Amnesty International: Israel destroying hope of Palestinians
Yaakov Lappin
Published: 04.06.07, 01:59
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31. #27,do you know why there are checkpoints?
Don Saliman ,   Nahal Oz, Israel   (06.04.07)
If people from the West Bank and Gaza,would stop sending in to Israel suscide bombers,the check points would not have to be. True it is hard being checked all the time,that I understand,but you must understand,why there are checkpoints. Every time in the past,when Israel did make it easier to move,some of your people took advantage of it and blew themselves up and along with them, killed Israeli children,women and old people. My friend,there are two sides to the story and you only gave one side. I am not far away,I live on the border of Gaza so don't tell me I have no idea of what is really happening here and it is security, hatered is when you teach your children to kill Israelis,so come off your high horse my friend.
32. Good news: "Israel destroying hope of Palestinians"
Dan Friedman ,   NYC USA   (06.04.07)
As long as the Arabs feel that there is the least hope of getting rid of us, they will refuse to give up this hope for either kind words or bread and butter. -Vladimir Jabotinsky, The Iron Wall, 1923
33. Sean Mac Bride their founder won Lenin Peace Prize
34. Destroying hope
Inyaki ,   Bilbao, basque   (06.04.07)
Destruction of hope- is not an issue AI can deal with . They must concentrate on rights violations, abuses etc. politics is not their busines, hopes of the Palestinians- neither. My hopes are destroyed because of bad weather in Bizkaia this summer, can AI help us here? When they suggest a better solutions to terrorism than the fence, one should listen to them, meanwhile the obligations on Olmert's gov. is to secure its people lifes. PUNTO.
35. Question to #27?
Steve ,   USA   (06.04.07)
Can you or do you justify suicide-homicide bombings?
36. to # 31 and others
Gaza is one thing and west bank is another. Do you think that pals are checked at the checkpoint NO they are only delayed for hours in the other side (FAR FROM ISRAEL) and their IDs are taken. Their cars are not checked nor themselves. YOU must come and see unless you are a border soldier and you don't want to admit facts. The problem is the occupation. LEAVE PEOPLE ALONE AND GO> Your wall grabed most of the palestinian land. Why you don't build it in your land and no body will say anything. protect yourself nobody is against but do not steal land, This land is recognized by the UN as an occupied land so GO THE HELL OUT OF HERE. We do not teach our children hatreed but you do. we can see it in the eyes of your soldiers whenevr we see one at the chevk points and we see a lot. Tell me what do think of a child that his land was take,n his brother was killed and the other is jailed by IDF beacue they resisted the occupiers and he cannot reach his school or cannot reach his palestinian doctor. WHAT do you think. he should be pleased with the people who did this for him and like them. Then you must be dreaming. Wake up and smell the coffee and see with your eyes and not with your hatered and idealogy . this will lead you nowhere but to more hatered. STOP THE OCCUPATION.IF you claim that this land is yours and we claim the same thing then the only solution is to share. IF not this war will be endless.
37. to # 35
No I don't. But do you justify the free killing of innocent palestinians women and children and unborn children like the pregnant woman who was shot by the IDF,. DO you. Do you justify bombing of a whole street killing 14 children with one bomb DO YOU
38. # 27 What ever your name is ? Dont Shoot your Mouth !
