Long trail of anti-Semitism in Europe, ministers say
Ronny Sofer
Published: 03.06.07, 11:39
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1. The ineffective Israeli government is finally waking up
Steve ,   USA   (06.03.07)
The only way to bring down that ugly anti-Semitic island they call UK is to mobilize the USA.
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.03.07)
I've been writing for many months that there is nothingt new under the sun. It is not paranoid to write the the Children of Esau and the Children of Ishmael would prefer our nonexistence because they are having a problem erasing the people of Israel for centuries. No matter whether on ideological or theological grounds the Children of Israel were supposed to be out of the picture thousands of years ago. They are having a rough time explaining why we still exist and how come they haven't been able to destroy us. They are both angry and frustrated. Their peoples feel it too. What can we expect? Perhaps YNET knows the answer.
3. These boycotts eventually best for Israel.
Peter Morris ,   New Zealand   (06.03.07)
Clearly Israel has to come to its senses. Over recent years the amalgamation of media throughout the English speaking world has created a misguided idea of what is exactly good for Israel without much debate. These boycotts will hopefully highlight the opposing views which after all are more prevalent inside Israel. The general population is not silly. They can see the injustice of what is being imposed on the Palestinians. If opposition to murder of Palestinians is anti semetic then count me in.
4. Espionage
ben ,   singapore   (06.03.07)
.....Education, Industry and Trade. Very Clear ! Tell the British- Ps 116 : 6.... The Arabs will distroy BRITON ! May the British wake up before it is to late- NOW or NEVER !
5. The Israeli gov't has zero credibility when it comes to
Andy ,   USA   (06.03.07)
fighting anti-Semitism. They ignore anti-Semitism in Israel emanating from many ethnic Russian/non-Jewish immigrants from the FSU. Unless the Israeli gov't does something about that, it cannot be taken seriously on this matter.
6. The Muslims will bring them back to the Dark Ages!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (06.03.07)
They will be the losers in the long run! We will share our knowledge with others!!
7. #3 Peter
Michelle L ,   Vancouver, Canada   (06.03.07)
Would you please tell us how you feel about the murder of Israeli Jews by Palestinians? Because maybe you yourself need to face up to the fact that you are biased and racist.
8. #2 to Al Mann
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (06.03.07)
There is agood deal of truth in what al mann says, although I have never seen an Israel newspaper, or official pretending: Death to all arabs, or annihilate Iran. As to the subject: In my country it is not downright anti-semtitism you will come across in the papers, rather "not wanting to hurt muslim feelings" The outcome is virtually the same, as muslims are the main source of antisemtism in this world.
9. #5 Andy - Yes, you are very right about that.
Michelle L ,   Vancouver   (06.03.07)
But politics will get in the way. The'll continue to ignore it unless something really dramatic happens.
10. It took the govt. 3 years to produce a PR study
Otter   (06.03.07)
And it will take it another three years to implement its recommendations. It's hard to understand how Israel keeps working against its own interests. Having an active PR program in the Western countries is of absolute necessity. Israel needs to counteract with true facts the avalanche of propaganda coming from the Arab/Left wing alliance.
11. to #3
joe ,   usa   (06.03.07)
the terror attackes started well before the 1967 occupation. And gaza was evcuated leading to rockets within Israel proper. WHy is this so difficult for the boycotters to see? Obviously they do not want to se this. DO yourself a favor. Understand teh issue first. You will be much better off in the long run.
MIRA ,   ISRAEL   (06.03.07)
13. # 3 Peter NZ
Richard-Goj ,   Amsterdam Hollland   (06.03.07)
Peter seems to forget that Israel completely evacuated theGaza strip two years ago. The immediate answer from Hamas was more qassam rockets. Peter also seems to forget what is written in Hamas'charters: It is not only about a Palestine state but the total aanihilation of Israel Following are the highlights: "Israel will exist and will continue to exist until Islam will obliterate it, just as it obliterated others before it." "There is no solution for the Palestinian question except through Jihad. Initiatives, proposals and international conferences are all a waste of time and vain endeavors."
14. Propaganda for Aliyah!
Mario ,   N.Y.   (06.03.07)
These kind of articles which appear in the Israeli Media are nothing new... Behind is the goverment who wants to motivate potential immigrant white-european jews to make aliyah. The only jews coming to israel nowadays are mainly athiopians...
15. WRONG!!!
Brian ,   Britain   (06.03.07)
Anti-semites are ignorant morons, but the leading members of the UCU are not morons and they are not anti-semetic! The boycott is for POLITICAL reasons, NOT anti-semitism. The majority of Britain opposes Israel politically. Make the separation between the state and the people of Israel. If it was an anti semetic boycott Jews of all nationality woold be barred, not the case. Also it is a minority OF the minority of Muslims in the UK that are anti-semetic, and they have NO power over British politics. Lest you foget there are 59 Jewish MPs in the British parliament and 4 Mulsim MPs.
16. The Problem
Jonathan ,   Nehalim, Israel   (06.03.07)
The Problem is not the "Israeli Occupation," it's the world's Pre-Occupation with Israel.
