'Boycott call reminiscent of witch hunt'
Roi Mandel
Published: 31.05.07, 00:35
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1. boo hoo hoo
c'est Moi ,   Canada   (05.31.07)
Living by the sword these days while claiming to be a light unto nations cannot go hand in hand. At least if you claim a spade as a spade then these measures wont be necessary. Bad zionists, bad.
2. discrimination
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (05.31.07)
Lets see what kind of discrimination they'll have in England, France and the rest of the EU once they bring in Sharia law because the Moslem will dominate them. It's just a matter of time. Besides they're just talking because they are afraid of the Moslems. Do the minorities in other countries try to kill the majority? The so called discrimination in Israel is just common sense security to keep the murderers at bay. Lefties, try not to bleed your hearts too much, the arabs will soon help you with their knives.
3. Whatever the Jews do or do not do they will be ostracized
Steve ,   USA   (05.31.07)
So, giving an Arab a VP position just because the Brits or other enemies of Jews would like it is dumb.
4. U.K. stand up to this unless you agree
Suncountry ,   U.S.   (05.31.07)
Western academics see Israeli academics as competition...Israel is passing them up in many fields. These U.K. folks are just trying to slow you down and they have to do it politically and socially, since they can't manage it with their capabilities. We need to hear from the U.K. science community an enduring and loud objection to this move .
5. "Israel" Worse than Apartheid!
Dovy ,   Toronto   (05.31.07)
The professor is correct. In actuality the Zionist state is WORSE than apartheid. The Blacks in South Africa never suffered ghettoization and F16 jets and helicopter gunships and forced starvation and collective punishment!
6. The fascinating thing is..........
bill Pearlman ,   new york, NY   (05.31.07)
that I would bet that the percentage of peace now and meretz voters in Israeli academia is probably much higher than the general population. Basically its another shot into the heart of the Israeli left. But lets for the sake of argument go along with the program. Throw out the Arab students in israeli colleges for one. And cut off all contacts with Palestinian academics. If your going to pbe punished for something you didn't do, what the hell do it
7. Why are you not travelling Europe and the world
Y ,   N   (05.31.07)
and tell them the facts. You have to realize that the left and the arabs are winning the propaganda war. And that is why you get these call for boycott. Start a human rights center in Israel where you focus only on the human rights abuses in the arab countries. Release an annual repport telling the world what the status of these rights are in those countries. And as you say point out the doubble standard regarding Israel and the rest of the worls. Israels problem is off course that you are one small country surronded by arab nations. And thes nations also controll one of the most important resources in the world today. This is the reason everybody seems to kiss arab butt and complain against Israel. But please get started with your PR campaign. Im sure you will win in the end
8. Apartheid? Look who's talking!
enzo ,   london,uk   (05.31.07)
Hypocrisy is the newest academic institution in Eurabia! Countries that do not conform, will be boycotted!
9. very well articulated
idan ,   haifa,israel   (05.31.07)
he says what every israeli thinks but can't find the right words to say it.
10. stop acting so damn righteous, makes you look very foolish.
papa jay   (05.31.07)
In an apartheid state there wouldn't be Arab parties or an Arab judge. We have academic freedom and minority rights. he forget to mention the Palestinians in the west bank and Gaza. just because you give freedoms to those inside the green line, doesn’t mean your not an apartheid state. You control the lives of 4.5 million Palestinians, you do not call citizens of Israel. They are citizens of no where because you do not acknowledge their existence. Once you remove your control from their lives and land, then we'll talk. Until then stop acting so damn righteous, makes you look very foolish. how can you justify any occupation and still claim to be righteous? You think the world is stupid?
11. Israel is responsible for that
Frank ,   Canada   (05.31.07)
By bowing to the so-called international pressure, by behaving as if she was guilty, Israel gives credit to anti-Zionist propaganda.
12. #5.. didn't you read the WHAT he said?
Jason ,   usa   (05.31.07)
" Rynhold stated that the UCU's "hypocritical" decision was the result of pressure by the radical Left, which believed Israel had no right to exist. "This isn't anti-Semitism, but it's prejudice, according to which the Palestinians and other nations have the right for self-determination, while the Jews don't. "
13. #10. We don't veiw the world as stupid
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (05.31.07)
just misinformed or. at least myopic. Stupid is a term we usually reserve for yourself, for as you state "They are citizens of no where because you do not acknowledge their existence." As far as I know nobody denies them the title and right of being a Palestinian and have even tried to give them a country. They, on the other hand have vowed to destroy Israel and deny it, it's right to exist. Thus finding themselves in the position they are in. It is your inability to honestly post an unbiased augment that reveals, and earns you the epitaph of stupid. May you wear that coned hat with pride.
14. Apartheid state?
Chris Galloway ,   Melbourne Australia   (05.31.07)
One look at the separation fence and its harsh impact on Palestinian life is enough to make one ask if there is some truth at least in this claim -- even if it is fulfilling its intended aim of limiting terror
15. Re: Boo hoo hoo
jerry ,   USA   (05.31.07)
Living by the sword is what Britain will wind up doing. Each time it has faced similar problems to what Israel faces daily, it has wound up killing someone innocent or in some other manner violating their rights. Eurabia will be yours, my friend. As the Zionists hold fast against the Dark Forces, Britain will sink under the weight of its distorted fantasies of how things "ought to be."