ben ,   singapore   (06.04.07)
.... P's waiting for hours..." what do you expect when they are the prime bombers. You think they are old grand mother but they are the grad mother bombers, you think they are little children, they are the suicide bombers and Gaza Terrorsit Recruits, You think they are caomming to work to make a living in Israel, thet are the smugglers of weapons. They are the militant espionage. They are the one who bomb public buses, residence and internet cafes.They are the eyes and the ears of the Gaza TERRORIST. You think they are Muslims but they are the Extremist Islamic Militant Terrorist. There is no0 need to watch Pro- isareli propoganda. We have eyes to see and we can see clearly fro ourselves.If I were the Minister of Defense I would have closed the check points long ago ! This whole insident at the check point is CREATYED by the PA's from the begining 1 Dec 1948 to date. The hatred is s a self- distructive evil force SPARKED by Yassir Arafat and it has become such a KURAFAT among the PA's. No body will ever TRUST them EVER. So THINK before you OPEN you MOUTH ! ben singapore
39. Is The Tail Wagging the Dog 27?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA. USA   (06.04.07)
To #27, I am far from the problem but have read for decades now that each time the Israelis close a check point, in an effort to show good faith, someone invariably attempts yet another try to kill Israelis, and anyone caught up in the violence. I'd like to know how many times Israel has done away with these checkpoints..I'd like the numbers from someone AND, how many suicide bombings and other terrorists has been thwarted knowingly by the barriers? If the PALs were the kind, loving, people that is represented, why the need for any hinderances, like fences (walls)? Here in Cal, we have a wall between countries, which is being strengthened, and we don't have cross border raids. In fact, the PALs don't want peace, except a piece of israel, and then the whole slice. That's the real problem in all of tthis back and forth blame game. Hate? What does that have to do with in effect, frisking people? Perhaps Israel should tear down the check-points, and then let's see what happends next? But wear a bomb deterrrent for protection.
40. Israel has lost
John ,   London,UK   (06.04.07)
Bombing women and children is a sign of desperation. When a state resorts to collective punishment, it is lost against those whom it is trying to crush. Palestinians by their suffering and persecution at hands of Israel have truly won. It is a matter of time before Israel is run over by Arabs. Iranian President may be right when he said that Israel is destroying itself.
41. Personae non gratae
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.04.07)
Accompany them to the airport and put them on the first flight out of the country! Make sure you get their names and declare them "personae non gratae"!!!
42. On Donatella Rovera!
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.04.07)
What do you expect from someone who, only a few months ago, accused the IDF of "indiscriminate firing, reckless firing, etc. etc."!!! Interview with Donatella Rovera-11.10.2006 Transcript "My observation of such attacks in the Gaza strip and elsewhere in the Occupied Territories but especially in the Gaza strip over the past six years points to a situation of really indiscriminate firing of reckless firing of not taking care of what the consequences of the attacks can be on civilians."
43. Their leaders are destroying the hopes of
Tamar   (06.04.07)
the people. Everyone knows the "palistinians" are a scapegoat for all the arab ills. What a terrible shame.
44. Rovera skirts the questions and, by doing so, twists truth
tendentious   (06.04.07)
She implies AI hasn't examined Palestinian textbooks, because brainwashing people for war, which is not AI's focus, claiming that AI's focus was only to protect civilians. Yet the question referred to genocide (and the way that many textbooks refer to killing all Israelis and all Jews). Is that not an attack on civilians? And, could that not have constituted an additional request to the PA, if AI were, indeed, unbiased? Last question. Rovera simply confirms that there have been omissions and justifies this by listing other omissions that they have neglected in their report. How exactly does that explain her claim that the report is not, empirically, biased. Statistics such as total number of incursions and attacks would have shown that civilian casualties occur INfrequently. Thus, her choice of words of "attacks AGAINST civilians" suggests that Israel is hurting them on purpose and not by accident. She chooses to ignore the fact that looking at all the numbers will in fact disprove such a tendentious point. This suggests that AI decided on a conclusion in advance and tailored their statistics in order to reach it.
