Conflicting stories emerge after IDF kills 70-year-old
Efrat Weiss
Published: 06.06.07, 10:22
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1. ok, problem solved
super plus   (06.06.07)
he tried to take his gun, i'd kill him too, so what? i dont get why ynet has to report this ... only lefties working at ynet?
2. IDF is a criminal organization
arab   (06.06.07)
3. The Propaganda War.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.06.07)
You don't know the truth & I don't know the truth. The journalist who wrote this doesn't know either. But given the propensity of the Palestinians to lie, misrepresent, fabricate, exaggerate, & otherwise distort events, I tend to discount stories like this. War is unpleasant & the war against terrorists is particularly unpleasant. Second-guessing our soldiers only endangers their lives.
4. OK
Ram ,   London   (06.06.07)
So an IDF soldier walks into a house and sees a sweet old man smoking his nargila and minding his own business. The soldier decides: "you know what? I fancy shooting this man". Makes perfect sense no? Of course only to lefties, arabs and the usual Israeli bashers. I hope the IDF soldier is OK.
5. IDF Troops are animals
Al Quds ,   Al Quds   (06.06.07)
... IDF is a criminal organization, and its leadership is stupid, Israelis should not trust a word of what IDF is saying, especially after the lies in Lebanon War II.
6. Harboring wanted men has its price
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.07)
If this family were as innocent as the driven snow, then why would they have put up such a fight to get the soldier's gun. Our boy did good. Our soldiers are allowed to protect themselves in any way if they see fit if their life is threatened. At least the IDF got that bit right. Let the boy go, he didn't do anything wrong. This family were hiding wanted men. They just paid the price for that. Lessons to be learnt people.
7. and the world is
doing nothing against these crimes
8. liar IDF for another crime
9. #3
josephine ,   (06.06.07)
If you had woken earlier you would have found an earlier version of this story e.g.the man was 67 etc.But Ynet dropped that article for this one. So,as you say : what's true etc..
10. #6 "Let the boy go".
joe ,   (06.06.07)
The article doesn't say that the boy was detained.Anyway,he isn't a boy (yeled) he's a man/soldier.But then again,your boys are still boys.
11. I'm Curious
The photo that appears on your home page accompanying this article, shows Israeli soldiers, (one of whom appears to be pointing his rifle at a rather innocent-looking Palestinian family) looks more like it was was taken in the dead of winter, judging by the way the family is dressed. And if that's the case, why did it aappear along with this particular story since I wouldn't imagine it's that cold in Israel at this time of the year. Or was it just an effort to make the IDF look menacing and the Palestinians look benign?
JASMIN   (06.06.07)
DO YOU REALLY BELIEVE THAT ANY ONE WAS TRYING TO STEAL WEAPON FROM A SOLDIER!!!!!!! that is the stupidest lie i've ever heard, IDF at least if u wanna lie, be logical!! we get used to your lame lies though
13. well said terry!
14. Overtones of..
English guy ,   London, UK   (06.06.07)
the Warsaw ghetto here. A distinct similarity to German raids on the Warsaw ghetto looking for suspects. A 70-year old man shot dead? Fantastic. Those brave IDF soldiers. Mind you, they didn't neglect to shoot his distraught wife also. What giborei milhama. I'm surprised, though, that the writer of post number 6 has not called for her execution. After all, she is an old Palestinian woman married to a man shot dead by the IDF. He must have been up to no good. What a life. Living in poverty. Threatened 24/7 by the armed thugs of the IDF. Your door can be broken down at any moment and your aged husband shot dead. Great country to live in. For the record, the writer of number 6 is enjoined to publish a list of all the people whose execution she has called for or would still like to see. I will send her a large ball of wool and knitting needles and call her Madame Lefebvre.
15. #14 english guy
joe ,   (06.06.07)
i enjoyed your hyperbole!!but #6 has a problem.#6 expresses this in hostile rhetoric.#6 thinks that by doing this she is fulfilling her role as a "yiddisha-mama" and protecting her boys (yeledim)#6would prefer a nuclear holocaust(rhetorically) to accomplish this.long live the queen
16. Boycott. English Guy
rh ,   Modiin Israel   (06.06.07)
We do not want English opinion here. The English are oppressors and occupiers and their opinions to not interest us Freedom and Peace loving folk here. English hypocrisy knows no bounds. England is occupying many countries, with their oppressive regimes. Iraq, Afghanistan, Falklands, Gibraltar. They are the ones whose refusal to allow Jews into Palestine almost caused the extermination of our people. They are the ones who set up the South African Apartheid regime. There culture is poor comprising of only football and beer. They are no longer our best friends in Europe, this ironic title belongs to Poland and Germany.