16. #10 do i think the world is stupid?
mojo ,   pleasantville   (05.31.07)
the world? nah but I think that *YOU* are stupid and intellectually lazy. there is rarely consensus in the "world" and ANY assumption that YOU speak for the world is stupidity. What was world consensus just prior to WWII about germany's rise? was the world eager to fight? people like you are all about popularism and appeasement. lazy thinkers. just click on cnn and let the 30second news clips define you opinions. don't fear, you are in the majority.. stupidity is the majority.. so maybe yes, i do think the world IS stoopid.. and that you do embrace your ignorance quite smugly. cheers!
17. Papa Jay, the problem with your statement
Korem ,   New York, USA   (05.31.07)
Is that the Palestinians are not Israeli citizens. They live under the jurisdiction of the Palestinian Authority and their civil rights are given or taken away by that government and not Israel's government. That is not apartheid, because they live in territories outside Israel proper and belong to a different nationality. Also, Israel doesn't control the lives of Palestinians. In Gaza Israel controls no more than 2 border crossings. In the West Bank, Israel institutes check points and does control the borders, but the lives of the people inside in all areas not related to those security implementations by Israel are controlled by themselves.
18. Dovy #5 is Naturei Karta. Go to Iran.
Jane   (05.31.07)
19. to #10
Adi ,   Israel   (05.31.07)
the had many opportunities to control their own lives, but they chose not to! they keep choosing the wrong people to lead them in the wrong path, and that's why they are where they are today, from Arafat who stole their money in the name of the resistance, to Haniye who is doing the same, what a shame. they could have had it all buddy, and they still can......
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (05.31.07)
21. no. 7, i'm with you.
James   (05.31.07)
22. to #10
Shanni ,   Israel   (05.31.07)
in case you don't remember, they are under occupation today thanks to Egypt and Jordan both, who declaired a war on Israel for the purpose of distroying it. well, it did'nt quite go according to their plan, Egypt made peace with Israel, did'nt want Gaza and the so called 'Palestinians' back,. Jordan made peace with Israel, didn't want the west bank, and the so called 'Palestinians' back, now we know what they knew the whole time, the so called 'Palestinians', are a liability no one wants, and i wonder why.....
23. #2. discrimination
The Gentile ,   Denver, USA   (05.31.07)
David, I couldn't agree with you more. Unless Europe wakes up, what you described will happen pretty much that way.
24. Exercise in HYPOCRISY.
Ibrahim El Awal ,   Usa   (05.31.07)
Jenin comes to Lebanon. So where is the outcry? Jonathan Kay National Post Tuesday, May 29, 2007 Last week, the Lebanese army attacked a squalid Palestinian refugee camp that's become infested with Islamist suicide terrorists and guerilla fighters. On May 20, government troops surrounded the camp, with tanks and artillery pieces shelling it at close range. Army snipers gunned down anything that moved. At least 18 civilians were killed, and dozens more injured. Water and electricity were cut off. By week's end, much of the camp had been turned into deserted rubble. Thousands of terrified residents fleeing the camp reported harrowing stories of famished, parched families trapped in their basements. How did the rest of the world react? The Arab League quickly condemned "the criminal and terrorist acts carried out by the terrorist group known as Fatah al-Islam," and vowed to "give its full support to the efforts of the army and the Lebanese government." EU foreign policy chief Javier Solana also condemned Fatah al-Islam, and declared Europe's "support" for Lebanon. And the UN Security Council called the actions of Fatah al-Islam "an unacceptable attack" on Lebanon's sovereignty. As for the Western media, most outlets ignored the story following the first flurry of news reports.
25. #13 Nice try.
papa jay   (05.31.07)
so you tried to give them a country. and they said no. they would rather live under israeli military rule? is that the best you can do? Really?? further more, if you haven’t seen the news lately, the Palestinians are no ones problem but Israel. The simple fact is that the state of israel was created on the rights and freedoms of those Palestinian Arabs that lived in Palestine. You and the likes of you may believe what ever makes you sleep at night. Good luck with your 4.5 million Palestinians, I’d like to see you make them vanish. Just remember your forefathers created your beloved country on the land promised to you by your God, except he neglected to mention it was NOT empty!! What God commands his people to trample on others rights to fulfill their destiny?
POPPY   (05.31.07)
27. Israel must ignore this fringe activity
MF ,   Israel/England   (05.31.07)
It is vital that Israel and Israelis do not - repeat not - give this any priority. Why on earth did an Israeli delegation even bother to attend the UCU congress?
28. Bigots and bombers
Raoul Schur ,   Netanya Israel   (05.31.07)
The bigots (Brits) are siding with the bombers - makes sense.
29. Suuuree, The Earth is Not Round also?
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (05.31.07)
World academia, NGOs, and civil societies should join the UK and South Africa very soon in boycotting the Apartheid State of Israel. This is an excellent move towards total removal of settlements and occupation from our lives....
30. TO #22 - "the so-called Palestinians"?!!!
Marwan ,   Amman, Jordan   (05.31.07)
If you don't have the common decency & integrity to acknowledge the simplest historical facts and call things by their real names, do you seriously expect Arabs or Muslims to ever be willing to acknowledge your right to exist on a rand you robbed some 50 years ago?!!!
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