Knesset okays law banning pride parade
Amnon Meranda
Published: 06.06.07, 15:48
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AM YISRAEL CHAI ,   ..............DACON9   (06.06.07)
2. For once I feel proud about the Knesset
gabriela ben ari ,   jerusalem   (06.06.07)
3. Terrible Legislation
Howard   (06.06.07)
It is a pity that the Israeli democracy is not strong enough, if these proposals are enacted, to allow minorities the freedom of expression. Congratulations to Israel for joining with Russia in not allowing gay people such freedoms!! It seems to me that the responsibility of the government is to protect minorities from harm by others, not to placate the "majority" by limiting free speech.
4. Gays Persecuted in Israel
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.06.07)
As long as Gay people are persecuted and referred to as "beasts" by some Israeli politicians, the country cannot be referred to as a democracy or a civilised country.
5. BRAVO!!
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay   (06.06.07)
6. Wow, finally knesset members show some chutzpah!!
jan   (06.06.07)
7. Go Israel! .... pathetic
Eric ,   Israel   (06.06.07)
Way to be a "light unto all nations"...idiots. This is our democracy? This is our teaching the world how to love? Ill tell you what this's the cause for anti-semitism. We preach to the world how great we are, how we love the world, how we want peace, and yet we can't even get around to treating each other (Jews and Israeli's) like humans. We are effectively pathetic.
8. A new parade...
Daniel   (06.06.07)
How about a Jewish Pride Parade, or a parade for conservative people with old fashioned family-oriented values? Straight Pride! :-) Of all the places in the world, go somewhere else. Leave Jerusalem alone. Be proud somewhere else.
9. omg, thank you KNESSET!!!
10. Well then could someone explain me why...
David G.   (06.06.07)
Here in Canada we have these parades since many years. Nobody gets jurt, there are no attacks, tensions, etc. Why would there be problems in Israel? If Jerusalem is the problem - I understand some sensibilities may be hurt - then at least allow the parade in another city or place. Gays will not be less gay because you prevent them from parading, and heterosexuals will certainly not become gays because there is a parade in their city.
11.  : - )) ~
ben ,   singapore   (06.06.07)
Finaly The Knesset is alive ; - ) ~
12. Disgusting!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.07)
By doing that, the knesset has now officially excluded the gay community from Israeli society. If I was gay, I'd stop paying tax and go on the welfare. You guys need to fight this tooth and nail. And the best of luck to you as well.
13. Surprised
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.06.07)
What surprises me is that the Shas' bill, although more comprehensive than MK Gabbay's bill, got more votes! Anyway, the Knesset knows best...!
14. it'll never stick
idan ,   haifa,israel   (06.06.07)
bagatz will just overrule it as undemocratic law and it will be no more. do you have any idea how many ridicules bills passed first readings? you wouldn't believe.
15. Many things should start being cleared in Israel
Keren ,   Israel   (06.06.07)
One of them is this one about the article:gays are free to do what they want,of course,but in their privacity. Homosexuality is an exception in the nature-if it really exists, and it is not a merely depravation of mind being made belongs to privacity. But many other things should be cleared. Another is the law of return. Israel is being fulled of other faiths and other cultures and others diseases ,inclusively anti Israel and anti Jewish ones. This is not supposed to happen in Israel,a Jewish country. If Israel needs people for the Army,for example,it is better contracting men from other countries to fullfill its needs than transforming Israel in what it is not supposed to be.It would be cheaper tahn absorving whole families -and more honest! And one more thing:Tht's true that Israel is holy for 3 religions,but things should start being cleared once and for all about this matter:these other 2 religions exist based in Judaism-the origin- and they exist to destroy Judaism . We should stop living in a lie! It is enourmous anomaly churches being constructed in Israel,for example.There are almost 200 countries in the world to do that ,but not in Israel. The other thing is to get rid of the arab language written everywhere.In Israel should be all written in Hebrew and English ,which is a lingua franca to so many. And one more thing:The eternal conflict in tiny Israel exists not only because arabs are greedy,but as well because the christian europe (and the christian USA)don;t want Israel to be free,They want to keep Israel subjugated(and profiting the change to gain money on our shoulders,selling arms to all midle east!).That's the truth!