45. To # 35
Nobody can justify a free killing. Now a quetion: Do you justify killing children or shooting a young girl comming back from her school. Do you justify bombing a whole family picnicing on the beach. Do you justify bombing a shelter full with handicaped children (south lebanon) DO YOU. the list is too long to justify my friend so better not ot come from this door. MAKE PEACE YOU ARE GOING NOWHERE WITH YOUR VIOLENCE STOP THE OCCUPATION DO YOU JUSTIFY OCCUPATION
46. hospitals and ambulances
israeli ,   israel   (06.04.07)
if the Palestinians didn't use the aid money to arm themselves, and if they didn't use donated ambulances to ferry Qassams and terrorists, then they wouldn't have to pick up a sick child and run with him to the hospital, they'd call for an ambulance. But I forget, even ambulances transporting sick children were used for carrying suicide belts, attached to the very stretcher were the child lay: and then there is the independent report of Rev. Michael Fryer: I visited an army checkpoint in Northern Samaria and saw soldiers showing patience and respect when dealing with Palestinians travelling through. One Palestinian family, a father, mother and three-year-old boy were delayed due to father having no papers enabling him to pass. They were allowed to walk around despite the father being abusive to the soldiers. The heat of the day was affecting the child and I went to my vehicle to take my water in order to give it to the child. As I approached the family a soldier was already giving the family a drink of water to reduce heat, not only from the child but also the emotions of the father. For the full report:
47. Amnesty for Palestinian terrorists.
I. Barr ,   Bloomfield, USA   (06.04.07)
Amnesty International report is part of a planned effort to demonize Israel. It is not only British academics, journalists, architects and trade unions. Against growing world wide criticism of the Brits as in the editorial of New York Times Amnesty Internationa, a British radical left organization, was to give logistic support to the radical anti Israel forum. This British gang singled out Israel to delegitimize the Israeli democracy and produced a report in time to face international out cry. AI knows that there are fences in Belfast, Kashmir and Arizona even though they did not suffer from homicide bombers as Israel did. The Israeli fence prevents these terror acts, prevents drug smuggling, burglaries and car thefts and illegal immigration. As the Irish say:" A good fence makes good neighbors". The Israeli fence will prove to be a necessary step for coexistence.
48. Answer to #37
Steve ,   USA   (06.04.07)
Hi, In answer to your question, no, I do not justify the killing of innocent people; I do not justify the killing of innocent Palestinian Muslims, innocent Jews or innocent Christians. Jews are against deliberately shedding innocent human blood according to our Bible. I do not believe IDF is deliberately targeting innocent civilians. Unlike other armies, Palestinian militants hide in the midst of the civilian populace. We read that they send civilians, including women and children as human shields. What are we to do? You wrote #31 and others: "IF you claim that this land is yours and we claim the same thing then the only solution is to share. IF not this war will be endless." Yes, I do claim this land belongs to the Jews but unlike me, many Jews have been and are willing to share. (I say unlike me, perhaps I would be willing to share the land of Israel with someone like you if you are as peaceful as you seem; if you do not want to kill me or drive me out of my home.) But you know when UN voted in November 1947 to partition Israel, Israel accepted reluctantly but the Arab world went to war against Israel in order to drive the Jews out of our land and thus it has been ever since. PLO was founded before the 1967 Six Day war. Before there was any "occupation." PLO was founded to destroy Israel. This is why Mr. Arafat did not accept the offer at Camp David with Bill Clinton. You have people that you live amongst who are dedicated to destroy Israel no matter what the borders. You've got to know this, don't you?
49. Palestinians Destroying Hope Of Israelis
Not Jewish ,   USA   (06.04.07)
Israel belongs to the Jews and so does the Jewish homelands that the Arabs are squattering on. The pals can leave peacefully now or be escorted off at a future date. A.I (All Idiots) is a leftist org. that is aiding and abetting the Muslim terror against the Jews. A.I. will taste defeat along with their jihadist partners in their failure to destroy Israel. Long live Israel.
50. #40: It's funny that you post with a "christian" name.
What's your real name? Ali, Mohammed, ..? Life is nice hiding in a civilized country isn't it? How long before the muslims start killing each other in the UK? Maybe you are waiting for more muslim women and children to hide behind? Hypocrite. No one believes your propaganda.
51. #40 Britain has lost
Lina ,   USA   (06.04.07)
Censoring and boycotting academics because of their country of origin is a sign of discrimination and repression. When a country resorts to collective punishment, it has lost it's integrity and purpose. It's a sign Britain is submitting to Arab and leftist pressure. Iranian President boasts about being able to send missiles and suicide bombers to Europe. Britain has allowed its universities to be used as platforms for the academic jihad.
52. Wake up Israelis!
Henry! ,   USA   (06.04.07)
You're losing it!
