Europe salmonella scare blamed on Israeli basil
Meital Yasur-Beit Or
Published: 05.06.07, 09:28
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1. senfenberg strain?
kike ,   Tel Aviv   (06.05.07)
It's got to be jewish! :-)
2. What a pity
A reader   (06.05.07)
you didn't report, also,about the very young child that tragically drowned in the shallow 'decorative' pool at a kibbutz yesterday. All the holy goats that were so outraged(oo!) when a spa in the north QUITE RIGHTLY refused admission to a parent with baby. Someone else could have easily brought a toddler. How holy would these 'do gooders'(yeh yeh), then look if Gd forbid, a similar tragedy had taken place in one of the numerous similar shallow decorative pools there?
3. ????????
papi   (06.05.07)
perhaps work of the mossad ?
5. global terror
john ,   london   (06.05.07)
Can anyone tell me why this story has been published in the 'global terror' section? Ynet sensationalist and alarmist? Never.....
6. #3
josephine ,   london.u.k.   (06.05.07)
no,they were grown by the religious settlers on the west bank to poison seculars in the galut like me and i really got an upset stomach from the basILL.(n.b.the mossad was behind the academic boycott)
7. Remember, the Jews were blamed for the Black Plague
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.05.07)
It’s quite amazing to what extent the Anti-Semites of this world will go to in order to blame Israel for something or other. I am surprised that no one has placed the blame for the 2005 Tsunami on Israel or some Israeli institution. I suppose that we could retaliate and say that the Avian Flu which we had here a little while ago was “caused” by the Europeans as the migratory birds landed here on their way South.
8. Maybe it was poisoned in transit?
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (06.05.07)
9. OH YNET.....Y?
Poitcha ,   Israel   (06.05.07)
Don't you just love to wake up in the morning and find another batch of articles on the YNET site knocking our homeland-Israel/or us Jews...about one thing or another?Give us a break Ynet. Why don't you send reporters into Gaza and report on how brutally the Muslims treat their own kind, about how radical Islam is destroying the world, about how families in Gaza are threatened with death if they don't play ball, about the EU monies that are greedily stolen to buy weapons and not used to build hospitals, schools, parks, etc......You are all such a pathetic lot. So much easier to find us Jews as scapegoats. You are all so very afraid of printing the truth...for fear that some radical Muslim group will blow up your offices, not so? So, you cowardly appease the Muslims by constantly condemning us.
10. Perhaps....
Poitcha ,   Israel   (06.05.07)
Oh...and perhaps, just perhaps the basil was grown in Gaza....did that ever occur to you? And do you know how they grow their vegetables and herbs? In sewerage !!!!!!!!!! Now that explains a lot. And please don't criticize the comment. They have enough money to plow fields as in civilized countries....but their terrorists don't allow the money to flow in "useful" directions. Suits the purposes of the terrorists.
11. #9
papi   (06.05.07)
Start waking up a bit earlyer, and than you will read all the good news.
12. Salmonella
NYC Girl   (06.05.07)
Hopefully, we're not going to be regaled by a bunch of half-assed conspiracy theories about how the Israelis are trying to wreak havoc on the rest of the world because I hate to tell you how many people get poisoned in this country from our own food products. Not only that, but far and away the most dangerous country on earth when it comes to tainted food, for both humans and animals, is China. Even their toothpaste is suspected of containing industrial chemicals.
13. Well poisoning
Gordon Shifman ,   Shoham, Israel   (06.05.07)
Opps sorry - It was the wells I was trying to poison, not the basil. I will try and be more careful next time.
14. it is the Europeans EGGs -stupid !
ben ,   singapore   (06.05.07)
NO body want to buy eggs from Europe. Like the Mad Cow Disaster in Britain. This time it is the chiken and duck eggs of Europe. It is every where there.
15. David, Karmiel
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (06.05.07)
You forgot HIV and the malaria pandemic in the Congo.
16. Not again
Nemesis   (06.05.07)
Blame Israel of course,the worlds fallguy. This is right up there with the "aids infected melons" a while back.
17. To #4
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, Us   (06.05.07)
Dang! I need a new Jewish cook book. In the last one, that Christian blood was merely used to make matzoh balls. Now you drink it? Is that neat, with a little vodka, tequila or what? Here's a suggestion for a Jewish hat trick: Make nice with your enemies. Invite them over for another one of those peace talks they like so much, and then serve them melons infected with AIDS, accompanied by Bloody Christian Mary's- for Muslims, make it Virgin Mary's - nicely decorated with sprigs of basil. If the melon and basil won't get 'em, at least, you'll have a good laugh knowing they've been guzzling that Christian blood.
18. To #15 Leon - Oooops, I slipped up
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.05.07)
I really forgot that we are to blame for all the Ills of the world. I suppose we are to blame for the Ishmalites (Palestinians of today) (out of Old Abe) as well! Why couldn't he keep his zipper closed?
19. This may be a coincidence only, but remember the melon story
Otter ,   Canada   (06.05.07)
This is the latest tactic: to hurt Israel's export economy. Unwittingly Ynet has placed this story in the Global Terror section. It's quite likely that if Israeli exports are ever infected with anything, it will be due to intentional tampering by Israel's enemies.
20. Anti-Semites: Blood is not Kosher
MARK ,   USA   (06.05.07)
We do not drink blood. Jesus should have known that drinking blood is Not Kosher. The wine represents the blood of Jesus and the bread represents his body. We do not eat human bodies. They are not Kosher.
21. Balanced reporting
Otter ,   Canada   (06.05.07)
Perhaps it's time for a little balanced reporting.... how about informing the world on the conditions in which Gazan agricultural products are grown.... the quality of the water, all that. And, since other readers mention the Chinese food issue, WND had a report on contaminated Chinese products. Hundreds of pets died recently in the US and Canada due to a poisoned ingredient from China in North American pet food.
22. kosher?
yeled ,   srael   (06.05.07)
why does it say in ezekiel 39 , there you will eat flesh and drink blood, you will eat the flesh of mighty men and drink the blood of the princes of the earth as if they were rams lambsgoats and bulls?
23. To #20
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.05.07)
To heck with kosher or not! I just never could warm up to the idea of all that cannibalism for nothing more than a sip of cheap wine and a little white thing you couldn't sink your teeth into. If I'm going to be a cannibal, I want t-bones and New York strips and prime rib and a keg of something with which to wash it down. (Oh, gawd, they'll throw me out, even if it's in absentia)
24. #23 - Hartley - You're disgusting....but very funny
25. #3 Blame basil
Liz   (06.06.07)
Fawlty. You caught it from him when you stayed at his towers.
26. Salmon, Ella? Yes please, Basil
Sybil   (06.06.07)
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