Another Yom Kippur?
Guy Bechor
Published: 03.06.07, 19:21
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1. Syrian attack on Israel ?
Simon ,   C.Town, South Africa   (06.03.07)
In an event of a surprise attack the GPS navigation satellites the Syrians use will be jammed and unable to be guide the missiles to their targets, they might even turn around and destroy where they originated from.
2. And guess whose stoking the fires...THE SOVIETS ARE BACK !!!
malcolm   (06.03.07)
Putin and the old Soviets are re-supplying Syria and lining up against Israel once again.
3. Syria...
Ram ,   London   (06.03.07)
alongside most of the arab countries, including Iran, are totally convinced they can annihilate Israel right now. It is amazing how Israel does not bother to continually ring alarm bells at the UN and the international community so that through their inaction she will be justified to use whatever means to protect itself.
4. Dear Guy
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.03.07)
I didn't like this article. Syria would attack Israel only if she was contemplating suicide! It would take Israel a couple of hours to bring Syria to her knees. Let's hope that what you said in Dec. 2005 about Iran applies also to Syria: " Iran is building itself as a superpower, not against Israel but against the Western world."
5. Please... Syria Can Do What It Wants...
California Bear ,   Berkeley, USA   (06.03.07)
Don't know what prompted the defeatist attitude implicit in this article. You (State of Israel) don't need us (the United States) or Turkey to take on ANY Arab state. I am of the mind that you never underestimate your enemy; I also know that Israel's military superiority is exponentially greater than its enemies, regardless of what Russia sells to them. Nevertheless, in the wake of the Second Lebanon War, it was clear that both Arab publics and Arab states began believing their own propaganda about Hezbollah's pseudo-victory and the feasibility of challenging Israel militarily. This, I fear will lead to a miscalculation on Syria's part, for which it will be crushed by the IDF alone. You may have lost your military deterrence, but you didn't lose your military potential.
6. Syrian Dams Are Also Targets
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.03.07)
To my genuine comrades: I am a decades long Zionist. I was concerned when media pundits, in Israel and out, gave little credence to Syria's military power. They said, that Syrian planes and tanks are antiquated, remember, and the country is a basket case. I didn't think so. Now, this article says Syria has at least matched Israel's state of the art arms., and poses a real threat. So what is the truth? Syria has 700 No. Korean type Scuds, with BC warheads. It's tanks and planes are no match against Israel's expertiese (Israel shot down over 100 Syrian Migs remember). Israel faces Damascus from the Golan, and has thousands of it's own missiles..Jerichos and Popeyes. It also has over 400 tactical and strategic nukes, 1 or 2 of which would destroy Damascus, Aleppo, etc. Syria has oil fields that can be bombed, and set on fire for years. Syrias water can be made toxic by Israel's b/c weapons. W/O Egypt, Syria can not destroy Israel-but it can hurt the Jewish state. Turkey, US involvement....don't bet on it. Israel must also consider the Iranian-Syrian treaties. It might have to use it's high fusion plutonium bombs if worse comes to worse.
7. to #3
JG ,   US   (06.03.07)
It would be nice if Israel rang some alarms, but the UN and the international community do not give a rat's a** about Israel or the jewish people. If Syria attacked Israel, you would see Condi Rice and her master , Bush telling Israel to use restraint.
8. if terrorists attack then go afte Damascuss not Beirut
Next time Hizbullah fire rockets at Israel from Lebanon then dont go for the little man ( the terrorists in Lebanon ) go and take on their paymasters in Damascuss. It will avoid Israel having another confrontation in Lebanon, the enemy will fight with conventional forces that the IDF can deal with through simple millitary superiority not anti terror tactics. It will mean that Iran looses its main ally on Israels border, the US wouldnt be asked to get involved directly but they can veto any UN resolutions calling for the war to end before its goals have been achieved, things like inteligence gathered by the American sattaliteds might be shared with Israel or providing weapons if needed or money to help finance the war so the politicians in Israel dont start using money as an excuse to get out before the job is done. This will allow Israel to win the war and win it quickly. Thanks to help from Iran Syria is once again a growing millitary threat on the northern border deal with them now you put their capabilities back by twenty years and solve the problem it also strenghens Israels position in any future talks with Syria Deal with terrorism the way you deal with the maffia Dont invest all your recources going after the individual drug dealer on the street we go for the top men that control the business. ( Syria ) US help Israel deal with Syria behind the scenes and Iran has been weakened becvause they will have lost their main ally in the region and it will allow Israel to send a message to Lebanon when terrorists financed and armed by Syria attack Israel from your territory we wont involve you we will go after the problem in Syria keep Lebanon out of it for once.
9. The Yom Kippur's war
Seams you didn't learn anything from this war .... anyhow it's good for Syria when you think by this way that Syria has no chance and it's suicide and so on like you did in October 1973 and then you found the Egyptian beside you ... you are people who don't learn from the past and the history and don't forget that in 1973 the USA helped you like never before after Golda Meir screamed in the telephon to Henery Kisenger saying help help the Egyptians are coming then the space bridge started from the USA to Israel with the best weapons and soldiers and now you repeat your self .
