Jewish Scene
In the land of radical Islam
Yoav Friedman
Published: 05.06.07, 16:15
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1. "no reason anymore to justify their anti-Israeli policy."
I am sorry but your an idiot, do you even watch Iranian TV or any Middle Eastern channel, they speak of blood libels and Holocaust denial. But of course that is Israeli's fault, right? Sorry, open your eyes. If Iranian Jews are leaving, thats a good thing. The Iranian community would leave if they had the capability, but they cannot, they cannot travel to Israel nor speak of zionism since they will be arrested for being "spies".
2. #1, Very well said.
Yonatan ,   USA   (06.05.07)
3. #1 anonymous is very wrong about iranian jews
hizki ,   germany   (06.05.07)
iranian jews are free to travel to and from isreal - belive it or not!! This has to happen through a third party country but with approval of the iranian gov. furthermore, reports suggest that various international jewish groups support the iranian jewish community through the office of the iranian president. thirdly it is highly immoral to suggest that a 2500 year old community should just pack up and leave and abandon the heritage of their ancestors not to mention their resting places.
4. If Israel recognizes the right of the Palestinians to have a
nina ,   Bristol UK   (06.05.07)
That would be very nice indeed . Occupation is an ugly thing and the 700 checkpoints are even uglier , time to free the palestinians and allow them a homeland . Amen .
5. #3 Speaking from an German, your thoughts mean nothing
6. #1 I am with you 100%
pastor ,   Tirana   (06.06.07)
How come there are so many fools in this world to believe such thigs? And what is the conection with the palestinians in Israel? The jews in Iran aren't killing iranians or blowing up restaurants. Check points are there because of the bombs not for fun of the soldiers. Wake up!
7. #4 The "Palistinians" have been offered
a state of their own on several occasions and refused it. Why? Because their leaders don't want one, they want to drive Israel into the sea and for it to disappear. But that isn't just going to happen. Their objective is quite clear. So my message to you is this: Get yourself an education before you post again.
8. Sorry, open your eyes
Ramin Farahani   (06.06.07)
Don't be sorry, just try to understand the essence of what some one says and after opening your eyes, also widen your view! this may save all of us of being an idiot.
9. "If Israel recognizes the right of the Palestinians"
CRF ,   USA   (06.06.07)
Exactly the kind of propoganda that Iranian Jews are forced to declare because if they say otherwise their community would be unmerciliessly attacked by the surrounding Iranians and their government. These people need to be rescued from their captors immediatly.
10. the real reason that the iranians would
jack bauer ,   usa   (06.06.07)
allow this type of film to be made, might just be to find out more about a covert(out of defensive fearfulness) community. The fact that many iranian jews may have persian names and try to blend in, means that they may need to be targeted in future by the iranian regime. What better way to gather intel then allow a moron filmaker that spent too much time in coffeeshops, to expose a whole bunch all at once. dit is helemaal niet slim
11. #5 anonymous: i am a n.african jew
hizki ,   germany   (06.06.07)
12. #11 and I am Mickey Mouse and you dont understand anything
Mickey Mouse ,   DisneyWorld   (06.06.07)
13. Children of Israel, not Iran
Me ,   Norway   (06.06.07)
What a beautiful community! I'm impressed that they've kept their culture, Judaism and Jewish identity. I hope that the Iranian tyrants will be removed from office. I pray that Iran will change and turn to the better. If not, the Iranian Jews will be forced to leave, and come home to Israel.
14. #10. the real reason that the iranians would...