17. What do you expect from a Muslim country like Britain?
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.03.07)
18. Ministry of Foreign Affairs must stop hybernating!!!!!!!!!!!
19. To: Brian #15. WRONG again!
The Doc ,   Haifa, Israel   (06.03.07)
Brian, you're missing the point. The official policy of the UK gov, is against anti-semitism or anti-Israel stance. The problem is also not that virulent with the majority of the British people (or so we hope). The main problem is with the Muslim and Far-Left-led/penetrated British institutions - the BBC is permeated by the Leftists and Muslims, all the Unions (leftist by definition) are also Muslim-led or influenced. The general British media is strongly Leftist and as a result aint-israeli. The unholy alliance between the Left and Islam is so strong in Briatin that if nothing is done, UK will succumb to Islam, courtesy of the British Left. For now, Israel and US alone feel this "British" animosity. But soon, the Brits will feel it too in schools, churches, offices and private liberties. The only thing that can save Britain is a strong, conservative government bent on preserving the old values and protecting the "British way of life" - a thing which today is almost non-existent while contemplating the Musques and Madrasses which pop up at an alarming rate everywhere in UK. So Brian, if you want to make a difference and also save yourself and your once-respectable country form Muslim invasion, you better start your fight at home - elect a strong government and reject the far-Left and racist Islam from your daily life. Hopefully, you won't be too late...
20. WRONG!!!
Brian ,   Britain   (06.03.07)
Morons are anti-semetic, senior members of the UCU are not morons and not anti-semites! The boycott is for POLITICAL reasons, NOT religios! If this were anti-semetic Jews of all nations would be barred which is not the case. Also, the minority OF the minority of Mulsims in the UK has NO power over UK politics. Lest you forget their are 59 Jewsih MPs and 4 Mulsim MPs in British Parliament. This artical has spun the facts and you are being VERY missinformed!!!
21. Brian , britain
charles ,   petach tikva , Israe   (06.03.07)
He Brian , have those 4 muslim MP's condemned those July bombings ? Probably , they could not act otherwise , but in their hearts ? You can oppose Israeli politics without being antisemite , but if you only look at one side , if you use a racist vocabulary , if you only see the [ self inflicted ] "sufferings" of the palestinians , then i have great doubts about the reasons of those views .
22. #3
Adam ,   Manchester   (06.03.07)
The current Palestinian government, Arafat and the number of affliate groups have in the past and until now has attacked Israel civilians without descrimination, just to get the maximum amount of carnage. So would you agree to support an anti-Palestinian boycott then? Also from 1948 to 1967 Jordan and Egypt annexed the Gaza Strip and the West Bank (deemed to be 'Palestinian' land after the 29/11/47 UN Vote agreeing to partition of the Palestinian Mandate. Most countries (apart from the UK) opposed this action and only Arab aggression against Israel on this day 40 years ago put it into Israel's possession. Would you therefore agree to a boycott against them too? I just want to see how you are with consistency/double standards.
24. John Rose behind the campaign
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (06.03.07)
He's on You Tube - listen to his poison!
25. Boycotts and Israel
Chris ,   Yorkshire   (06.03.07)
It is very simple really, if Israel wants an end to boycotts and the threat of boycotts, Israel needs to end the occupation. It is not anti semetic to say this. In the UK church an state are seperate. In Israel there is no seperation and this is where the confusion lies. Those who think the US will boycott the UK in response to this are clutching at straws. The US is not going to do anything which risks the air an naval bases on British Soveriegn territory throughout the world.
26. Another way of looking at it...
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.03.07)
Anti-Semitism proves, if nothing else, that there are Jews in the world and that nothing and nobody has managed to wipe them out. And as long as this handful of Jooooooooooooos is blamed for most of what ails humanity, it must be a pretty powerful force. Instead of working against Jews, why not try to figure out what makes them so powerful and learn from them??? If I were a Jew, it would tickle me to no end that so many people go nuts over my mere existence. Heck, I'd probably put on a kippah, enthrone myself in the food court of some mall and enjoy the show. If I had the name, I sure as hell would want the game.
27. Response to Boycott
Edward S. Beck ,   USA   (06.03.07)
Scholars for Peace in the Middle East is preparing an international academic response where we will ask our over 10,000 colleagues to say if you boycott Israelis you are boycotting me. We are lining up distinguished academics to invite others to sign.
28. Englands boycott
Rod ,   Fargo USA   (06.03.07)
England has occupied Ireland for how long? how many countries have the Brits occupied just to rob these countries of the natural resources.The end of Britian is near we already have Londonstan dhimmi brits slavishly obey their Islamic masters.Yes Israel the the majority of real Americans will stand with you,maybe not N.Y. or parts of California but the real Americans
29. #25
Dave ,   Canada   (06.03.07)
"British Sovreign territory around the world'" These words point out the inherent hypocrasy and arrogance of Limey antisemites- he does not question the propriety of why extra territorriterial lands should be "British Sovreign territory" apparently some inperialisms and occupations are quite all right old chap!
30. ant-semitism
Just me ,   Semite   (06.03.07)
europe is anti-semite but soon they will be semite, not long to wait before turky joins the EU
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