Palestinian killed in Nablus
Hanan Greenberg
Published: 02.06.07, 21:17
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1. Rashid
I suppose you'll tell us there are no militants in Gaza. That they are all law-abiding innocent citizens going about their daily business.... We're waiting for your profound insights.
2. Lies
Frankie ,   Stanford, USA   (06.02.07)
Keep convincing yourselves that killing Palestinians is OK. You know the two youths that were shot, they had kicked their ball near the fence and wanted to get it. But wait a minute, i thought Israel was not occupying Gaza anymore, guess not. Remember, Gaza is overly crowded its not like the fence is miles away from innocent people's homes, its no more than 100 meters away. So yes Israelis keep convincing yourselves that you have the higher moral grounds, but you know you don't.
3. Frankie: either you are stupid or you didn't read...
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.02.07)
the article or both. We mean to protect our country from terror attacks, which means protecting our borders from being infiltrated, whether some moron from Connecticut or anybody else likes it or not. I for one am proud of our army for keeping us safe from Palestinian terror - and that's no lie. Your country should control its borders so well. If Mexicans started blowing themselves up at grocery stores in El Paso, I bet it would.
4. And Frankie.....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.03.07)
The Israeli border does not go 100 meters to people's homes. At least learn the facts about a country you've never been to before you spread lies - like your story about a kid retrieving his ball. Freak.
5. Israel should revise their "open fire" procedure
David L.   (06.03.07)
Unless it is 100% clear that the Palestinians are carrying weapons that pose an immediate danger to Israeli troops, the IDF should wait until the Palestinian physically reach the security fence (by physically I mean to touch the fence) before considering opening fire. There has been countless incidents since the disengagement of workers who went several dozens and even hundreds of meters away from the fence ang got shot. The Gaza Strip is small, and most fields near the fence are used either for agriculture, garbage dump or others.
6. Hey, Abdel
Isragirl   (06.03.07)
What's going on there? R U OK?
7. #2 you really have no clue, do you...
Double-standards? ,   USA   (06.02.07)
After the incident last summer, when your so-called innocent Palestinians tunneled under said border fence and killed and kidnapped soldiers, is it any wonder that the IDF is shooting at people who continue to approach the fence when repeatedly warned to stop? The fact is, there is no way to prove that people who are foolish enough to enter a no-go zone are actually innocent and mean no harm. You expect soldiers who are under constant threat of being kidnapped not to be wary or trigger-happy when Hamas has openly declared that it is their intention to perpetrate these acts? Would you berate our soldiers in Iraq if faced with the same situation? Obviously, it is YOU who thinks he has the higher moral ground. I can assure you, you DO NOT.
8. I thought Israeli soldiers disguise as Algerians in Nablus
that was the norm for them starting from the day of occupation in 1967. what I cannot understand; are they affiliated with the Shin Bet or the Mossad?
9. #7 under constant threat of being kidnapped
they couldn't go back a liitle because there is no reverse gear in their tanks, they cannot stop forward move either because they have no brakes in their tanks. Good execuses, Heh!
10. #8 try more treacherous
Golani or Harel ........of course, hesder soldiers the most treacherous.
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