'Israel a Jewish state first'
Roee Nahmias
Published: 31.05.07, 17:43
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1. The former justice is right. Israel is Jewish first.
Avraham ,   NYC   (05.31.07)
2. Democracy accepts no qualifying adjectives.
Apartheid ,   Boston USA   (05.31.07)
There is either Democracy or there is not Democracy. "Jewish" democracy is not Democracy.
3. my foot state first!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
4. to #2 ("apartheid"):
5. Israel sure is a Racist Democracy...
Hani ,   Palestine Vagabond   (05.31.07)
reminicent of the earliest democracies in Athens whereby only Athenian men were considered citizens and treated as such. The modern state of Israel claims it is a "Jewish-first" democracy. How ironic. How corrupting. How demeaning and insulting to the very principals of modern democracy! Justifying this contradiction can't go on forever, nor will the Arab native voice ever be silenced. The desirable objective is full rights for all citizens, and acknowledging that Arabs, christian and muslims alike, are an integral, inseperable part of this land. The sooner the real term "democracy" is correctly interpreted and applied, the sooner peace will prevail.
6. Venezuala also think they are a democracy
BUSH ,   USA   (05.31.07)
Yet the news in the past 2 days was that many students protested the chavez govt in the streets having to throw bottles and stones at police who started shooting at them rubber bullets and tear gas. Americans who have no sort of violent protests because they are truly a democracy will of course support the students. Question: Where does Israel stand?Are they like the chavez govt that dictate against anyone that does not like them or are they truly democratic like America. If you say they are like America so why do they have violent protests of Settlers or Haredim having to block streets and throw stones like people must do in Venezuala because otherwise their plight will not be heard. But maybe the Haredim and settlers are the crazy ones like all the dumb seculars say and say again. If so how come you do not hear about religious violent protests from these Haredim in America, Canada or Australia. Answer: Israel is a theocracy as is Venezuala. They are corrupted and power hungry as Chavez is. The time has come for the secular govt to step down so a new "Jewish" democracy can move in.
7. To all arabs
Y ,   N   (05.31.07)
If you are not satisfied with the israeli democrazy you got 23 arab dictatorships to choose from. Please move to one of them. The backward arabs will maybe, and i say maybe, develop a democrazy sometime in the next millenium.
8. #5...
If you don't like it here we can show you to the door.
9. Hani - learn history
Rupert ,   UK   (05.31.07)
Unlike Athens, all men (and women) in Israel are considered citizens. In fact, this i unlike any Arab country. True, their may be discrimination of minorities, as exists in the entire and even enlightened world, but it a fact that Arabs can vote in Israel, serve in the government and be judges. Find me another country that has been under continous siege by the brethren of its own minorities that can make the same claim.
10. Democracy, Religion and whatever.
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.31.07)
Israel is a state based on Jewish laws and traditions, and if those don't suit you, well, I doubt that they'll force you to live there or prevent you from packing up and leaving. The US is, basically, a Christian country. The symbols on a lot of our public buildings attest to it. Most of our laws are based on Judaeo-Christian ideas and traditions, too. That does not, however, mean that there isn't room and equality under our laws for every other "flavor." The keywords are, "our laws." If those laws don't suit you, well, then don't apply for citizenship. If you want to make honor killings, second-class citizenship for women and who knows what else legal, work through the system, and good luck to you. In the meantime, this is the United States of America; not the overseas branch of whatever place you come from. Maybe the US and Israel SHOULD adopt a different flag. The one I have in mind is called "The Gadsden Flag." It shows a coiled, ready to strike rattle snake with the admonition, "Don't tread on me."
11. Why expalin?
nell ,   switzerland   (05.31.07)
Why the explanation about majority and minority mentalities? Why and educated woman should try to explain demands so absurd? Israel should change its formal symbols? Why on earth? Why doesn't the world demand that Turkey take off the moon off its flag or is the moon Turkish? And Arabs are definitely not excluded, they choose to exclude themselves.
12. Hani #5 read again
ilana   (05.31.07)
you state "How demeaning and insulting to the very principals of modern democracy!" Israel is NOT ABOUT MODERN democracy. It is about democracy within Torah guidelines. This is WHY it is a JEWISH state. Get over it already!
13. #7 crazy demo
arabs   (05.31.07)
no, we will stick to Our land and enjoy the demo-crazy show.
14. Democracy from Judiasm
Mark Kleiman ,   South Florida   (05.31.07)
First Israel is the Jewish state, then it can support democracy. Judiasm is a foundation for democracy. Don't be such a perfectionist to think this is a conflict. Be real!
15. #10 or vice versa, here's Israel the overseas branch of USA
16. ME is 23, but EU is 20000, so why don't u go ahead and pick.
at least the number of choosing is higher....
17. #5, u r soooooo intelligent, but still isreali will never...
get the's all about "me""I"...
18. To #15 (bravely anonymous)
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (05.31.07)
Well, in contrast to some other people, at least, we don't have a problem with Israel's desire to be a Jewish state nor with its national symbols, Considering that there are almost as many Jews in the US (40.3%) as in Israel, it would be ridiculous to deny the connections, wouldn't it? Nevertheless, there are much worse places than the US of which to be a branch, IF IT SUITS US, or where to wish to have a branch than in Israel, if they wish and allow it; the key parameters being "if it suits us" and "wish" and "allow."
19. Jewis/ Democracy: Contradiction? You bet!
eliyahu   (05.31.07)
There's a reason why a very intelligent judge struggles and ends up not making cohesive sense. Saying that a state is intended for one ethnic group is racist. But that doesn't mean it is morally wrong. That used to be the basis for all national structure. Historically, this is Jewish land. Jews have no other place of refuge. The term "Arab" has unclear ethnic definitions, which explains why even today, arab/arab violence is far worse than Jewish/arab viollence. 'Jewis state' isn't democratic. Which explains why Olmert is still in power. And why the court system is a tragic joke.
