Lebanon war commander resigns
Yossi Yehoshua
Published: 01.06.07, 08:33
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1. Israelis claimed they won the war, why resigning?
Zico ,   Brazil   (06.01.07)
I dont get it, the israelis kept on saying that they managed to kill many lebanese, hezbollah and destroyed many buildings. To cut it short, they said they won. But why this guy wants to resign? I really dont get it.
2. olmert & peretz take example
3. A Man With Integrity.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.01.07)
4. to zico
Mike ,   Artzot HaBrit   (06.01.07)
Zico I am sure some Israelis say that they won including the lame duck Olmert however the soldiers on the ground will say they were held back from winning and that the government kept changing the objectives and left the soldiers under-equipped and the Israelis of the North without direction. Compare this war to other Israeli wars and one can see they didn't accomplish one objective only postponing the fight for a later date.
5. To #1
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.01.07)
More often than not, even when you win a war, you will have lost a few battles, and if you have character and a conscience, you will not feel good about it. Question to you: Why is Nasralla offering to rebuild South Beirut, if there was - to put it mildly- no damage? As for deaths and if I remember correctly, wasn't it Hezbollah who couldn't scream loud enough about all those "civilians" that Israel killed? Comparing last year's war with Israel with the one going on now with the Lebanese army, something odd is starting to emerge: Why is it that the Pali refugees can't run away fast enough now, but last year, when the IDF dropped leaflets and suggested they leave, because they lived in target areas, these same refugees would just sit there like idiots? Either - will miracles never cease - these refugees got awfully smart in a year's time, or maybe last summer, Hezbollah kept them stuck, in hopes of providing Hassan with bodies for propaganda purposes. You may not remember a video of one of those dead civilians who, during his funeral, fell off the stretcher only to jump up and climb back on, but I do. This was in addition to the same old woman that showed up in front of bombed-out buildings all over Lebanon, or that clean-as-a-whistle teddy bear that was clutched by who knows how many "dead" children. If you're winning, would you have to resort to that sort of faked "reporting???"
6. General Zuckerman
nell ,   switzerland   (06.01.07)
We are human even when on God's and Israel's team. Besides, you did NOT fail your men. Somebody else did but he's not resigning.
7. to # 1 Why??
Natan   (06.01.07)
Why?? Because he is more of a man than you will ever dream of being!!!
8. This brings tears to my eyes.
A Yid ,   J'lem   (06.01.07)
9. Army was too busy training for Disengagment
Nimi ,   Holon   (06.01.07)
Frinds of mine were called up and sent to reserve duty with almost no training. One friend told me he was given a weapon he had never fired before. Why? Because the government in it's quest for Disengagment has brainwashed the army and everyone. The Israeli people have been led astray and sent to die for the "Disengagmnet" or for Olmert's stock porfolio or to cover for Sharon's crimes or for nothing. If the Israeli public would take action without being led by government or army higher-ups, they would end the threat in a very quick and efficient manner.
10. #1
Did we win the war? Did we lose no. In the past Israel has crushed its enemies in days. These enemies of the past were conventianal armies with uniforms. Now a days, armies are made up of militias hiding in civilian populations. fortunatly for the Lebanese, we are a moral people and would never fire idescrimiatly. Therefore, we were unable to completely ubliverate the enemy. So because Hezbola still exists, it looks like a defeat to Israel. In reality, Hezbola had been crushed and now is on a huge PR campaign to save itself from getting run over by the lebonese army.
11. Number 5 Hartley
Libneniyyeh ,   Lebanon   (06.01.07)
Chapeau bas I must say - you really pull it off rather well. How do you succeed in hiding those fangs behind that witty and chummy nice old lady set of dentures? I usually tend to ignore you, with your insensitivity, your malicious racism, and your maddening egocentric closed mindedness. Except now when you raised this point. Yes, there is such a thing called photoshop. Yes, media may at times prove to resort to less than admirable tactics. But then again, western media, which witnesses a yearly investment of millions upon millions (you can check that out), really takes the cigar for the spreading and reinforcement of false and biased propaganda. Anyway, you have kids and grandkids. Maybe someday when you get over your bilic bitterness you will see that there really are other human beings over there in the world. That not all people are to be generalized and stereotyped because of the actions of a group of crazies who somehow always make it to the front page. And finally, I hope you will see that while you might fake a death or two, you can't fake the death of thousands. May your god have mercy on your frightening soul.
