Hafez Assad conceded Mt Hermon, says Netanyahu
Published: 07.06.07, 20:09
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1. great. Let's phone the old man to confirm that.
2. So Netanyahu wants to give away the Golan?
sk ,   USA   (06.07.07)
What's the point of this news story? Is N. trying to advertise that he would give up the Golan, which, having been annexed, is now Israeli by law as well as by fact and by bible? There is no need for N. if he will continue the same, tired, counterproductive Olso legacy. Indeed, perhaps Israel should claim Damascus. It was part of the ancient Jewish land, after all, and, once Jewish, a land is Jewish for all time.
3. # 1 you are great. LOL May we be can dig for survivor one.lo
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (06.07.07)
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.07.07)
and a hard place. And this is supposed to be our next encore PM. What a cluts,leaving a couple of hundred meters of golan heights for defense. There are supposed to be smart people here,were are they? We are stuck with a bunch of morons,proud result of our zionist enterprise. Whatever these guys are using i want some to. How can these guys be so naive and out of touch,with enemies who daily tell us they want our destruction. A lot of israelis are not tired of winning,but they are tired of existence.
5. are we suckers ? what a deal ! Golan is JEWISH FOREVER !
Mike   (06.07.07)
6. The only thing we should concede is a bucket of cow dung !!!
dovid ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.07.07)
7. Efi Eitam For PM.
Gidi ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.07.07)
Our only chance.
8. One Mental Hospital is needed for these people
Gaby ,   Jerusalem   (06.07.07)
Bunch of fanatics, racist Jews which someone like Egal Amir is considered moderate near them, they are disconnected from reality and definitely disconnected from Middle East because they live in US anyway, and they watch the struggle as Hollywood movie, few, I know they are few and one mental hospital can take care of them
guess who ,   ours   (06.07.07)
Had he kept his mouth shut he would have been a philosopher.
10. Absolutely NOT. And remember Olmert promised a referendum!!
Otter ,   Canada   (06.07.07)
And the answer at that referendum should be a BIG NO to giving away even an inch of Jewish soil. What do these #@#*&! leaders think. That they can just give away land that is not theirs without first consulting with the people? If the Syrians want war, then Israel must face that, but to continue to appease an insatiable enemy is sheer madness.
11. Did he just remember?
Sami ,   Atlanta GA, USA   (06.07.07)
12. The story just reaffirms why I don't want to live in Israel.
Avraham ,   NYC   (06.07.07)
Bibi, the strongest candidate for PM was negotating for surrender of sovereign Israeli territory to the late butcher and dictator Assad. Yes, the Golan for which hundreds of Israeli boys paid in blood and thousands more were wounded. Bibi got excited by the prospect of being allowed by the weak Syria to keep Hermon only while ALL of Golan is in Israel's current possession. Now, can you call Bibi anything other than the idiot? Just one of the reasons I don't want to live in the State of Israel (I love the land) along with millions of other Diaspora Jews.
13. All the Israeli PM and the Mission Impossible. It is really
Simon Mohammed ,   Falls Church, VA USA   (06.07.07)
impossible to be a successuful Israeli PM. what i called promoting the future victim. are you still going to bring down this actual government and vote Mr. NB? or you will importe Tom cruise? No offense, i just want to change the style and laugh with you. Good luck anyway
14. What does the 'red' TB indicate?
just 1dering ,   palnet earth   (06.07.07)
Can any reader explain what the red colored link to a Talkback indicates? Is it like 'the most recommended'?
15. By the referendum the nation makes decisions for a Golan
e.m ,   s.f   (06.07.07)
No politicians has a right to make decision for a Golan and that is all up to the nations whom sacrificed their children’s for State of Israel Beside Golan has been our territory
16. # 12 Avraham - speak for yourself!
you fool no one ,   (ya aint got balls)   (06.07.07)
Stay away. You're not, and never will be welcome in Eretz Israel. Most people who make aliya from western societies, do it out of true love for this land, like yours truelyI can now at least try and assist this place with it's complex myriad of problems. Even at a local level. Sitting and reading and kvetching from afar is not an expression of love for this land - it's the ultimate diaspora Jew's COP-OUT! So you stay there where you are, sit at your machine and continue to tap out your pathetic excuses for being in denial of the fact that your balls are missing. And don't lump millions of our people into your sad, pathetic category!
