Peres elected Israel's ninth president
Published: 13.06.07, 17:27
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1. Rivlin also dropped out
2. you look a lot better mr peretz without the mustacio
rashid ,   palistinian   (06.13.07)
so now that he is the israili president, who is the new defence minister, i hope it is not a woman
Richard Cohen ,   London UK   (06.13.07)
As Bismarck said of Disraeli "Der Alte Jude, das ist der Mann"
4. kol hakavod
hizki ,   germany   (06.13.07)
I hope President Peres will be blessed with the wisdom and ability (even at his age) to help improve the situation for jews in isreal, and help bring them closer to peaceful relations with the palisitinians.
5. Peres President
VoiceOfReason ,   Here&Now   (06.13.07)
Oy Va Voy, he did it. Wishing him a short stay. This place is realy going down the tubes. So Shas proabably got their money must have been the $400,000 dollars they attempted to sneak in at the Airport the other day. Mosheiach where are you? We need you NOW. We already have the donkies.
6. Okay, Shimon. Now be presidential and shut up and smile.
Jay   (06.13.07)
7. What kind a dammage can he do now?
Avraham ,   Netivot   (06.13.07)
Talula ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
About time! Mazal Tov to one of my favourite elder statesmen for good and for bad, you deserve this. Now, be a good boy, I don't want to read you have been pinching bums and breasts!! Congratulations Shimon, with love from Talula xxxx
9. Mazal Tov President Peres!
Bleiberg ,   TA, Israel   (06.13.07)
Congratulations Mr. Peres, you are now our President. We hope that you will lead Israel forwards in these troubled times.
10. Peres for President - Mazal Tov
jacob ,   munich   (06.13.07)
I wish him all the best ,may he remain healthy, he is a very respected and respectable person. Good for Israel
11. Still a loser
Enemy of State ,   Judea   (06.13.07)
95th time's a charm, eh? Does this mean he's got to stay out of politics now?
12. Poor Shimon!
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (06.13.07)
The brass ring always eluded him! But at least he will have the honor due him as an elder statesman.
13. I am sad, today.
Reuven Brauner ,   Raanana, Israel   (06.13.07)
14. SAD DAY: Oslo Criminal replaces Rapist as President
Dudu ,   Kfar Sava   (06.13.07)
15. #8
Ram ,   London   (06.13.07)
Will it be fun with those restrictions? With permission, will it be OK?
16. Mr Peres
Ram ,   London   (06.13.07)
There are 2 sides to you. Use them "both" for the good of Israel please!
17. Peres President
Yvonne ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
It has been a long time coming, a pity they did not vote for him when he ran with Katsav, he could have saved us from any embrasements. Excellent choice, a true Statesman and he is the last of his generation to have the true spirit and meaning of the State of Israel and Zionism. He Stands for what I believe in and why I chose to make my home in Israel.
18. SAD?
EM ,   Ra'anana   (06.13.07)
Reuven my co-city dweller....why are you so sad? Can't you look at the bigger picture - today we saw the all the MK's acting nobly...Avital and Rivlin gracefully bowed out instead of kicking, screaming and demanding recounts. Finally we have a day in the Knesset that we can all be proud. Maybe you don't like Peres nor his past policies - but the process today shows what a great country we really are!
DAVID ,   JUDEA   (06.13.07)
for the sate of Israel. Like there is an old saying, "In sewage water,sh"t always floats on top". Our fine polical process proves over and over again,that its just an old boys club,dividing up the pie. Shame on shas, likud and the other socalled nationalists. So what that peres is old , that does not make him deserving of honor. Especialy with his not so clean past record. What has he done for us lately,NADA. This is a joke, the zionist democracy is a total corrupt system.
20. MAzal tov, shimon!!! we love you, yea, yea, yea...
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (06.13.07)
21. Truly, a Sad State Of Affairs. This is your Best?
Ken Quinn ,   Amsterdam   (06.13.07)
22. congragulation mr. president
Jacob elbaz ,   washington Dc   (06.13.07)
23. recycling
david litke ,   elazar, Israel   (06.13.07)
Who says Israelis are not environmentally aware, and don't know the first thing about recycling? We have this week managed to recycle a failed prime-minister, and 5-time loser.
24. A note to the non-Hebrew readers
Daniel ,   Tel Aviv   (06.13.07)
Just that you'll understand the extent of the support Shimon Peres has INSIDE Israel - it's only a few minuets after the announcement and in the hebrew Ynet version there are more then 800 talkbacks. About 785 are Pro Peres.
25. First Act for President Shimon Peres
threat hunter ,   eisham, israel   (06.13.07)
Dear President Peres, Congratulations on winning the Presidency. May your actions be good. I would like to suggest that you start your illustrious new role by redeeming yourself through an act of compassion. Please demand that Prime Minister Ehud Olmert takes up the issue of Jonathan Pollard on his upcoming visit to Washington, DC this weekend. If President Bush is as good a friend of Israel as we always hear, then there is every reason to demand the freedom of one of Israel's greatest men, an American Jew who gave Israel information that America was legally bound to give Israel, yet never did. Please Mr. Peres, now that you are Israel's top figurehead, cast aside the petty political games you played with Israel's hero, Jonathan Pollard, and use your bully pulpit to make the case for Pollard's freedom. It is high time that respect and human dignity returns to the High Office of the President of Israel. If you are the Jew you claimed to be in order to win support from the religious community in your Presidential campaign, then you will know that redemption and forgiveness are Jewish characteristics. It is therefore your duty as President of the Jewish democractic State of Israel, to take every opportunity and make every effort to end the suffering of Mr. Pollard, who has served longer than al-Qaida murderers, longer than spies who sold secrets to enemies of America, and longer than virtually any other spy in American history. We all know what you did, and did not do, in the case of Jonathan Pollard. Now is the time to do the right thing, and bring Jonathan Pollard home in freedom! Shalom.
josephine ,   (06.13.07)
I bet you'ld love him to pinch your bum and breasts
27. Peres Pres
VoiceOfReason ,   Here&Now   (06.13.07)
Hopefully he will now become totally ineffective. Completely agree with #19. This place is turning into a complete joke. Shas was no surprise they always vote according to their wallet. Maybe we could buy Peres a horse and he can now ride off into the sunset.
28. Another travesty- at least he has no real powers.
LEE ,   NY, USA   (06.13.07)
29. #15
Talula ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
Shimon she'lanu has waited so long to be recognised for his work for his beloved Israel. He won't throw it all away for a big pair of knockers and a small little arse. Even if they throw themselves at him. He'll be on a natural high dealing with all the boring stuff that he's waited so very very long to deal with. Bless him.
30. truly!!! clickable
oferdesade ,   israel   (06.13.07)
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