Shin Bet stops 2 suicide bombers
Efrat Weiss
Published: 13.06.07, 17:14
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1. Shin Bet boys - you are amazing!
Talula ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
But you should have just neutralized them there and then.
2. Damn they're ugly bugs!
3. Israel, Give them the death they desire.
4. To Palestinian leadership resistance justifies anything
Sam ,   Canada   (06.13.07)
The Palestinian leadership seems to believe that as "victims" any atrocity by any means is acceptable. This is encouraged by those who justify these actions.
5. Fatma Younis Hasan-Zack was Pregnant!!!
Joe   (06.13.07)
Other news sources are reporting that Fatma Younis Hasan-Zack was pregnant. That changes everything, because a woman has the "Right to Choose" an abortion. Palestinian women shouldn't be discriminated against for having abortions that also murder everyone else in the vicinity.
6. These are the "poor, innocent women" that end up in
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.13.07)
Israeli prisons.
7. An Uncivilized Barbaric Culture....plain & simple.
Gary A. MD ,   Boston USA   (06.13.07)
Is there anyone out there who still thinks that peace is possible with these Barabarians. Only brain dead liberals would still cling to that idiotic belief. Pregnant woman as suicide bombers, this is a culture of death that must be bombed into oblivion.
8. Change the humanitarian aid policy now
Steven ,   San Francisco   (06.13.07)
Jews are not responsible for the Arabs. Jews wishing to help Arabs and Arabs wishing to kill Jews. It's crazy.
9. Thank you, Hashem, for being the Guardian of Israel.
Yoav ,   Ramat Gan   (06.13.07)
10. Shin Bet
Birdi ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
THANKS to the Shin Bet guys for protecting us from these 2 pathetic morons.
11. These monsters ...
BigE ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
will probably be released in some outrageous swap.
12. Why do these facts never reach international media?
These women should have been shot and their explosive belts uncovered in front of media cameras. Then the prejudiced int. public would realize who the palestinian "women and children" really are.
13. simply "Blood Thirsty" !!!!!!!!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.13.07)
MIRA ,   ISRAEL   (06.13.07)
MIRA ,   ISRAEL   (06.13.07)
16. Stop Humanitarian Help
Semsem ,   New York, USA   (06.13.07)
We want them to love us so we give them humanitarian help and access to Israeli hopspitals. They will never love us and it's stupid to take risks. Follow the University example that refuse to accept Palestinian students.
17. Show the world their faces! Post their pics!
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.13.07)
18. an "honour "suicide attempt?
19. Hello Londonistan!
Seth ,   Washington, DC   (06.13.07)
The London subway bombings were particularly gruesome and authorities discovered that the victims of one of the bombings were being devoured by rats. Remember that the next time your loved ones are massacred, the perpetrators will once again be your homegrown Muslims - not your Jews.
20. Shin Bet are true heroes - they save Jewish lives daily!
Roni   (06.13.07)
21. No. 9 Yoav
NYC Girl   (06.13.07)
Don't thank Hashem. Thank the Shin Bet. They're the ones who are proteching you.
22. To # 9
david ,   Tel Aviv, Israel   (06.13.07)
Hashem´s work? Or Shin Beth work? The Suicide bombings in the past, according to your logic, that were carried out by these terrorists scum, how come Hashem did not protect Israel then? I don´t get it. It´s not logical what you say. But.. nevermind. Long Live Israel
23. The women pictures are gone, why?
24. #21 #22
Hozer betshova ,   Israel   (06.13.07)
We will tank Hashem.
25. How low will they go ?
AlbertoGA ,   Houston, USA   (06.14.07)
We are the first ...Jews to be critisized just for the desire to survive. The Shoa was not enough for the LOVING WORLD. Haverim, no surprise here. The only thing to do is to is to continue as we do to be # 1 in moral values. In Inteligence as the Shin Bet...the best. And strong as the best military force in the World. With G-D protection nothing can destroy us. Shalom from Houston Alberto
26. make me understand
what nation on the face of this earth gives medical help to those who want to annihilate it? make me understand how far can israeli stupidity go! build the wall, the fence. close checkpoints and throw away the key. they want a state, let them have it but close all traffic in borders, no economy with them, no agriculture with them. no transfer of medical help or anything for their infrastructure. nothing.
27. #25 forget about God's protection, Send a handful of Dollars
28. #12 whou said about explosive belts?
the two women were only to protest against the government!
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