David ,   Jerusalem, Israel   (06.07.07)
18. I guess I should be shocked at Netanyhu but I am not.
Steve ,   USA   (06.07.07)
This man would give up the Golan Heights? This is terrible. Such weakness. Such capitulation. Where are our Jewish men? Don't we have any great leaders?
19. #16: I'm coming; G-d willing
Steve ,   USA   (06.07.07)
I think Jews in Israel might need some help. A strong infusion of Zionist thinking.
20. how can israelis be so easily bluffed by their politicians?
rami   (06.07.07)
ok, so every single israeli PM was willing to offer some type of measureable concession to syria.... & even pals. We can argue if that's not enough or wrong as much as u want, but can somebody tell me, if every PM did negotiate with some seriousness to give up major land parts, why are many israelis so easily bluffed when x opposition leader tries to topple y PM by sounding more hardliner with "no concession" rhetoric when everybody knows they're lying & they'll be soon negotiating once they take over?? & it's all for domestic consumption??? Sharon, Natanyahu, Olmert even Begin did it..... i can understand when such rhetoric is played by arab dictators, so if israelis are supposed to be smart, politically aware ppl why do they let their politicians treat em like dummies? or is it all "role play" for international PR "good cup bad cup" crap? which is it??
21. if it is up to Bashar, he gives Hermon, Golan & his father's
observer   (06.07.07)
grave. Are you going to make peace with a "president" or Syrians?
22. #19 STEVIE - C'mon up!
Eretz Israel ,   אם ישראל חי   (06.07.07)
come home
23. and what has Peres said ?
Yochanan ,   Jerusalen, ISRAEL   (06.08.07)
Even Bibi the most right wing former PM wants to give away our land. Are they so blind after Oslo? Don't they know there will never be peace? The arabs want all of Israel piece by piece even Tel-Aviv, Haifa, and all of Jerusalem. WAKE UP JEW. We must change our leader as soon as we can. Out with the old, in with the new. KAHANA WAS RIGHT
25. conceding the Hermon
bachrach Andres ,   Kfarsaba il.   (06.08.07)
#12. That is one of your reason? and how many more reasones you have? don't tell me.I am not intrsted to know. Geh davenen.segetc what you are!! Andi mi hakfar.
26. #12,16,19 Zionists, diaspora and aliyah
observer   (06.08.07)
what did Zionists say to the Holocaust's diaspora? : “It is essential that the sufferings of Jews. . . become worse. . . this will assist in realization of our plans” Hertzel If I am asked, "Could you give from the UJA moneys to rescue Jews, 'I say, NO! and I say again NO!" Izaak Greenbaum -- head of Jewish Agency Rescue Committee, February 18, 1943. Addressed to the Zionist Executive Council. "One Cow in Palestine is worth more than all the Jews in Poland" ....Izaak Greenbaum "The old ones will pass. . .They are dust. . .They will bear their fate. . .They must accept it. . ." Chaim Weizmann, August 1937, London Zionist Convention.
27. big liar
ZD ,   SYRIA   (06.08.07)
netanyahu you big liar.Syria will never give one inch to your zionist entity and you will be forced to leave not only the Golan but all of Palestine.
28. Interesting
arnold ,   golus   (06.08.07)
Bibi is like the guy who loses all of his money in a poker game and then brags that the casino let him keep a souvenir ashtray. He gave away Hevron and tries to deny it and he tried to give away the Golan and failed. Doesn't look exactly like PM material does it??
29. Netanyahu says..
James ,   Ramat Hasharon   (06.08.07)
Hafez Assad conceded Mt Hermon, says Netanyahu and Olmert willing to give up Golan. I have a counter offer - let us cede Olmert and Netanyahu to Syria and we will keep Hermon and Golan. We will throw in a number of members of Knesset for good will
30. #27
Jerred   (06.08.07)
Forced to leave? By whom? Your Great Leader Assad the Second and his mighty armade? Or perhaps by the great, united and free Syrian people ? :-)
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