Olmert: Israel wants peace with Syria
Ronny Sofer
Published: 06.06.07, 13:03
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1. Ehud Chamberlin promises peace in our time
zionist forever   (06.06.07)
Just like Chamberlin was willing to hand over Sudatenland in exchange forr Hitlers promises of peace in our time. Assd has never shown any sign of being serious about peace. He still arms and controls Hezbollah His closest ally is Ahmadinejad who keeps calling for Israels destruction. One minute he is talking about taking the Golan by force if Israel doesnt hand it over peacefully. Then he smiles and says I want peace. Assad is the man of many faces but Olmert and the rest of the left wingers in his regime are looking to get their names in the history books havnt we seen what happens when we recklessly hand over territory to make history. Look where we got with Arafat and the more he promised the more we gave and in return got more terror not peace. Now Olmert is about to get the same he will do his secret deals with Assad then try and turn the attitude of the Israeli people dominated by the left into supporting the idea of giving up the Golan for some promises from Assad, When will that ellection come which will hopfully bring Bibi to power .. the left wing have been controling politcs for to long time to give the right a chance they sure cant make thingss much worse than things allready are.
2. peace with Syria
English guy ,   London, UK   (06.06.07)
The only way to make peace with Syria is to hand back the stolen and re-ethnicized Jawlaan. If Olmert is telling his security cabinet that Israel seeks peace with Syria, it can only mean one thing. The Syrian position has been stated clearly for many years - withdrawal from occupied Syrian territory will lead to cessation of hostilities. Obviously no Israeli government from 67 onwards has been able to consider handing back more stolen territory - but Olmert seems to be saying that Israel is prepared to do so. So, let's set up an account for donation to buy suitcases for all those settlers living on borrowed time, on borrowed land, so that they can leave Syrian territory and go back to the latte life on Shenkin.
3. Also seek peace with IRAN
Whatever that informed you that Syria is a partner for peace has misinformed you and you will not be forgiven by generations to come if you lose these had earned lands
4. Olmert de Peace Maker
All hail him for making peace with enemy at the door calling for the extermination of the state he took an oath to protect.
stephane ,   france   (06.06.07)
7. rhetoric
Concerned Israeli   (06.06.07)
I only hope that this is just political rhetoric to calm the other side and that Olmert really doesn't believe that Syria isn't preparing for war.
8. english guy
gm ,   south africa   (06.06.07)
you sound more like arab to me. You see how much land, which Israel won in DEFENSIVE wars, it has handed back. FYI the more land Israel has ahnded back, the more terror it has endured. I think they should retrieve their land that they gave up and hopefully we will also see a reversal of terror. Arab propoganda is the most annoying thing in this world today, because they are trying to legitimise LIES.
9. Don't be distracted by Syria
Brod ,   USA   (06.06.07)
Is Olmert perspiring over this matter? In a duel with Assad, is Olmert blinking? He can't continue to lead if his knees begin to buckle. The fact is Syria is the least concern that Israel should be having. This Syrian issue is more of a distraction to the larger threat from Iran that has announced its intention to annihilate Israel, and the fact that Iran is feverishly working on their nukes. Israel should be focussing its eyes on Iran and not be distracted by insignificant matters as Syria. What Israel needs, however, is strong and brilliant leadership. A government that is perspiring over a small matter like Syria should dissolve and give way for the people to determine their next government that can confront Israel's challenges with strength and confidence.
10. #2 english gay
josephine ,   london.u.k.   (06.06.07)
please buy me a suitcase too so that i can drink latte on shenkin,dizengoff,allenby,ben-yehuda,mendele,then the golan settlers won't have nowhere to sit down cos i'll be wooing all the israeli
11. to #10
belal ,   atlanta , USA   (06.06.07)
israel must return stolen property sooner or later. with peace now or with war later in time, it's enevitable mr. and this term painfull concession i keep hearing, it does not apply here neither it does for west bank or Gaza. How could it be painfull concession to return something you stole. you must be living in a different planet that you dont know the diff between right and wrong in such a way...
I LOVE YOU TOO #2 ,   ..............DACON9   (06.06.07)
13. to #1
belal ,   atlanta USA   (06.06.07)
you gave nothing back dear that is why there is still state of war exists. i think hizbulla and hamas in gaza proven one thing " what's taken by force can only be returned by force". no such thing is free in this world. peace with arrogant people cannot work, you have to fight them first and show them they can suffer too, then they pull back or make peace. unfortunatly...
