Cost of occupation – over $50 billion
Avi Shauli
Published: 09.06.07, 19:28
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1. Don't know your facts
Sam Weinstein ,   USA   (06.09.07)
Of course Israel would not be here now if there was no settlements in the West Bank so who ever gave you those figures either your EU Friends or peace now are incorrect
2. Bogus information
Jerome ,   Paris   (06.09.07)
To tell you the truth: After all, left wing people should try to foster mutual understanding in Israel and NOT divide people. I do also think that bogus information is after Oslo still written BUT it is not consumend any more by "clal Israel" :-) Stop with such nonsens because Sderot, Kiryai Shmona etc are "inside 48" !
4. leftists are never tired to do propaganda
5. Ok, so having a state isn't cheap - let's give it up.
Daniel ,   Formerly Israel   (06.09.07)
6. Just more left wing BS, GO LIVE in IRAN your paridise!
Earth2moonbats ,   moonbats outofIsraeL   (06.09.07)
7. Lets make some simple calculations
Imagine the total costs occurring Sderot, an area next to Gaza, an area that was evacuated. The total cost to defend Sderot, fortify, support, give mental and physical care, constant ambulance workers, the development of red alert aswell as whichever anti-missile shield to be used, the close by military incursions required weekly, fuel for helicopters and UAVs on near 24 hour patrol, all the gas, water, and electricity that goes to Gaza and is NOT paid. Now multiply all these figures to match Tel Aviv and the West Bank. And now we can compare the two costs. I guess this will never be done because that costs will easily be double or triple.
8. Cost of Withdrawal: The State.
David ,   Israel   (06.09.07)
9. The cost is even higher
stan ,   israel   (06.09.07)
There are other costs he does not mention too - those of protecting and developing Jerusalem, Tel Aviv and Haifa - what a waste! Its much more cost effective for Sderot citizens to have a slight inconvenience. In fact the whole state is a big waste which the Arabs TRIED to save us!!
10. occupation
don morris ,   netanya   (06.09.07)
Divide and conquer-just what Israel's enemies await-impressive numbers, what context, where is perspective-this "news story" cleverly presented as an op-ed piece-and your point is...?
11. Cost of not defeating the mainstream mass-murderers-priceles
Ben Temalion ,   Shiloh, MO USA   (06.09.07)
You won't consider the est. less than $5 billion to enforce the right of return of your mass-murderers back to their homicidal hamite peninsular homeland of their own name. The cost of the pogrom is much more since you consider Azza life to not contrigute to the GDP. Which it did to the tune of $100's of millions a year. Now you destroyed their ability to live and many are to old to rebuild their lives. This is a defeatest article that does not portray the real problem of battles that go un-won. And is a symptom of the other existential threat, you don't want your land and hate those who love the land that protects all of you. By your logic, Jews should never exist where they have to pay a cost to protect their existence.
12. Idiotic Talkbacks
David ,   Los Angeles   (06.09.07)
Just because a person wastes money on an unnecessary extension to his house on a neighboring piece of land, how does pointing out to him that it was a waste of money imply that he should give up the original house? You guys are so dumb with your deliberate distortions.
13. cost of retreat? doom
jack bauer ,   usa   (06.09.07)
14. Extermimating Hamasniks will be cheaper
Frank ,   Canada   (06.09.07)
15. Why start counting costs from 1967?
Uzi ,   Haifa   (06.09.07)
Could somebody calculate the total cost of the Jewish settlements in Eretz Israel since the First Aliya?
16. What total garbage!
Rachel ,   Ramat Negev   (06.09.07)
No amount of pouring money into the periphery has or will work to increase development in these areas (where I happen to live for over 20 years). The reason that these areas aren't developed enough have more to do with the Socialist heritage and Labor's control of the economy and settlement - something still manifest in regions like the south where so much land and resources are milked by a small handfull of kibbutzim who have outlived their usefulness by at least 20 years. This is just another Leftist attempt to discredit the settlement movement in areas liberated in the Six Day War. Israel's mistake was in not annexing those areas and trying to use an exchange of land for a non-existent peace. It hasn't worked in Gaza and it won't work in Judea, Samaria, the Golan Heights or Jerusalem. The name of the game is survival and we have managed to survive and prosper in spite of every attempt of the Left to destroy the Zionist dream.
17. Without the "territories" Israel would not even exist today.
A.D. Weiss   (06.09.07)
Is there a price for your homeland? How much is too much? The following may sound radical and inpractical, but it comes straight from my heart: if Israel were to be emptied of every Jew except those who truly love all the land with enough passion to defend it to their last drop of blood, Israel would be invincible. What makes Israel a non-viable country is the sickness within: corruption; greed; cowardice and appeasement of the enemy while hating one's own; the acquiescing to foreign manipulation and servility to the Goyim at a known heavy cost to Israel; the lack of appreciation for the land; the unworkable and corroded political system; the destructive antics of the Left and the traitors within. And now this: evaluating the monetary cost of the very lifeblood of the country. I see two roads ahead: either somebody takes charge, or the country will self-destruct. The Arabs will do the final clean up, but the main job will have been done by Israelis themselves.
