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Jihad the defining challenge of new generation, says Romney
Published: 02.06.07, 19:01
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1. Americans are tired of the this crap rhetoric
Boston ,   USA   (06.02.07)
and anyone who still lives in pre Iraq mentality will lose big time in the elections, if he/she makes it that far.
2. There are two kind of Jihads
Atilla Karagözoğlu   (06.02.07)
1. BIG JIHAD : to fight to non-believers until they ask for mercy. 2. LITTLE JIHAD : to find yourself. to find THE FAITH. to save yourself. love Atilla Liman Karagözoğlu
3. DAAAAH!!!!
Poitcha ,   Israel   (06.02.07)
And how long did it take you to figure it all out? Have you been hibernating in a cave in the last years?
5. to #3
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.02.07)
Romney's brilliant. The problem lies with the American public. In the aggregate, we're retarded.
6. soft belly
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (06.02.07)
"Many (people) still fail to comprehend the extent of the threat posed by radical Islam," If a dutch politician says such, he may have to go to court an be accused of discrimination. My country ( Holland) is the soft belly of islamic Jihad. Here they can freely cry out their hatred against the western world and Israel. Here two politicians live in hiding, because they are being threatened by islam radicals. Here we give in to muslim threats on an almost daily basis. Here we have P.M. Balkenende who emphasized the importance of a "respectful" dialogue with fundamentalist scientist. I'm afraid we are a lot worse off then in the US. No integration here, only segregation and a House of Commons infested by the the virus of political correctness.
7. Mitt is a phony. He is a liar!
Mark ,   Boston Ma   (06.02.07)
He is an opportunist. He was a horrible governor during his last year in office. He served his own needs and not the needs of people. He is an empty suit.
8. #6 - Richard in Holland - Is there a solution?
Otter ,   Canada   (06.02.07)
Is it so bad that you have all given up? As long as you hold elections, wouldn't there be hope of turning things around? But then, maybe Eurabia is really lost. I was hoping the French would vote overwhelmingly for Sarkozy, but the Left still has a lot of power there. And the Left is the one dragging Europe down into self-destruction.
9. another "as if" solution
Arn ,   Tel-Aviv   (06.02.07)
As if the endless charities of the UN, government, and civilian institutions have not already done enough. No Mitt Romney you are groping in a fetid swamp. These Islamofascists have an agenda - a very concrete and unforgiving agenda - and they have seen to it that even the so-called moderates in their numbers keep to the shadows. Your concept of an answer is just appeasement by another name.
10. #7 votes for Ted Kennedy
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.02.07)
Don't forget, Mark, your senior senator is a bloated alcoholic murderer who you personally continue to re-elect. Your junior senator is Frankenstein. Mitt's the best thing to happen to Boston since forced integration ;)
11. to #9, truth versus disclosure
Mike ,   Atlanta, USA   (06.02.07)
Let's not assume that the only course of action Mitt will take involves charitable institutions. Smashing the radicals - terror against terror - will only stop violence in the short run. Building institutions to provide social services will help stop violence in the long run. In my opinion, Mitt's just talking about one aspect of the issue here.
12. Education and Foreign Assistance
Tracy W   (06.02.07)
All US mega projects for foreign assistance have failed. What Romney is proposing, regarding the construction of schools in Islamic countries is utterly naive. The presence of the infidel is offensive to Muslims. And if the US is not going to control the content of education in those countries, what is the point of building more schools, which will only teach hatred of America. Romney would do better by improving American education (inner city schools are in complete disrepair), and by revamping the jail system in the US, which has turned into a net of Islamic indoctrination right here in America. Also, it wouldn't hurt to have more oversight on madrassas and mosques, which are allowing hatred and incitement, also, right here in America.