20. America - a true democracy?
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.01.07)
No. There is no true democracy in the world right now. All we have are democratic states, that is states that are close to democracies. Yet, none of them reach the true, unqualified definition of democracy. In US for example, we have the Supreme Court. These people are not elected, yet no one can deny that their decisions influence our daily life. The same can be said of any European nation... Democracy? Don't make me laugh...
21. Democracy?
Vitaliy ,   Brooklyn, USA   (06.01.07)
What we do have are republics. Even in US, does anyone seriously believe that we have a democracy when what we have now is more like a republic? Where a few families at the top supply our presidents, form the opinion that is parroted by the TV's talking heads, and the citizens can't even pass the test we require of immigrants? Not to mention a decent knowledge of English language...
22. US, UK etc = Christain democracy
Jew in America ,   CA   (06.01.07)
The US, UK etc are Christian democracies. Christmas = public holiday because majority culture is Christian etc. India = Hindu democracy because majority are Hindu and Hindu holidays are public holidays as is Hindi the official language. Turkey = Muslim democracy for same reasons. It seems that critics only forbidden democracy is a Jewish democracy, where public holidays are Jewish as is (one of ) the official language. When it comes to Israel, double standards like this may be common, but that does not make them right.
23. To #21
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.01.07)
You are correct . We are, actually and in fact, a federal, constitutional republic. You can't, however, blame anyone, if people swallow what they're being fed. With all the information available, things can be checked out. As for decent English and knowledge of governmental functions, that is, unfortunately, true. By the time I was ready to be sworn in as a citizen, there was no doubt that I knew more of how this government is supposed to run than most of the natives. Although my punctuation is incorrect half the time, my written English isn't too bad. The "speak" is something else, but the keyboard doesn't pick up that little accent :-)
24. US is NOT Christian Democracy
Jerry Sussman ,   Alexandria, USA   (06.01.07)
Hi, all. I agree 100% that Israel was established as a Jewish State. But for Pete's sake, don't base your rationale on the US being founded as a Christian democracy. It was not, not in any manner, shape or form, founded as a Christian nation. Insofar as a national "Christmas" holiday, the Supreme Court expressly ruled that the only reason that it may be a government sanctioned holiday is because in the United States it is regarded as a secular rather than as a religious holiday. Visit the Jefferson Memorial sometime. Inscribed therein is part of his pledge to fight against tyranny. He was not speaking of the King of England. The elided text was a reference to the Christian church.
25. Fundamentally flawed !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
JB   (06.01.07)
This theory is fundamentally flawed for the following reasons: 1. If Arabs were to multiply and become the majority, can they take over the country? Why not? Is it not a democracy? 2. What is the meaning of a Jewish state? And what makes us Jews different then other nationalities? Can we make a Black state (only for black people, or a white state only for white people? (That would be racism especially in a democratic society), and if you are going to say that we let everyone live here, and it is a free society (democratic), then why is it called a Jewish State? 3. If you want a Jewish democratic state why should it be on the land of Israel? This that your great grandfather lived there does not justify you coming now and kicking out the people who live there now. And even if you don’t kick them out, how can you justify coming to a place and imposing your rules of Jewish Democracy? Can the Indians kick out the Americans? Why NOT, America belonged to their grand parents? Observant Jews don’t have these problems, because G-D gave "us" this land and with it came the many Mitzvoth that we need to keep, otherwise G-D said we will be kicked out, so our right to come to Israel and impose our Jewish Laws (the Torah) is from G-D the creator and Boss of the universe. And no one has a right to argue with G-d. However Ms. Dorner does not believe in G-d, and of course she does NOT serve him (the opposite is true), then she has NO RIGHT to this holy land and of course she cannot impose her rules (so-called "Jewish democracy) on others.
DemocracyRules ,   Canada   (06.01.07)
THIS is no contradiction. Consider John Stuart Mill, A father of modern Liberal Democracy, who said that what must be avoided above all is the 'tyranny of the majority'. Democracies must act to protect minorities, but it is inevitable that democracies will have minorities in them. Judaism is well suited for Democracy; G-d went on and on about compassion and understanding and tolerance. Israel needs a separation of religion and state, but the fundamental Jewish nature of Israel is fully compatible with democracy.
27. exactly, Israel a Jewish state first......& second & third
28. former justice ! Israel's justice retired long long ago
29. to 2 how do you call the racist politic against black people
dovdevan ,   ashdod , israel   (06.01.07)
and others minorities in the US ? black people in the US has been discriminated for a long time now ! prisons are crowded with blacks and others minorities ! in your country for the same crime a black will be condemn more than a withe ! the death penalty is applicated more to black people than withe people according to statistics ! millions of minorities live beyond the poverty line ! they are subject to harrassement by the police and discrimination to find a job !! so before accusing us you would rather look what is going on in your oqn country
30. Jewish Symbols
Meir ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.01.07)
The issue of Arabs not being able to identify with Israel's symbols is bogus in that there are many democratic countries that have religious symbols and also have minorities that don't share that religion. i.e. Switzerland= Cross on it's flag and Jewish/Moslem citizens; Greece- Cross and Jewish citizens etc. What about Arab countries and Islamic symbols on their flags and they may have/had Jewish, Christian citiizens.i.e. Saudi Arabia - oh, sorry thay don't allow non-muslim citizens. OK Jordan-oops, they don't allow Jewish citizens. Palestinian Authority-Judenrein. You see the Arabs don't have to worry about offending minorities-they just make sure not to have any. Meir
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