ANC backs anti-Israel protest
Published: 31.05.07, 15:14
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1. How about Darfur and Congo?
israeli ,   israeli   (05.31.07)
Shouldn't the ANC be more concerned about the fate of their African brethren (4 million dead in Congo the last few years) ? Or is their hatred of Israel overtaking their common sense?
2. Shameful
gm ,   south africa   (05.31.07)
Ronnie Kasrils does not deserve a voice or opinion as he continues to to spew forth rubbish. As usual, the ANC and their brethren in politics is siding with the perceived underdog, without taking all facts into consideration. As a result, this protest is typically new-South African, filled with half-truths and assumptions. It's an international embarrasment.
3. Wow! now there's a surprise--------------------> NOT!
Talula ,   Israel   (05.31.07)
Who cares what the ANC say anyway
stude ham   (05.31.07)
What else do they want??? oh yah... a purging of the world's Jews.. which would happen allover again without a strong and determined Israel. Just look at the qurds... and many of the other stateless people... darfur... So why aren't these anti-semitic south africans also demonstrating against the genocides now taking place in Sudan... and many other parts of Africa .. like zimbabwe?? They're perverse bigots!! That's why!!
5. South Africa...the world's Hollywood!!!
DR ,   Florida, USA   (05.31.07)
Hollywood is filled with dimwits who think they understand the world. Look at Danny Glover!!! These half-witted people (South Afrians) only show half the picture and let their anti-semitism shine for all the world to see. There is no other explanation for how so many people can rally against one tiny country all the while ignoring ethnic cleansing in their own back yard. Trully ridiculous!!!!
6. Give ANC more donation .....
ben ,   singapore   (05.31.07)
then WCC & CCS...the WIND WILL Take and UNEXPECTED TURN. THE WIND BLOWS WHERE THE MONEY IS ! Give the African National Congress and the African Trade Union MORE DONATION then the World Council of Churces and Council of Churches Sweden, the African will AUTOMATICALLY JUMP OUT to be PRO- ISRAEL. Th wind in South Africa can CHANGE COURSE ! This is the WORK , THE XTIANS DO BY THEIR SPIRIT AND INTENTION of their NT, to SPREAD ANTI- SEMETISM all around the WORLD. NOTING NEW but a VERY TRADITIONAL PRACTISE OF THE XTIAN CHURCHES. I CALL THESE ANC. WCC, CCS and the SOUTH AFRICAN GOVT AS - THE PEOPLE WHO HAVE NO VALUES AND PRINCIPALS IN LIFE ! Ostracize by all means, NO IMPACT over Isarel for we have the TRUTH, We have the TORAH, we have the Water, CROSS over this side,stop you Golden Calf Worship South Africa ! WCC , CC of Sweden- Cross over this side we House of YIsrael have the TORAH . : - ) ~
7. Palestians suffering
poppy   (05.31.07)
Firstly let the ANC first look in their back yard and see the suffering and poverty in South Africa before even thinking about other nations suffering And secondly Let the ANC fatcats treat their people with dignity and not steal the money supposed to go to the old and poor people of South Africa.
8. Arab money is making these people condemn Israel
9. #4 Israel can't give back to the arabs
jerome ,   basalt, co   (05.31.07)
what was never theirs to begins with! They could have had a state but always choose war. if the arab armies would have defeated the Israelis in 1948 the palis would have never even had a chance for their own pathetic state cause jordan, eygpt, syrian would have kept it all for themselves and then there would be apartheid in the true meaning of the word.
10. very sad...
kobi ,   tel aviv   (05.31.07)
very sad, that the ANC has no clue what apartheid is and what is happening in israel. also ANC has obviously no idea about arabs as well.
11. A reply for Ben the halfwit
Debbie ,   Sasolburg, South Afr   (05.31.07)
To #6 "Ben" - are you mentally retarded ? You certainly appear to be (somewhere, a village is missing its idiot) !
12. Gone are the good old days when Apartheid South Africa and
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (05.31.07)
Israel had so much in common.