16. Police State
William ,   London, Canada   (06.06.07)
If you can ban one peaceful march because people might not like it, what next, who next? Israel is not in danger from homosexuals. People are free to teach that engaging in same-sex actions are wrong (anyway, less than 10% are like that anyway). They are in danger from a government that restricts rights. If Mary Cheney, Dicks' daughter were to buy a ticket to visit Israel, would you let her in?
17. Burkhas for women next?
Steve G ,   Kew Gardens, NY, USA   (06.06.07)
Israel cannot claim to be a democratic country with freedom to speak you mind if such Taliban-like measures are approved. This is a flight back into primitivism that mimics Israel's enemies.
18. Hey! While we are on the subject of...
Sheikh yer Bu'Tay   (06.06.07)
sexual deviations from the mean, or "normal", that is... Someone please answer this question I have had for years now. Ancient Hebrews considered it "normal" to have as many wives as one could care for. King David had many! King Solomon had an unbeliveable number! So, what gives? Why does today's modern Israeli have only one wife? Or, is this a really deep dark secret no one wants to talk about? Come on! Come out of the "closet" and tell me about this one!
19. All gays should have rights.
rachel ,   migdal, Israel   (06.06.07)
They should have the same rights to choose to go to heaven, or hell like the rest of us. How you live your life here on earth by abiding Hashems words will determine where you spend eternity. By that same thought, how you spend your life sticking your finger in Hashems face and doing what he calls an abomination to him, that too will determine where you spend eternity. Thank G-D the knesset finally took a stand in our land against this perverse group. This in a land where Hashem has showed himself strong so many times.
20. Comparisons
Talula ,   Israel   (06.06.07)
How easy it is to shatter the dreams of people who have been persecuted for years and years and who just want acceptance from their fellow countrymen. How simple it must be to deny them the simple right to a parade that doesn't hurt anyone. When do we, the Israeli public, get to kick out all the thieves, liars, crooks and sex fiends in the government, effectively shattering their dreams? And as for the religious people. Don't kid yourselves. There are PLENTY gays among you, PLENTY! And let's not stop there, what about wife beaters, child abusers and child rapists, to name a few. See, a gay parade doesn't look so bad now. You just needed some comparisons.
21. More hatred - Jew against Jew
David ,   The Galilee   (06.06.07)
Jews are hated because they are Jews. Gays are hated because they are Gays. It is absurd. Where is Freedom? Where is the right to choose? The religious demand tolerance of their beliefs but are totally intolerant of the beliefs and choices of others. Just remember, Gays serve in the army and defend this country and die for it while some others sit in Yeshivot and even collaborate with our enemies in Iran and work with the Arabs against Gay Rights! The next stage is to close everything on Shabbat. Close Tiv Ta'am and Keshet. No Shabbat shopping. Close the Cinemas and shut down the TV. Iran here we come! What a disgrace! Can't you homphobes and religious fanatics learn to live and let live?
22. To #7 Eric - You are 100% Right!
David ,   Karmiel, Israel   (06.06.07)
Welcome to the Orhodox Jewish Homphobic Intolerant Republic of Iran oops I mean Israel! What a country. Drug smuggling doctors ger 5 years and serve 19 months. Beaters of old women get plea bargins. MK's convicted and senteced to jail wonder around free and these "people" have the gall to condemn law abiding Gays who want nothing more than eqaul rights!