14. ???????????????????????
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.06.07)
What in blazes is all this "peace with Syria" talk about? Where's the war with them? Is this supposed to be "peace treaty?" And even then, where's the war? Somebody tell Mr. Olmert to shut up already and wait, at least, until they start shooting before he goes off about peace like a chicken with its head cut off. For Pete's sakes, we all know what they want. Let them fight for it just like you did. You didn't steal the Golan. You fought and died for it. It's yours until they take it away from you or you decide to give it back, because you no longer want or need it. Maybe somebody thinks that Syria would stop stirring the sh-t for Iran, if there were a treaty. Yeah, right! As long as Iran makes it so profitable for Assad to keep stirring, the chances for him to give it up are slim and none. Slowly, it's starting to look as if this or that asshat only has to rattle a few sabres and some people light up the peace pipes and dig out the white flags. If it's so easy for you to be talked out of things, don't wait for the Palis to stop playing their games. They, already, know that all they have to do is jump up and down and scream, "occupation," for somebody to get out the crayons and redraw the map. Are there, honestly and still, people who are not getting the connection between trying that before and those Qassams???? I concede: None of it is any of my business, and there's more than enough to gripe about over here. Nevertheless, It's just so frigging sad and frustrating to watch what looks like the erosion of a dream called, "Israel," the realization of which took almost 2000 years and came at such a high price. After all, it's not just Gaza, the West Bank, Palestine or whatever. It's ERETZ YISRAEL!
15. To #11
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.06.07)
Dammit! Israel won the land fair and square. But if you want to talk about giving back stolen land, you had best start to pack, because a lot of the US was stolen from the Indians. It wasn't won in wars. It was stolen with bogus and broken treaties. Make friends with a Native and hear the Indian side of the story, and maybe you won't preach at somebody else about stealing land.
16. Bring Down the Assad Thugs
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.06.07)
Stolen Land #2? What have you been on all these years. I seem to recall 67 when Egypt and Syria signed their famous agreement to in effect destroy the Jewish state, while massing 150,000 troops supplied with Russian Commie weapons. Blockading the Straits AN ACT OF WAR, was to be followed up with an Egyptian attack. Oh, wha about the recurring Syrian attacks on northern Israel? To top it all, 73 witnessed the illegal and criminal attacks by the two countries. Have you fogotten? So, your (typical) lies about the conflict, will only produce more suffering for those you support. Israel nukes are more lethal than Syrian Scuds. Goodby Damascus, Aleppo and Kuneitra.
17. syria
colin   (06.07.07)
Lying again Olmert wants to trade the golan.Syria not interested in talks,olmert wants to line his pockets again.
18. Israeli politicians can learn from the arabs
zionist forever   (06.07.07)
The arabs might be the enemy and no matter how much talk of peacemaking they will never recognise Israel and will allways be looking for a crack which they can open and exploit t .. war, terror, demographics they will allways try everything but they have to be admired for one thing and thats the fact when they stay they want something they hold firm to their demands. Israels war of indipendence ended in 1949 but still the arabs demand a right of return for the few living refugees and their decendents and they are unwilling to compromise on the issue. Israel has had the Golan for 40 years and not used it as a base to threaten Syria but Assad father and son have said from the start we want 100% of the Golan if you want to do a deal with us and instead of holding firm Israeli politicians buckle under. With Jerusalem in 1967 when the city was united once more it became a policy dividing Jerusalem was a red line that would never be crossed but then Barak offered to give away the east along with most the old city and its holy places and Olmert ( former mayor of Jerusalem ) has said he belives it would be good for Israel to divide the city. Can anybody imagiine a muslim agreeing to divide Mecca or agreeing to divide a Jerusalem if muslims were in control ... for them Jerusalem is an islamic waqf, for jews its the holiest city but the leaders of the jewish state dont seem to have as much respect for jewish land as the muslims have for theirs. Israels leaders seem to have the attitude everything is for sale for the right price just promise to agree to recognise we exist, be our friends and you can have anything you want there will be no red lines. Israel might be able to teach arab armies a few things about fighting wars but it needs to learn from the arab politicians that when you want something you hold firm to your demands not cave in as soon as an enemy leader uses the magic word peace is mentioned or somebody dangles a nobel prize in your face.
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