Ramin Farahani   (06.06.07)
The main reason Iranian Jews give Persian names to their kids is simply because they have 2700 years history in Persia (Iran). You sound funny at the end and seem to be homesick for coffee shops, that's why you reflect your memory of Amsterdam on me. In films what matters are people and their feelings. In intel (=intelligence) what matters is strategic information without a human dimension.... Lees boeken in plaats van verlangen naar stomme coffeeshops. (=read books instead of longing to coffee shops)
15. and iran accuses israel of being an apartheid state
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.06.07)
whay hypocrites. no wonder iran cries about the way palestinians are treated by israel - those most guilty of something are most ready to accuse others of the same thing. it is interesting that every ex-iranian i have ever met (both jew and non-jew alike) have NOTHING good to say about iran's government. i would think that at least ONE would have something even neutral to say, but i guess when people are free to speak (unlike even the media, according to this article) the truth comes out. thank goodness for a real democracy like israel to grace the middle east. me and my arab family could not imagine living anywhere else in the region with any semblance of freedom like we have here. long live israel!
16. Next To Last Point Furthest From Truth
emanon ,   USA   (06.06.07)
There reason there is no peace between the Arab World and Israel is not that Israel will not recognize another autonomous Arab state, it is the avowed policy of the Arab World's State Sponsored Terrorists' Groups avowed purpose to wipe Israel off the map and kill Jews where ever they are. Look at at the charter of Hamas / Fatah and then look who is funding these groups and others like them. The answer is clear.
17. If Israel recognizes the right of Palestinians..
Israel does recognize the right of All Arabs to have their own states, Israel does not have a problem with Palestininas having a state, but unfortunately Iran, Syria and Arab states do not believe that Jews have the right to live. for the last 60 years their only problem has been the fact that Jews are living ! Israel does not want to occupy Iran, Syria, Jordan or any other countries. but also It does expect that it should be recognized and its people have the right to live. Israel does not want to be attacked, bombarded and threatened by genocide of its people by Iran or any other Arab country. Gaza was given to Palestinians but they showed what they want is not a state, but the whole Israel where they can throw all Jews into the sea and have enough room to fight and kill each other as much as they want, like Hamas and fatah are doing now in Gaza and Shia and sunni gorups are killing each other in Iraq or like Iranians are arresting and torturing their own people specially studnets just becuase one group has the power over all the other people.
18. Israel needs Persian men of wisdom
Aviva   (06.06.07)
In ancient Persia, Jews were respected and their knowlege was appreciated. They were asked by Persian rulers to help advance the country. Now its time for Jews to invite Persians to help them make Israel a better place. Not all Persians are like that crazy Islamofacist guy, Achmadinejad. May they can free their country and revive their past glory very soon.
19. This movie and this article are like....
Andy ,   ramat hasharon   (06.06.07)
Soviet area double speak in what that can't, won't and don't say. Like a dead moose on the floor that the movie steps over is the virulent hatred of the Iranian government toward everything non-muslim. Their plan to wipe Israel off the map has nothing to do with Palestinians, but instead is based on their furor over a Jewish state in our homeland, which they consider muslim land. And please, Ynet, don't censor out this tb like you did the one I posted yesterday. This is propaganda and lies, and it ill-serves Iranian Jews.
20. # This movie and this article are like...
Ramin Farahani   (06.07.07)
I don't see a difference between the way you think and talk and those who call to whipe out you... Both abuse religious sentiments to spread out hatred. it is a shame
21. Stop Fighting
Daniel ,   Uk   (10.08.08)
Ramin, I am very impressed with your research and documentary. Well done. However I just have to say, and this is for evey reader, I am sick and tired of hearing about Palestin and their problems, does anyone ever thing and look at the history these days? Why do we close our eye and believe in media? We do have brain, don’t we? Does anyone ever use their logic these days to see Israel is not the only problem, in fact Palestinians create most of the problems. Why can’t we just open our eye and see it wisely. Who cares what Iranian President says. Jew, muslim, Christian, Baha’i or Zoroastrian they all are Persian no matter what. Persian Jews are the kindest Jews ever, in fact, they are just like any other Persian. Let’s just leave the rest behind and say , “We are Persian and we are proud of it”.
22. offensive
passing along ,   holland   (02.07.11)
hey jack, you are deranged man, put yourself together
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