13. Jihad ..
Observor ,   India   (06.03.07)
Double standards .. Just blame things on Jihad for every problem around the world . Kill as many as people(Muslim) by saying war on terror. Occupy as many as oil fields in the name of freedom. and supply deadly weapons to occupiers to crush those who dream of independent country. Time is up now .. Americans and its allies are losing at every front. Example Iraq, Afghanistan and Lebanon. Dont forget the Jihad (Holywars ) waged by moses , joshua too , who just use to keep virgins and murder all. and here People wants to say abt Islam even when they know abt their past .. which was more bloodiest than any other race..... hypocrites
14. #Otter ,Canada
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (06.03.07)
It is bad in Holland, Otter It is as if politicians cherish their blindness here. Western Europa and Holland for that matter is gradually giving in to the Eurabia idea. Islam appears to be on it's way in Canada as well. I remember the sharia discussions in Toronto. The root of all evil here is political correctness, and moderate islam ( if any) that does not speak up.
15. hahahaaha give up that easily!!!11
16. what a loser !
17. REPUBLICANS enough BS please !
18. #12 Romney would do better if he stop the BS
19. what a stupid start !
20. Energy independence can have major impact
malka ,   usa   (06.03.07)
Independence from foreign oil will dry up the money used to fund global jihad. Romney, a brilliant businessman and leader (and son of an auto company executive) will be the US President who will achieve this goal. He is also firmly committed to supporting Israel.
21. #14 Richard in Holland
Otter ,   Canada   (06.03.07)
The situation in Canada is a little different but we are also heading in the same direction. It's a steady influx of population not always interested in assimilating. There are a couple of ways to stop it, one of them revamping immigration, but it would be political suicide for our politicians. So, we too march ahead, to the same destination as Europe. Regarding moderate Islam, there is an organization for the moderates, the Muslim Canadian Congress, but it has been somewhat intimidated by threats from the other more militant organization. The MCC has a website with a lot of interesting info. on how they are fighting back the push by the militants. I've been fascinated with Europe all my life, visited it many times, and I'm already deeply sad by what might lie ahead. Excessive political correctness might be just a symtom, of something else going on in the soul of Europe. But never give up, Richard. Europe is worth fighting for.
22. Romney doesn't stand a chance.
Ernie   (06.03.07)
23. US has dealt with this before..
John Bander ,   Naples USA   (06.03.07)
During WW2, the Japanese were quite similar in mentality to radical Islam.. they even had suicide bombers!! (kamikazes). What changed their minds? Use of atomics on their cities.. The only thing that will shock Islam out of its fanaticism is the threat (and if necessary the action) of nujing its holy cities:first Medina, then if that doesnt shock (and empower) the moderates in Islam to take back their religion, Mecca too... I'm sorry, but only radical measures will work now against the radicalist mentality..
Nippinawassee   (06.03.07)
IF and I say IF this is not just the usual bull that comes out of political mouths, he's on the nickel. This ridiculous illogical blabber of 'islam is a peaceful religion' bought the jihadists a lot of time these past 7 years. We need TERM LIMITS. four years gives a GOOD politician time to institute good plans - it takes EIGHT years for the sleezeballs to do the damage to the country. What are Romney's viewpoints on the SPP? THAT is going to destroy our country long before the radical islamists destroy it.
25. Is this guy as dumb as Obama?
Mike Jefferson ,   Washington, D.C.   (06.03.07)
What a stooge. The problem with these political lightweights is that they always think the solution to problems is throwing money at it. What they fail to understand is that the Islamofascists are guided by a nihlistic ideology and not the pursuit of capital. I'm tired of politicians lying and throwing blankets over problems while telling us the issue really isn't there. Bye, bye Mitt - you're a nit.
26.  RE:1.Americans are tired of the this crap rhetoric
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (06.03.07)
Atitudes such as yours is exactly what radical islamist wish to see tells them they are winning... those that are blind or has thier heads in the sand do not want to what these radicals has in store for them.. any significant reading of propaganda from thier web sites will tell you that thier ultimate goal is to have the whole world under shria law .... and if it happens those who fail to comply will be eliminated... not a whole lot different than the delema that faced neivil Chamberian when he came back waving the paper signed by hitler ...saying" Peace in Our time" TIME IS NOW TO BECOME VERY FAMILIAR WITH THE ISLAMIC GOALS ...if you don't you may find your self in very a difficult situation !
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