'Occupation isn't just another word'
Published: 04.06.07, 13:08
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1. occupation
daniel ,   guatemala   (06.04.07)
i agree with everything said here, but there are two essentialy wrong things: 1. systematic blame on israel. 2. occupation succeds in decreasing terrorist attacks
2. end the occupation
daniel ,   the jewish capital   (06.04.07)
end the arab occupation of jewish land.
3. Do Occupationists Know the Stright Path?
B ,   Us   (06.04.07)
Do these activistisms address the root causes or the symptoms of the dis-ease. Is it not the Arab League and Muslim Brotherhood stated intentions to wipe Israel from the map? Were not almost 1 million Jews expelled from Arab League Nations and all their posessions and property confiscated? So as to make these lands Jew-free? The religious edicts on Jihad and the current modern understandings are root causes. The Jew in Israel needs to be free of fear and terror, not anymore land for the religious intolerance of Islam and its obsessional desire to destroy the Land of the Jews. There are 1000 groups and terror cells all with different names but working for the same boss. An underworld boss with underworld hate and tactics of suicide and murder and fighting from within a civilian population to create confusion and doubt about the reality of the return of Israel to the Jews.
4. Stop using this word occupied - judea and samaria
Andrew ,   Miami,Fl   (06.04.07)
5. The only thing breeding anger & hate are the looney Lefties
MOONBATS GO AWAY ,   World   (06.04.07)
6. Semantics
JK ,   NYC   (06.04.07)
Occupation is a word chosen by the enemies of Israel and Jews those who want to see it defamed and destroyed, it has the same obfuscatory purpose as the Germans use of the word resettlement. Anyone who accepts the word accepts the implications.
7. Thank you for all these comments
Marlene Newesri ,   New York City   (06.04.07)
However, it is not just the occupation that shames me, but the racism which is so engrained in Israeli society and the racist Israeli laws which contradict international law and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. I only wonder if some of the people who responded here ever thought about that besides this brutal occupation?
8. the occupation will end and
end the occupation ,   now   (06.04.07)
then the israelis will have to pay for the suffering caused by them just like germany is paying israel now , and then israel and america will have to keep appoligizing for the rest of there lives to the palestinians ....
9. wisdom needed
marilyn   (06.05.07)
I believe that the creator of Israel is a wonderful God. And it is written that it is a terrible thing to fall into the hands of the living god. he has allowed people to go through immense sufferings, and they always think they can just do what they like and there is no consequences. But God will discipline those he loves. You see he says there is no salvation in the legs of a man or the horse for battle, but who believes him? Happy is the man who fears him and waits on him. Brute force to get your own way, shows lack of wisdom in dealing with a problem, and where does man get wisdom from?
10. #2
Aharon   (06.05.07)
What claim do we have to this land? Certainly no more than they do. THis occupation is ruining Israel, and you are too blind to see it. Give them the West Bank and let's be done with it already.
11. #7 You're such a hypocrite
Lina ,   USA   (06.05.07)
I'm ashamed of people like you who sit safely on their tuffet while Israelis get knifed, blown to pieces and brain injured. You never utter a peep when crazed Palestinian jihadis attack innocent Israelis. Spare the holier than thou rhetoric. Stop the terror and the occupation will end. It's too bad you care more about the racists who want to annihilate your fellow Jews.
12. shame
real jew ,   la, usa   (06.05.07)
ynet should be ashamed to print such garbage. june 67 was an open miracle, the beginning of redemption. wake up from your galut slumber
13. This isn't activism; it is idiocy
Cosmic X   (06.05.07)
14. Marlene
Sarit ,   Israel   (06.05.07)
you go tell them to stop terrorism and call for israels destruction AND THEN, MAYBE, WE WILL TALK! you're a sad joke, just another monotype leftie
15. #8 you wish
israeli   (06.05.07)
how about the other way around? nobody appologizes to terrorists, and you're one too! loser
al mann ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.05.07)
Since much of the Israeli population denies the Torah in which the justification for our living here makes us occupiers. The promises made to Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob are denied. The leadership of Moses, Joshua, Samuel, King David and King Solomon are rejected. The secularistic approach demonstrates that purposeful blindness serves no useful objective. Many times in history did we deny and reject our past and were thrown out of our land, while being occupied by Greece, Rome, and other nations. Occupation is a temporary profession or residence. What gives us the right to be here? Perhaps, we are only here temporarily, unless changes are made. What needs to be done to guarantee our continued existence in this land?
17. So full of s**t
Occupation is there because of security issues. Barriers were not there in the first place, the borders were wanton. Did they kill Israelis and Jews before the Occupation ? YES. Did they kill Jews because they are Jews outside of Israeli borders? YES.
18. The Six Day War
NS ,   Long Island, NY   (06.06.07)
I lived in Israel for almost 15 years and while I don't like to dabble in internal Israeli politics now that I live in the Galut a few things need to be said. The Six Day War took place in 1967 before there was an Occupation. The Palestinians not only supported the war but went out of their way to support terrorism against the State of Israel between 1948-67. So the question people have to ask is; are they content with the fact that Israel won the 67 war even if it brought an unexpected occupation of another people? If people answer no then they did not support the State of Israel to begin with. Sometimes survival costs and people have to make a choice. I believe Israel and the Jewish people made the right one in 1967.
19. to ns
bs ,   jerusalem   (06.06.07)
the question is to be asked to the israili ... the problem now is not a palastinian one .. but also the israili one // as iam a palastinian live here more than 55 years //it is my age // i will reply your question // yes it was the 6days war victory of israil but not the seventh day .. it is a short war and a short victory . was ended in the next day .. by the israili themselves // i think king hussene liked to solve .and the palastinians would agree any solution by the king and the israili // but sure this 40 years of ocupation is the israili choice .. /and what will be the palastinian one // i think it is not important .. but god will ,it will draw the way // it is my beliefe // and sure i accept god will ,, not the israil choice // this is the reply of most of the palastinians here /// but aske your question to the israili .. they share the problem
20. activism
lina tame ,   france   (06.08.07)
i'm not jewish but when i was 12 years old i saw "nuit et brouillard" a movie made by claude lanzman about the SHOAH and i just could'not believe such things could happen, that human beings could do such horrors to other human beings and i could not sleep for days .i went to the library and began reading everything i could find about the shoah and about the history of the jewish people. you people suffered very much throug out history, you gave so many intellectuals musicians to the human race. how come that now that you have your own country you make others suffer .i know about terrosists and that's why i think religions were not such a good bargain for the human race.not all palestinians are bad people and not all israelis are good people. hatred never brings good things . how will all these finish. i never thought that people who suffered so much of RACISM could become racist .
21. to #7
Bret Allan ,   Tel-Aviv, Israel   (06.17.07)
I want to believe Lina that you are more pragmatic than this. The suicide bomber is perfectly rational, especially if their family will be taken care of. The occupation has bled our integrity dry as a Jewish people ' do not punish the child for the sins of his father' The Palestinian have EVERY right to resist our 'administration' if you'd like to use that word...All they know of Israeli's are the Army and the Settlers...WOW sounds like the creme of Israeli society right there, I realize that by living in Israel I am a target for a Palestinian bomber, yet I also understand that I know these risks and cannot blame the Palestinian for an attack, yet should I blame the Israeli government for not providing adequate security? Am I going to blame someone who has been living under 'administration' for 40 years to not be angry and attack? No because I would do the same, every JEW would do the same especially in a post-holocaust world Check it
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