17. Less Kassys bcos factory awaiting more metal pipes from IL
Alan ,   SA   (06.06.07)
18. Number 16
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (06.06.07)
You are almost right. The British colonial system gave birth to all the troubles today in Asia and Africa, creating artificial states, cutting normally existing people into illogical state-entities, often by whim. But your criticism goes too far...there's something very wrong with the Brit attitude toward football, but there is nothing wrong with their beer. It's really very good.
19. #16 sad
English guy ,   London, UK   (06.06.07)
Indeed the note in #16 shows the personality of a totally sad person who can only write in grotesque generalisations. Personally, as you imply, I am responsible for the UK (not England) occupying Iraq, Afghanistan, the Falklands and Gibralter. However, you forgot to blame me for India, Burma, Pakistan, the Sudan and many other places. What a pity the poster of #16 cannot address the issues but instead decides that a nonsensical diatribe is the best way forward. How very Israeli of you.
20. More Uncertainty
emanon ,   USA   (06.06.07)
AP is reporting the man was 85. Who knows what the truth is. Maybe this never even happened.
21. why waiting 70 Y to reclaim birthright
observer   (06.06.07)
The IDF soldier was operating alone in a deadly mission in "hostile" environment in area populated with "hostile" Arabs; but unfortunately he was working alone, was it his luck? Was it incompetence (usually not admitted) in following the procedure? He was working down and unfortunately (again) no Jewish resident living high up had observed the soldiers' blight, as the steel mesh "ceiling" of the alley was flooded with garbage. The lone infallible soldier's story, of course, was irrefutable. What he did was just reclaiming the birthright of a 70 Y grandpa.
22. omg, english guy
shai ,   idf   (06.06.07)
just shut up dude, dont come here play the smart guy. just get off our ass. go drink a beer and watch football. lets see what the future will bring for london, or should i say londonistan? i wonder what your comments will look like in 1-2 years after londonistan is burning by muslim terror. im looking forward to it!
23. #14 Ha ha ha! Another funny post from merry ole England!
Boycott half-wits ,   USA   (06.06.07)
Lovely hearing your opinion again old chap, especially since you have already tried the case as judge and jury without hearing the facts, evidence, and circumstances presented by BOTH SIDES; for, as everyone knows, Mr. English Guy knows everything about what goes on in the West Bank, being a resident of England and all, not a resident of Israel or the West Bank. Oh and BTW, it's Madame DEFARGE from "A Tale of Two Cities" to which you make reference, not Madame Lefebvre. Being an English Guy, I'm surprised you aren't more up on your Dickens. I wonder what those stuffy British academics would say about having one of their greatest writers misquoted?
24. #14 - According to you......
Ram ,   London   (06.07.07)
the IDF spends an immense fortune training its soldiers to go round shooting helpless and harmless palestinians. Wouldn't that equate the IDF to some kind of sports club? May I suggest you have a rethink taking your personal feelings out of the equation?
25. Emotion
Ben ,   USA   (06.07.07)
Too much emotion here and not enough intellect. Eilat said it best when he said no one knows what happened.
26. Uk presently totally engrossed inJudenhasfest mit cartoons
Alan ,   SA   (06.07.07)
27. #22 and omg
English guy ,   London, UK   (06.07.07)
Thanks for the kind comments. Whatever happens in the UK - and we multiculturalists welcome variety - I shall not be taking up my option of an Israeli passport, as killing Palestinians as sport is just not my game. I'm so glad to read that you are looking forward to London burning by Muslim terror. Your true colours came out in the wash.
28. #27 it's true that you can't spit far enough to hit Israel
Mdme. Defarge ,   USA   (06.07.07)
so maybe you folks in the UK should just stick to killing Iraqis "for sport," as you say, and get off your high horses before you fall off and break your necks.
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