13. ANC backs anti-israel protest.
Michelle ,   Israel   (05.31.07)
You know what they say - beware he who does protest too much. This Ronnie Kasrils, he's probably a spy for the Israeli secret service. Makes you think doesnt it!!
14.  TO # 11 -Debbie , Sasolburg, South Afr
ben ,   singapore   (06.01.07)
Magalomania mulct like you are Mimus polyglottos ; - ) ~ Start prithee for yourself and your South African Nation were children in your villages ravaged every 1 minute . ANC's Ethics of Responsbility not prissy. Go sit on Caesalpinia sappan Gandi. LEARN ! ben singapore. ; - ) ~
15. Debbie , Sasolburg, South Afr
ben ,   singapore   (06.01.07)
South African Council of Churches general-secretary Eddie Makue together with the World Council of Churches and the Christian Council of Sweden, are anti -semetic an backs anti-israeli Protest ! So ARE YOU mediocrity madalen maufflon .
16. kasrils is a moron "bring me my machine gun"
russel ,   tlv   (06.01.07)
Cosatu is not the govt's favourite organisation at the moment because of their support for Zuma the corrupt politician who raped an HIV positive woman and whose favouirite song is "bring me my machine gun". A charming little ditty he composed all by himself... So while they might call for an embargo - it doesn't mean it will happen. Kasrils is just so over the top I refuse to read anything that man says.
17. Why is South Africa supporting Zimbabwe?
Free Zimbabwe ,   Harie, Zimbabwe   (06.01.07)
I just can not understand why a country so great as South Africa is supporting the current despot and regime in Zimbabwe and turning it's eyes away from the suffering? Is South Africa doing the same thing now that it's own ANC freedom fighters were fighting against for decades? I am so saddened that South Africa is ignoring the screams of freedom fighters and starving children in Zimbabwe. How much blood needs to be spilled before the South African government starts to act as a real world leader and is willing to practice what it preaches? What is it afraid of? Maybe, I am naive and I just don't understand but someone must be getting their Swiss bank accounts filled or South Africans just don't care.
18. SA criticizes Israel, wow!
Naftali Mumkher ,   Tembel City   (06.01.07)
That what I (and other respected specialists in the field) call by its real name - MONKEY BUSINESS.
19. SA Nationwide strike begin today
Russel ,   Tlv   (06.01.07)
There is a big workers' strike on for teachers, nurses etc for wage increase and the stayaway started today - so if there are thousands on strike it's for that. Kasrils may try to claim to the mainstream media that it's for the palestinians but the truth is otherwise. Please bear that in mind
20. Apartheid , Boston USA
Charles ,   Den Haag / Nederland   (06.01.07)
another hero too chicken to post her name
21. Black supremacists
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.01.07)
are no better than white supremacists. They share common values, first: antisemitism, second: colonial paternalism. Who are the to deny a national status and a state to the Jews?
22. After Aparthied, SA is slowly turining into a banana
john ,   nz   (06.02.07)
republic. just like their cousin Zimbabwe... pretty soon.
23. to #17 Zimbabwe
rachel ,   S. Africa   (06.02.07)
You are so right - it always comes down to "what's in it for me?". Either it's money, or it's oil. This country has to keep in with the oil-producing states. As is the case with the US. So little Israel becomes the sacrifice. Always. After all, who is going to care? Well, believe it or not, there are those believers in Jesus (and I'm NOT referring to the SACC or the WCC), who DO care. No, not too many, as in the US, make themselves heard. But I'm glad to say, the numbers are growing. There are Christians in SA who stand up for Israel, who speak up, who write to the press, who send financial aid to communities in Israel. Not for personal gain, but because we love and worship Israel's God, so we honour His people. The Bible is clear that all the nations will eventually turn against God's chosen people, but He will Himself intervene and deliver her. And those nations who have cursed her are putting themselves on a collision course with the Almight.
24. the ANC is logically flawed
jack bauer ,   USA   (06.07.07)
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