Olmert to Assad: Israel willing to withdraw from Golan Heights
Published: 08.06.07, 10:51
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1. Good initiative
Yusuf ,   Delhi,, India   (06.08.07)
That's responsible step from Israel.
Otter ,   Canada   (06.08.07)
3. May you choke on your own heart!!!!!!!!!!
4. No Territorial Concessions Without Referendum
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.08.07)
While the Knesset is busy with such important matters as gay parades, where is the legislation that would require a referendum on any territorial concessions?
5. Is that top photo of Olmert with a noose around his neck?
What the...? ,   Israel   (06.08.07)
Or the Darth Assad death grip? Are we really going to be this gullible again?
6. No.
Esther ,   Ofarim, Israel   (06.08.07)
7. democracy or dictatership
m   (06.08.07)
This is an interesting comment on democracy, if this is true. Too many people when they are elected to office, assume that it means they have been elected to do their own will. true democracy means consultation with others and the community in which they have such authority. Who in the hell do they think they are?
8. national suicide
andy ,   orlando,fl   (06.08.07)
Olmert refers to Syria gradually diisolving its links with terrorists.How long is gradually?
9. Olmert wants to be "the one" who created peace
North, Israel   (06.08.07)
to save his reputation, but instead will go down in history as has having erroded the country.
10. #1 What are your credentials?
You, who have worse troubles with Pakistan, come across as a website troll. Don't you have anything better to do with your time? How about this, if you're so interested - read up on this history of this region and conflicts.
11. secret message?! lol
tal hermon ,   tsfat   (06.08.07)
12. This is why Assad is getting bolder
Zvi   (06.08.07)
13. Syria doesn't need talks now, it won.
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.08.07)
As soon as one party makes an admission like "we have no claims" what ever follows is irrelevant. We will have neither peace nor legitimacy and certainly not security.
14. Olmert willing to give up the Golan
Kemp ,   Nahariya   (06.08.07)
Olmert might as well give up the State of Israel and be done with it
15. "Olmert" is willing to give away Golan....ISRAEL IS NOT!!!!
j ,   jerusalem, israel   (06.08.07)
Olmert is speaking words on which he cannot deliver. G-d owns the land and He will suffer no more betrayal of His land. The cries of the Land to be redeemed has reached the Heavens. He has heard her call and He will act....Him and no other!
16. civil disobedience
RobertK ,   Jerusalem   (06.08.07)
If it ever gets to where the Israeli govt. is fixing to hand over the Golan, vital and indispensable to our defensibility and our water supply, while destroying the Jewish communities there, there must be a massive civil-disobedience campaign including strikes that bring the nation to a halt, with at least as much passion as the students who protest possible slight increases in tuition fees. If we don't do that, we'll deserve our miserable fate. But if our leaders are really, after all that's happened (Sinai, Gaza, Southern Lebanon, Oslo, etc.) capable of contemplating even more suicidal idiocy, perhaps our country is no longer viable. Depressing; must face the truth. Handing over the Golan is a gesture of resigning to Amalek and ending Zionism.
17. olmert = arabs' secret weapon
dante ,   uk   (06.08.07)
18. Dont give up the Golan
poppy   (06.08.07)
Dont even think of giving up the Golan Who does he think he is Making the decisions for the people of Israel????? ONLY A REFEREDUM We cannot trust him DONT BE GULLABLE AGAIN LOOK WHAT HAPPENED IN LEBANON
19. don't give Golan Hights
tomer   (06.08.07)
I don't think we must give Golan Hights to get a peace. All the time they wants place to get a peace
20. Citizen Revolution
Israeli Special Ops   (06.08.07)
Orlmert does not have the support of the nation, in fact only 3% approve of his policies. Any attempt by Ormert to withdraw from the Golan Heights is very likely to result in a revolution in Israel. The Israeli citizens are sick and tired of the policy of appeasement that embolden our enemies and pushes Israel closer and closer towards extinction. Olmert should be put on notice: you give an inch of Israel to the enemies, and you become the enemy of every patriotic Israeli.
21. Give it all back
kyle ,   las vegas   (06.08.07)
Thats right Israel give the golan back its not yours, you have only died and bled for it, so the syrians can let hizbollah and others put rockets closer to larger israeli cities so they can do more damage and you have no buffer against future syrian attack. Yes you are brillant olmert let me guess you probably are gonna get a nice apartment in damascus as part of the deal. How bout this deal....we keep the golan you attack and we take more and guess what we will level it and never use it, it will just be ours forever. wage war loose your land.
22. Stop censoring me!
marya ,   sacramento, USA   (06.08.07)
You have to wonder what the government in general and Olmert in particular have been smoking! Give up the Golan, is he nuts? This is strategic higher ground - if it wasn't Israel wouldn't have taken it in the first place. Syria SHELLED Israel from the Golan, I've seen the bunkers. Why in the hell would Israel give it up? I'll tell you why .... because Olmert so wants to be liked by the Europeans and wants a pat on the back by the Americans. If you want rockets raining from the south AND THE NORTH ...give up the Golan.
23. "Bush, the report said, gave the go-ahead"
Otter   (06.08.07)
That's Olmert's foreign policy. Dictated by a foreign country. To serve the interests of a foreign country.
24. what?
hanina   (06.08.07)
I know it's late at night and I didn't read this correctly.
Yishai Kohen ,   YeShA, Israel   (06.08.07)
And since Olmert is on his way out anyway...
26. #5
observer ,   israel   (06.08.07)
no he just swallowed a peretz , i mean a pretzel and rice. ? i wonder what the hermon would say , probably just carrying on sliding down me and tickle me with your feet, gullible again, will there really be peace on earth?
shiri   (06.08.07)
28. Where is the logic?
Glenn   (06.08.07)
Kadima gives Gaza away. Israel is attacked from Gaza. Does Olmert fight back and defeats the gangs in Gaza? No. Instead Olmert offers to give the Golan away. So when Israel is attacked from Syria, what will Olmert do? He will offer the West Bank to the Palestinians. For the sake of peace. Will anyone stop these insane actions before it's too late?
29. olmert, let us alone! You are the worst disaster for Israel!
uli ,   jerusalem   (06.08.07)
30. Is there anything Olmert won't give away?!
Michael   (06.08.07)
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