23. Our Knesset's Priorities.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.06.07)
You would think that given our security situation, our MK's would find something useful to discuss. Instead, they waste time pandering to prejudice, basically a form of political prostitution. Missiles fall on Sderot every day. Those evicted from Gaza are forgotten. Our unpopular PM may be trying to give away the Golan - where is legislation to require a referendum on giving up territory? We may have to invade Gaza. Iran may drop a nuclear bomb on us. We may be attacked by Syria. Our institutions may be boycotted. Our educational system is a disaster. The list is long, far longer than this format allows. But what pre-occupies our distinguished MK's? Gays having a parade. A total non-issue of no consequence. No wonder we're in such trouble.
24. Israel denies non-jews rights; welcome gays & lesbians
Alissa ,   Tel Aviv   (06.06.07)
25. Religious
SGF ,   Israel   (06.06.07)
Typical example of how the Religious are controlling this country. Israel is a DEMOCRACY, not theocracy. In this case the Knesset is only reinforcing the social terrorism inflicted upon the public by the religious and their hatred for anyone different then themselves!
26. WTF
David ,   Manchester England   (06.06.07)
israel is SUPPOSED to be the landof the jewish people, the jewish people are supposed to keep to the jewish law , and Homosexuality is totally forbidden, Gay people should not be excluded , but helped with there phsycological problems
MIKE HAMEN ,   usa   (06.06.07)
28. Don’t try to curtail freedom – observe basic laws.
H.H.M ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.06.07)
The two (gay) laws proposed to the Knesset by MK Gabbay (National Union NRP) and Minister of Trade and Industry Yishay on behalf of his Shas Party. – Both proponents hint or even threaten “bloodshed” if this so called gay parade will take place in Jerusalem, which they declare a Holy City to three religion. The first reading produced the possible maximum of real supporters, if such exist, which gained about 1/3 of the Knesset members’ vote. - The proposed gay parade was never mentioned to take place within the Walled In Old City which is called the Holy City of Jerusalem. – The argumentation that here a provocation exist. I’m willing to accept provided for the 2/3 for the Knesset who did not vote for the first reading, to have “ the equal right for a provocation claims against their freedom.” Here is being put to test freedom of religion, belief, speech, organization etc. Coercion is a despisable weapon specially when applied in politics. Personally I’m not in favor of this “display of gaity” specially not by big public demonstration of that sort. Here I completely agree to MK Gabbay. “…."Each person's orientations are his own business and belong to the private realm, as do homosexual tendencies. There is no need to display them in public...“ Which is applicable to both sides, as Israel is neither declared a theocratic nor a homosexual state. The Knesset should deal with far more urgent measures like poverty, Home Front readiness, Qassams, peace, border question, occupation of territory, equal rights for its citizen. - It should clean itself of doubtful or even illegal combinations …..
29. And By The Way ....
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.06.07)
To those who are so vehemently opposed to gays & gay parades, don't you resent being used by politicians, manipulated, pandered to by a bunch of useless speech-makers who, rather than tackle the many, many real problems we have, waste their time on such a totally useless & inconsequential issue? Will banning a parade put one shekel in your pocket? Will it stop Kassams? Will it give anyone a job? Leaving aside the unfairness of discriminating against gays while total morons like Peace Now, etc. or Amnesty do their best to undermine our country, what does banning the parade do for you? You know the answer is a big NOTHING -
30. Go Israel
Yoni ,   California   (06.06.07)
The land of israel and the people of israel are symbol of the Uniqe childer of God. If we all believe that Jerusalem is the city of King David, King Solomon and the land of Mosses, then we should all know that Gay prade is the great sin before God and I know for sure if those kings were rulling israel at this time, they would never allowed it to happened. I just want everyone to understand, jersualem is not San Francisco or Amestradam. It is God's land and uniqe one. I congragulate all MK member for working hard to prevent Gay prade around israel. Israel is fighting its enemy on daily basis, Israel need God help and God always has been the protector of israel. we cant ask God to protect the land the people while we allowe such great sin through out israel. Gay prade should be banned for good all over israel. Israel is Democracy country, but that does not mean that the law of God should be foggoten. The low of God comes first beofre a low of men. May God give wisdom to our leaders
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