10. Instead of arming ourselves with the best
jason white ,   afula,israel   (06.03.07)
weaponery.We piss away money on welfare cheats,lazy bums,yeshiva "students" and bringing over elderly immigrants. Every tank and a.p.c. should have the Trophy system. We should have gone into debt to buy the F-22 jet. But no! We have to waste money on parasites!
11. end of USA
Nabil ,   Syria-Lebanon   (06.04.07)
if US attack syria than Iran will enter the war....and you know what....this will be the end of USA.
12. Oh Nabil
JG ,   USA   (06.04.07)
You are so funny, please consider stand up comedy.
13. #11, the mouse roars
Yisraeli   (06.04.07)
how stupid can these arabs get? have they no concept of the USA sheer volume of firepower? and then multiply that by a thousand.
14. #9 no name from a Arab country
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.04.07)
I was there in 73 and Kissinger was no friend. He forced the Israelis from doing a preempted attack which could have saved lives when Israel knew a attack was coming. Also kissinger said when he started holding back supplies "Let them Bleed" meaning the Israelis He was no friend. I hope we have learned the lesson that we should not rely on others for our survival and make our own decisions.
15. #7
Ram ,   London   (06.04.07)
The rhetoric of sounding alarm bells with the UN and the West is not because we expect a reaction. It is because when Israel acts to eliminate the threat it can show it had no choice because of their inaction. This gives Israel legitimacy. This is precisely what happened in 1967. Unfortunately Israel cannot afford to alienate the US.
16. End of USA
Ahmad ,   Cairo, Egypt   (06.04.07)
Yes, Nabil, you're definitely right. They're wetting their pants already. As each time in the past, the glorious panarabic armies will win.
17. 73 War doomed to repeat
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.04.07)
Because Israel was foolish to give back most of the land takened in 73 in Syria and also most of the Golan there is no land left to negotiate. This was due to the 1974 disengagement agreement negoitated by Kissinger. This doomed Israel to another war. I knew that back in 74.
18. 11 - Nabil
zionist forever   (06.04.07)
Nabil The US doesnt need to attack Syria Israel can handle that one alone and Syria will be history before the Iranians can hurt either the US or Israel. The majority of Syrias millitary was mainly supplied by the Soviet Union in the 70s and 80s while the IDF uses the most up to date western weapons. Merkava 4 v Soviet T 72 F15 & F16 v some aging MIGS + Syrian pilots are nowhere near as good as Israeli ones. Spy sattalites to watch the Syrian moevments. Arrow missle defense to defend from any syrian scuds and at the same time Israel has the jehrico missle which can hit Syrian targets and Syria has no missle defense systems. Syria doesnt stand a chance taking on and smashing the Syrian army alone will take alot less than 6 days. If Iran does want to start messing with the US then they should first remeber that the US has ICBMS that can be armed with nukes, it has hundreds of fighter jets on Irans doorstep along with 2 whole carrier fleets .. Iran does not have the capability to hit the US with its missles, they dont have a chance at sinking all those ships, their airforce is outmatched by the US. Thne US also have the capability to bring in reinforcements if needed the mullahs really would be mad to mess with the US and Syria dont have a hope if they tried to take on Israel .. even if Iran decided to join Syria against Israel so far from Iranian territory they wouldnt have a chance against the IDF either. Iran & Syria want to belive they are more powerfull than they really are. Well if Assad does provoke Israel into a war then I hope you can find yourself a nice refugee camp somewhere outside Syria because by the time the war is over half of Syria will be the same as Kinutra.
19. To "Nabil"
Hansje   (06.04.07)
When Syria or Iran dare to attack Israel, it will be the end of them both and a great part of the Arabian countries. The New Temple will be built in Jerusalem. Read the bible, it 's al written there. Never in history, a people dispersed for 2000 years returned to their homeland and made it blossom. That was only possible by the help of G-d. And you think that Ahmadine-idiot or liitle Bashir can resist the work of G-d? Wake up, don't believe in your 1001 nights, be realistic. Israel won every battle during the last 60 years, even the last so called second Lebanon War. Hez. was routed out of their strongholds by 18 years old schoolboys, the catushas's mostly hit open terrain. Is this your achievement, firing rockets in open terrain? C'mon.
20. #11
Vorax ,   UK   (06.04.07)
..computer you use was invented in USA ..internet you use was started in USA ..if G-d forbid you get cancer in your #ss, you will be saved by drugs developed, most likely, in USA ..USA people landed on the Moon ..a bit earlier, understood why sun and other stars shine ..discovered universe's expansion developed electricity, telephon/TV, car industry, atomic energy, civil aviation, satellites.. ..and so on.. who are you saying this miserable nonsense? can you name at least something good that came from "Syria-Lebanon" - that mess of terrorism, tyrany, tribal and religious idiocy, where you are preaching from. Really, what is it, that you are good at? falafel eating? female genitalia mutilation? beheading foreigners? throwing rockets into neighbouring countries' kindergardens?
