Qassam hits Sderot neighborhood
Tovah Dadon
Published: 02.06.07, 10:39
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1. the world should know
israeli   (06.02.07)
that this will never stop as long as the palestinians are under the worst brutal occupation in the history on mankind . if its not qassams its suicide bombers or shooting or kidnaping or whatever any other way to hurt the israelis for there occupation . this is terreble and all wrong and it should all stop . and the way it will be stoped is by ending the ugly occupation of the palestinians . shbat shalom , v , shavoah tov ... israeli.....
2. yes israili you got it right believe me
rashid ,   palistinian   (06.02.07)
we only fire rockets because of this brutal occupation, ahalan ya ahi. as abu amar said, if you tell a lie a thousand time in the end some fools will believe it to be the truth, and you are the proof that this theory work. its occupation, occupation, occupation, if we take back ramat gan, haifa, holon, all ours walla all, gallil, al quds, tzfat all occupied, if we take it back then there would be peace on earth now, where did i put my nargilah
3. Will Leb General please come helpwhen he finish Leb Pal Camp
Alan ,   SA   (06.02.07)
because UN Security Council and Arab League dont worry too much if Artillery is lobbed into Pal Refugee Camp as long as Arabs are doing it . Also same for Darfur -Its OK to murder 200 000 as long as Arab Government is doing it
4. and we will take Damesek
Eli ,   Ramat Gan   (06.02.07)
Rashid. Jews will move to live into Gaza, Lebanon, Damesek. jews will reenter and live in peace and happiness. If you want to join follow Jewish leadership otherwise stay on the dark side and pay for it!
5. SICK, SICK, SICK of you!
Ronnie ,   Israel   (06.02.07)
I'm sick and tired of all the anti-Israel scum getting on this site. Every retard with even a smattering of English has to get his Israel-bashing two-cents worth. #1, I doubt that you're Jewish, but if you are, I'm ashamed to have you as a co-religionist. And #2, go back to your dream world (that's if you have any time in between preparing bombs and firing Qassem rockets). I repeat, GET THE HELL OFF THIS SITE.....YOU'RE NOT WANTED HERE! Go spread your vile garbage on the Al Jazzeera site. There, you'll have a willing audience of those of your ilk.
6. They still can't get it right!
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.02.07)
What is wrong with those people? The a--hats are supposed to hit those re-inforced outhouses (stalls); not unprotected neighborhoods. Will the IDF end up having to go over there and teach them how to aim??? Oh, wait, maybe they already did, but that was before the introduction of the stalls. Time to change tactics: How about painting naked women on those things? If something isn't done, before long, you'll have Pali kids crawling all over Sderot looking for scrap metal that they can sell to feed their families. Somebody will be teaching those kids that the money with which their families should be fed has to morphe into rockets, then into scrap metal touched by Israeli soil before it can buy food. There will be an addendum to the Koran: "Allah and the Qassams."
7. # 5
at least people like me are spreading the truth here there and everywhere while people like you are spreading evel and lies all over . THE TRUTH SHALL COME OUT.....
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