12. To '10'
Hansje   (06.01.07)
So You say "we crushed the Hez."... so my conclusion is than that we won. It is indeed a great victory against terrorism, but it could have been much greater without the Olmert/Perets hesitations! The ground offensive should have been lounched one week afther the initial air bombardement and destroying of the Zelzals.
13. Israel is finished
John ,   London,UK   (06.01.07)
Unless Israel moves fast to make polit ical peace with Lebanon and Hamas, I am affraid it has no military power to engage in another war. This resignation by General Erez Zuckerman and the sacking of the Chief of Army General Dan Halutz before him, is an obvious sign that Israeli military has lost its forces of its former glory days when it could defeat 3 Arabs nations in six days. Israel now has no choice other than to engage in peaceful dialogue with Arabs to settle the long standing disputes. Arabs see Israel as a weak nation that could not even destroy Hezbollah, an oranisation which has become a nightmare for Israel. Its victory of Israeli army shot its popularity to all time high in the Muslim world. Nasrallah is now a legendary figure whose words and deeds are loved across the Middle East. I suggest it is time for Israel to talk to its enemies as US is noe being forced to talk to Iran after 30 years.
14. To #11
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.01.07)
Merci beaucoup! Venant de toi, c'est un beau compliment. (Thank you very much. Coming from you, that's a nice compliment.) I certainly wouldn't want YOU to consider me a nice person. Avec mes remerciements (thanks), now, would you, please, be kind enough to ignore me again? You have nothing to say that interests me in the least, or if French is more to your liking, je me fiche de se que tu dis.(I don't give a damn' what you say)
15. #5 Kol Hakovod and Mazal Tav on your talkback.Nice!!!!!!
jan   (06.01.07)
16. #13, exactly what news do you read?
Danny   (06.03.07)
Lets correct some factual errors first, Halutz resigned wasn't sacked and Nasrallah's acts aren't "loved" across the Middle East, he is specifically lionised in Shia South Lebanon, Syria and Iran - places that were hardly anti-Hizbollah to start with. I assume you agree that the 6 day war was a victory for Israel - as opposed to a "victory" for the Arab countries. So lets do a comparison, Dayan was brought in to replace the Commander Southern Command but formally unlike Adam's "advisor". Far, far more Israeli soldiers were killed in 67, none of the Arab countries armies were destroyed, none of their homelands were bombed to pieces, none of their economies were destroyed, none of their leaders had to hide in bunkers after the war. What was similiar as well was the immediate attempt to halt and intervene to stop Israel fighting and fake claims by Arabs on their "victories" - compare Hizbollah claims of sunken ships, shot down planes, "dozens" of destroyed Merkevas. Plain and simple comparison: Nasser, 56=Nasrallah, 06 and we know how the first ended. PS given Hamas and Hizbollah don't want Israel to exist and are certainly not keen on Jews staying there, what exactly do you think there is to negotiate?
17. #11, way to not engage in the argument
Danny   (06.03.07)
I think the point of the original talkback was that Hizbollah systematically faked stories with the active connivance of some of the reporters. How Reuters could not catch faked photos, how AFP could not realise the same woman was weeping three weeks apart in front of the same building, how Time could not tell the difference between a rubbish tip burning and a "downed plane" etc etc. How next to no reporter had the decency to point that all their "facts" came from Hizbollah which NO double checking by the reporter, that all their stories and photos came from tours put on Hizbollah who would not allow ANY independent questioning, ANY independent investigation or ANY independent verification of facts. As for "thousands" dying, not even Hizbollah is claiming that.
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