Sderot residents 'going crazy over misleading calm'
Shmulik Hadad
Published: 06.06.07, 23:57
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1. that's terrible
hanina   (06.07.07)
2. Maybe there arnt too many surviving Terro Rocketeers
Alan ,   SA   (06.07.07)
3. The terror continues unabated
Steve ,   USA   (06.07.07)
B"H Unless there are zero rockets fired, the terror has not ended and continues. Hamas wants fear in the citizens, and this is what it buys with the missile strikes twice a day.
4. hit Gaza hard,cut electric/water
andy ,   orlando,fl   (06.07.07)
Now is the time to crush the terrorists in Gaza.No respite until terrorists vanquished.Cut electricity/water until there is a guarantee no more rocket attacks.
5. There are psychological and economical ways to kill a city
Otter ,   Canada   (06.07.07)
They don't need their rockets now, they don't need an invading army. The damage is done. And their biggest helper is the Do-Nothing Israeli government.
6. Qassam Smassams
chaim ,   miami beach usa   (06.07.07)
Just trying to get my facts straight Israel has a person that is aspiring to become the next president and has PM Olmart backing him to the hilt just why the hue and cry about the incessant Kassams and other projectiles the citizens of Sederot are complaining about when a personage of no less stature then Shimon Peres tell the to suck it up and stop complaining he is to busy covering up his failures so that he becomes the President of Israel, to be bothered by such trivialities or is the entire leadership so afraid of their own shadow that the children of Sedorot is an acceptable casualty.
7. Exactly like banging you head on a wall for a few days....
Alan ,   SA   (06.07.07)
.. it is a nice feeling when you stop.
8. The price to pay when you imprison 1,5 million human beings
9. #8 They ain't seen nothing yet. West Bank settlements next.
10. 1.5 million prisoners
alz ,   camada   (06.07.07)
End the suffering of the Palestinian people, "let my people go".
11. Question for a Sderot resident..
k shamash ,   canada   (06.08.07)
Just wondering, if Kassam rockets are fairly simple to make, and as the political will is not there to take decisive action against the rockets- why not manufacture a few Kassam type rockets and fire them into the heart of Gaza?
12. #11 - Not from Sderot but
Robert ,   USA   (06.08.07)
remember, Israel has an army that is being restrained from doing its job because of a government decision. Sderot has been abandoned, true, but it should not be expected to fight this war alone.
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