21. to 14
You are american but still when you speake about Israel you say we and our , you live in america and your faith is to Israel ?? and now you say the the USA didn't help you in 1973 war !!!!! you was fighting with most modern American weapons and fighters , space bridge transfaired all what you needed to come back in this war plus American experts and army , Sadat stoped the war not because of the serounding of the egyptian third army like you all think , but because he found that he has to fight against the USA and he said i can not fight against America , the wars and the power was never and will never be the way to exist , the dreams of the first zionists which they came with it to this area is getting smaller and smaller with time started with the dream of the great Israel from the Nile till el Forat till the dream of the safty Israel and till now no great Israel , no safty Israel , you are living on a volcano in this area and the last war of Lebanon and now even the war against the Qassams showed that you are getting weaker and weaker or the others getting stronger and stronger plus your big help from mami America is not anymore like before because America is in trouble already in the area and they don't neeb more ... get real and learn from history ... no occupation can stay forever .
22. to #19
paulo rossi ,   carey, NC   (06.04.07)
Soon you, syria and Nejad will be on the same side waiting to be destroyed by Jah. You have a temple mount since your new god satan cannot deliver you peace nor the temple. Better submit to Jah thru his Son Jesus or face extinction. You did not accept the Prince of Peace, so you never had peace "your house is abondond to you" .. The false prohpets (USA and Britain) and your new god satan cannot deliver you peace. You can hate me all you want but I have to speak the truth for Jah and his Son. and I do wish you the best in making choices.
23. You Arabs Never Learn
Robert ,   New Jersey   (06.04.07)
Let's get it over with! You morons like Nabil and your deluded leaders think the US is weak? Our weakness is in giving you the time of day...in fighting a civilized war against tribal animals who, like lemmings, cyclically flock to their collective suicides harboring delusions of grandeur, most recently, the coming of the 12th Imam. 1956, 1968, 1973, 2006. You never learn. Even the prayers of Imams 1-11 won't give you a prayer of a chance of seeing the day #12 arrives. You are sick with blood lust! Your arrogance in feeling the false hubris of Russian arms and UN paralysis after a conflict in Lebanon which was fought on the Israeli side with one arm and nine fingers tied behind its back and you think you won? You consider it a victory if Israel loses a few tanks and Hezbollah is saved from annihilation by a UN cease fire. Remember the vaunted Soviet tanks rotting in the deserts after previous wars with Israel. Remember Saddam's retreat from Kuwait, leaving behind his army's tanks and men! Those are the images you ought remember! They will be the ones remaining after your next Armageddon. This time, the parking lot of useless Russian armor will be a lot bigger. Thank you Russia and Iran for again emboldening your client states Syria and Iran into their cyclical hubris. Your arms merchants made a financial killing! But that's where the 'killing' ends. As in '73, you give your clients false hubris. This time, it's highly likely you have hastened the day when the world will rid itself forever of your tribal blood-lusting client list. Next time Putin, you will have to find other customers for your vaunted armor. The old list of customers is about to be winnowed. Soon - courtesy of Assad and his monkey string puller Ahmadinejad - you'll give Israel and us a casus belli, the result of which your delusions of grandeur will be vaporized. The whole mess is sickening and needs to be brought to a close once and for all. Bring it on, you death-wish barbarians! You can't live in peace with Jews so you will get what you wish. Believe the US is weak. Forget that one carrier group in the Persian Gulf can flatten all your cities into glass parking lots. You had your chance at peaceful co-existence but you mongrels are bred to fight and die for your god, Allah. Your Temple Mount will become a trampled mound of dust upon which the Third Jewish Temple will be built. You have only yourselves to blame! Enjoy the 72 virgins. You'll have to make a reservation and wait your turn in line. They'll be awful busy very soon!
24. Syria
Yavol ,   Light and Seine   (06.04.07)
Any responsible person in Syria would do the same to prepare for War and work towards "peace" ? the same goes for Lebanon and our Brave Resistance fighters. Does Israel want Peace ? I doubt it, There will never be Peace in the Middle East, until ALL the Oil and Gas and ALL mineral deposits run out. Completely. Only then, May be there will be Peace... if there are anybody Left on this Planet
25. another holocaust ,g-d forbid
chaim schonbrun ,   brooklyn n.y   (06.04.07)
citizens of israel,if you don't get rid rid of this,criminally insane,incompotent,pathetic fool,who masquarades as a prime minister,i am very much afraid it will not be another yom kippur war,but another holocaust g-d forbid GET RID OF THIS GOVERNMENT NOW
26. To "Paulo Rossi"
Hansje   (06.04.07)
I don't understand a word what You're saying.
27. To all Nabils ...
Hansje   (06.04.07)
60 years Israeli Victory! 60 years Israeli Victory! 60 jears Israeli Victory! ... G-d's work!
28. to 23
Easy boy ... high blood presure is not healthy for you ..... and try to learn how to be polite ... i know it's hard but .... lol
29. 23
You speake to your self or what .... poor one .
30. Syria
paul malykont ,   United States   (06.04.07)
I hope this is just speculation and I hope for peace for all the Middle East, but if Syria chooses war, even those of us who support Palestinian rights will support the destruction of Assad. if Iran intervenes, we will support the destruction of the mullahs. I hope Assad does not miscaluculate, but he is not as clever as his father.
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