18. Yeah
Truthmonger   (06.09.07)
if not for the "Occupation" israel would be a world leader in technology, Biotech, Internet.....Oh wait We are!
19. #12 You're 100% Right
Aharon   (06.10.07)
These fascists are the most sensationalist liars I've ever seen.
20. #16 the left created the Zionist dream
Aharon   (06.10.07)
How dumb are you?
21. An average of 1.25 B/ year
BJL ,   Appleland usa   (06.10.07)
Well worth it. The Land that has been re-settled (It used to be Jewish) is worth a fortune in infrastructure and additional security. Do not give up an inch of it. You will not be more secure but less. Remember, if you dont claim the right to Yesha how can you claim the right to TA. And that is exactly how the Arabs see it.
22. Simple Solution
Yusef ,   CA, USA   (06.10.07)
No US $3Billion in extortion, er..I mean aid, per year = no funding for Apartheid occupation. I am American, and I vote.
23. who are the "experts"?
Elie   (06.10.07)
and what sources and research methods they used to get these numbers? What assumptions they made and what sources they used? What is the definition of "occupation"? etc. etc. I happen to be professor of economics and without seeing the study including answers to the above questions, I have to view the Shauli piece as a poltical statement.
24. stop vilifying fellow Israelis!!!
art ,   jc usa   (06.10.07)
Israel must stop vilifying fellow Israelis. "settlers" has been made to be a dirty word. Remember to Arab eyes ALL ISRAELIS are Settlers, they keep saying this. Stop accepting the Arab view of histroy. Before 1929 they were against Jews and since then 1967 is not a cuse of the hatred to Israel and Jews, If Israel had ever lost it would never have been given a second chance. The settlements, are all the same in arab eyes efrat, TelAviv etc.
STOP ARAB OCCUPATION ,   ..............DACON9   (06.10.07)
26. totally wrong
yosef ,   tel aviv   (06.10.07)
First of all, #21 is right, even if it is true 50 billion over 40 years is cheap. Second of all, this is the most silly analysis, devoid of any reality. If the guy who wrote it has an academic degree he should go get a tenure track position in a kindergarten in Damascus. How can the analysis be meaningful if he ignores the price of the Golan? No water for Israel from the Golan plus the price of all army bases on the Golan being located in the Galilee (so no more land in Galilee for civilians) and the price of the standing army to prevent a Syrian attack. How can the analysis be meaningful if he ignores the price of Jerusalem? Real estate prices of "settlements" such as Katamon and French Hill, no Modiin, travel to Jerusalem without Shaar Haggai, and the Jordanian "Wall of Death". What would have been the price of the 1973 war? "Peace with Galilee"? The only thing that might be true and is not addressed is the development of the Arabs in Gaza, Judea and Samaria. If Israel had immediately retreated from these lands and did not build hospitals and universities for the Arabs, nor give them jobs the population would have remained small (Kalkilya 5000 in 1967, 40000 today) and primitive.
27. " Of course Israel would not be here now if there was no set
Ghandi ,   Palestine   (06.10.07)
This the fact settlers do not want to understand; they were used as human sheilds to protect the easy life in Israel proper. hope u can make it clear for them. they may become less aggrissive againest the Pals.
28. settler movement
Eleanor ,   Canada   (06.10.07)
In response to Avi Shauli's piece "Cost of Occupation - over $50 billion" - Only trouble is, Israel's settlement policy DOES NOT have the higher moral cause on its side (which, as was pointed out, would then make it worth the monetary cost). Instead it is THEFT pure and simple. Isreal not only loses billions of shekels, it loses its soul.
29. #28 - Eleanor, Canada, not Israel, was settled on stolen
Daniel B.   (06.10.07)
land because the White man had never owned anything in North America. They came, killed or subjugated the Aboriginals, then took over. The condo or nice house where you live is sitting on stolen land. You, Eleanor, are a settler. The Jews' land title to Israel is in the history books and the bible, whichever you choose to read. Please don't just repeat the propaganda that has been indoctrinated into you by your teachers or latte-drinking friends. Do some research on your own.
30. "Cost of occupation" - Confused perception
Meir M. ,   Yerushalayim, Israel   (06.10.07)
The author refers to "cost of occupation". Who is he to define the outcome of the Six Day War as occupation? Why no assume the opposite - in 1967 Israel liberated territories belonging to the Jewish people. From such a perspective the cost is part of the cost for building and developing the Jewish state. What if we would have had only economic considerations at the eve of the establishment of the State of Israel in 1948? Then it would have never been established. The anticipated cost would have deterred our founding fathers from declaring independence. It for sure was much "cheaper" to stay put in the Diaspora – it would incur no maintenance cost at all. From a pure economic perspective the expenses may instead be considered long investments for re-establishing the Jewish nationhood and sovereignty over the Land of Israel. As such it should be perceived as very much justified.
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