Shas MK caught with tens of thousands of shekels at airport
Eli Senyor
Published: 12.06.07, 01:12
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1. A crook's haven
Zooog ,   USA   (06.12.07)
It's getting very sad to see how many government officials are under investigation for shoddy and thieving practices. Israel seems to becoming a corrupt country like the rest of the middle east. Too bad.
2. did not know
ben ,   singapore   (06.12.07)
Ask hm if he can plead ignorance of law ,Asher Shitrit ,his assistant ,was the money in his possession or in the possession of MK Chaim Amsellem (Shas).The green lane means NOTHING TO DECLARE , carrying MORE THAN 80,000- and still NOTHING TO DECLARE ? So what is the ban ? Not more than 80.000 or to say anything above 80.000 ? IRAS should go in, CPIB should go in, CUstoms & EXCISe should fine/ compound him. May / may not be corruption !
3. Was it a big suitcase?
potential smuggler ,   u.s.a.   (06.12.07)
4. Intolerant and Dishonest
Laila ,   Montreal, Canada   (06.12.07)
The Shas Party refers to Gays as "Beasts" and have been involved in financial hanky panky for years. Good job catching the guy.
5. This man is a guardian of the law,
Joe ,   Ohio, USA   (06.12.07)
and doesn't know what the law states?! Suuuuuure! Time will tell if we have another politician caught with his hands in the cookie jar.
6. I'm shocked
Michelle ,   Vancouver   (06.12.07)
Shas MK? I can't believe that one of those patriotic, idealistic MKs were to be concerned with something like money. There must be a mistake. Could it have been Monopoly money, perhaps? For a little board game while on a long flight from...where was he coming from, by the way?
7. HA HA
Kyle ,   Southpark, CO, USA   (06.12.07)
Customs seized the worthless shekels and he got away with the uncut diamonds.
stude ham   (06.12.07)
The major downfall of the israeli proportional list allocation voting system is that it cannot get rid of corrupt officials on the party lisits. and it gives the most corrupt parties, like shas, the right to knesset representation because people are dumb enough to vote for them. Reform the electoral system! Israel deserves better!
9. Drop this daft restriction
Adamush   (06.12.07)
Free flow of money for a free market economy!!!!
10. Shas Mk smuggling in money
hilary ,   israel   (06.12.07)
Can you spell corrution and lies,Shas doesn't need our tax money for their educational institutions they smuggle it in from abroad and yet the secular educatioanl system in this country is failing our children. Let them use their illgotten gains for their educational system.
11. A thief by any other name
David ,   Haifa   (06.12.07)
Among the thieves that so many of our MKs are, those of Shas manage to stand out as being the kings of thieves. Their voters, who are poor and suffer more than anybody else from this country's corruption, should know better than to keep voting for these thieves.
12. Politics and religion
Observant Jew ,   Haifa   (06.12.07)
If anyone needs proof why religion should stay out of politics, Shas is a great example. It's corruption and shady dealings has only served to farther the image of religiously observant Jews in the Israeli public.
13. #7 kylie
Kesef ,   Tel Aviv   (06.12.07)
Shekels are WORTHLESS.How dare you say this.This is defamation.But you are incriminating yourself about the uncut diamonds.Don't come to Israel;you'll be on the black list.
14. Shas MK caught
VoiceOfReason ,   Here&Now   (06.12.07)
What B-S he was carrying over $40,000.He walked right through Customs without declaring anything. Another one in a growing list of Political Thieves. The complete Knesset should be fired, closed and made into a parking lot they are the most useless collection of self-centered ZEROS eve.
15. Scum bags
Talula ,   Israel   (06.12.07)
Greedy, lying scumbags
16. So I guess it's not just the Arabs that get "harassed"..
YMBMY ,   Modiin   (06.12.07) the Airport. Not to defend this crook, of course. He was just protecting the money that Olmert gave Shas to back his plan to de-judaicze the Golan.
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.12.07)
Although I am no fan of shas and find their participation in this corrupt government highly unsettling and disturbing, showing a total ignorance of the average Israeli voter. It is striking that straight away Ynet will put the headline "corruption”, while for ramon we never saw a headline "molester". But then again there are many of us who know the leanings and dealings of Ynet and the rest of most of our liberal cool media. Our media has the distinction to only pursue the whole truth and not to manipulate the publics mind and opinion and publish a high quality unbiased form of reporting. Knowing the level of our public school system is struggling with, if there is a school of journalism here in Israel, one can not expect too much
18. #15
joe ,   (06.12.07)
Tut,tut,tut.What language.Where did you learn that?At the Socientology Camp?
19. Suitcasese are payoff for
marya ,   sacramento, USA   (06.12.07)
standing with Peres for President...
That this guy isn't a Kadima MK
21. Shas , again
22. I am saying tha Israel is reminding me Brasil more and more!
Keren ,   SP-Israel   (06.12.07)
We had,there in Brasil,a recent case of a parlamentaire caught with thousand of dollars in his innocent underpants,trying to evade the money from the country -or the city,I don't remember! I think the officials stopped him ,maybe, because he seemed too fat in the rear end! Then,it was the turn of an evangelical Reverend,also belonging to the Brasil's parlament ,caught with thousand of Dollars and Reals that he ,innocently ,gathered from his sheeps on his evangelical church as the Dizime! Yes...what to say more?
23. # 9 Adamush
charles ,   petach tikva   (06.12.07)
There is a free flow of money , but you have to declare it . The same if you transfer big sums abroad , you have to give the reason . This to control the "cleaning" of unkosher money . This is the same when you transfer money in other countries , give a serious reason and origin of it
24. #23 WRONG!!!(abroad anyway)
colin ,   chesterfield u.k.   (06.12.07)
But how do you know about transferring large sums of money ?? Practice or theory????
25. Colin [ ? ] you are wrong
charles ,   petach tikva   (06.12.07)
In practice . In European countries , even if you exchange sums over 10,000 Euro you had to give justifications . The same if you transfer sums . This was the law .
26. All of you... relax, please!
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.12.07)
That is the money for my mother's eye operation!
27. He tot he could laugh all his way out of the airport
john ,   nz   (06.12.07)
28. Will the cash be used to campaign for Peres?
LEE ,   NY, USA   (06.12.07)
29. He should have come in thru Gaza.Ask Haniyeh about suitcases
Alan ,   SA   (06.12.07)
30. #25 WOW!!
colin ,   (06.12.07)
In practice!!! You actually transfer such large sums of money around Europe??!!Send me some,please;I am very poor P.S.Colin is my pseudonym:GOTTCHA!!!
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