicine, and culture would not have been made, most patients in hospitals would be dead, and industry would grind to a halt. What's the motivation to encourage such a thing? Ironically here, the same thing that motivates Israel's most staunch enemies - jealously and fundamental hatred for productivity.
30. slam
karen ,   ny   (06.04.07)
IT looks to me that ynet just likes slamming religios jews.
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