53. To 52, Henry, the gloating alarm clock
Saul ,   Barcelona   (06.04.07)
Losing "it"? What is "it"? By "it" do you mean support from an adamantly anti-Israeli organizations, such as AI, that was never there to begin with? Believe me, this is hardly headline news in Israel, and I doubt anyone is shedding any tears. On the other hand, Henry the G.A.T., look around you, at the ranks of those whom you and your ilk support: Nasrallah, Hanieh, Ahmadinejad, bin Laden. All of them murderous chauvinists, racists, genocidal maniacs. I would venture to say, judging from the company you keep, it is you, my friend, who is losing it. By "it" I mean intelligence, open mindedness, fairness, humanism.
54. Amnesty, by definition
Saul ,   Barcelona   (06.04.07)
According to Webster's dictionary, amnesty is "a governmental pardon granted to offenders". By definition, therefore, Amnesty International is only concerned with obtaining pardons to offenders, not standing up for those, whom they offend.
55. RE: 27. to # 24 and to others
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (06.05.07)
Simple solution delare a end of terrorist activity inside israel and realy mean it and put feet to that declaration....and within most all those check points will disappear.... But again Hamas and hezbelah has it in thier Charter that the israeli government must be replaced with a palistinian one and all Jews killed or evicted from palistine it is the choice of those people that want to see those check points disapear... the ball is in your court...!!!!
56. #54 - Saul - Great comment!!! Beautiful.
57. Thank you Amnesty
Al ,   France   (06.05.07)
At least somebody tells the truth about the occupation.Thye should have told about Palestinian terror too indeed.But I am sorry you may not want to see it but Israel oppresses the Palestinians in the WEst Bank, sorry to wake you up.
58. Bunk!
MichaelF ,   Silver Spring, MD US   (06.08.07)
The Palestinians have done a thorough job of destroying their own hope. How many times have they turned down a chance for peace and a state of their own? I lost count. As for AI? Several years ago they published a report critical of the way inmates are treated in Israeli prisons. Israel invited AI to visit any prison they chose and to interview any inmate they wanted without any Israeli official nearby. AI said no. That is the day AI lost all credibility with me. They would not even investigate their own charges!
59. Oppressed Palestinians
Jerry Meents ,   Ogden, Utah. USA   (06.09.07)
Hello # 57 you wrote that Israel oppresses the palestinians in the west bank. Hey they want Israel to oppres them for political purpose, look at those poor Palestinians living under oppression by Israel, and receive millions from the Countrys who fall for this BS. Israel left Gaza so no oppression or occupation, and attacked Israel. Again look at those poor Palestinians, they live under Israeli fire, attacks and arrest. If they want to live with peace let them stop attacking Israel and do some serious negotiation with Israel. By the way thats the same reason why there are still so called Palestian refugees living in refgugee camps.
60. A waste of rationality
Lee ,   London.England   (06.10.07)
Someone should tell D.Rovera that she should not only look at the present situation on the ground , when analysing the poor plight of the Palestinians. The Egyptians were smart enough to sign a deal with Israel and they got back the Sinai.The Jordanians signed a deal and were asked if they wanted back Gaza but they 'signed' it over to the PLO who refused to accept Israel and started terrorist activities against Israel. Even so, Israel removed the 11000 Jewish settlers from Gaza in order to give the Palestinians their own State. The result: their cries of "we want our own state" turned into "we want the State of Israel" The 'Wall' was only built to keep out the terrorists.No terror -no wall.Simple as that. What of the future Ms.Rovera ? no terror ,no wall , no terror a Palestinian State, no terror ,investment in the Middle East, and the slums that have been allowed to be maintained will be replaced with schools ,houses and industry.But the people who have the most to gain is not Israel but the Palestinians. The whole New World that could be Palestine rests on NO TERROR Ms.Rovera .Please pass on to those leaders who have had a good education live in lovely homes drive nice cars but prefer the status quo. They have to blame someone so they blame Israel just as you are doing Ms.Rovera.
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