Car bomb kills anti-Syrian MP, 9 others in Beirut
Published: 13.06.07, 19:01
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1. World is silent while Syria-Iran wreak havoc in Middle East.
Cynic ,   USA   (06.13.07)
2. to 1
Adonis ,   Lebanon   (06.13.07)
And who told you that it is Syria or Iran. The highest probability is to be USA- zionist. This why the world is silent, because your world is the judge and the killer at the same time.
3. Hey, let's make peace with Syria......
Ilan ,   Ariel   (06.13.07)
Blowing up people is an strong and true expression of the peaceful nature of the Syiran regime. If we make peace with Syria now then in an year we will be able to have Syria car bombs in Tel Aviv, Haifa and Jerusalem. What are we waiting for? Peace with Syria now!
4. Adonis: everyone knows its syria
chadi ,   beirut   (06.13.07)
adonis ur a shame to all lebanese, ur a syrian agent implented to execute their orders. lebanon will prevail and syria will be punished by the hariri tribunal soon. ur friend bachar assad will be brought to justice we will have piece with israel one day or another
5. #2 Ooooooooo! Conspiracy theories! That's original!
It's Islamism stupid ,   Not Lebanon   (06.13.07)
When you're in denial about the truth, then it's time to break out the comfy blanket known as the Zionist conspiracy. Listen up buddy! No amount of Arab propaganda blaming Zionists is going to stop Islamic terrorists intent on destabilzing your country, murdering its citizens, and controling your political destiny. Passing the blame off onto others doesn't obfuscate the truth; it confirms the truth.
6. #2 Adonis - you're steps ahead
Robby ,   San Jose, USA   (06.13.07)
Interesting, so far us Zionist Jews have not been blamed by the press, I'm sure it's just a matter of time.
7. conspiracy theory and Syria
Adonis ,   Lebanon   (06.13.07)
When people does'nt have anything to argue they say conspiracy theory. Saying it is Syria is not, but saying Israel is this stupid theory. @ 4 Everyone knows it is syria!!! depending how do you count people. And if anybody has a proof just say it and we will all fight against Syria.
8. A Lebanese - Syria and its lakeys are behind it
Yuhanna Alqarmidi ,   CA - USA   (06.13.07)
Syria and Iran have been raping Lebanon for decades. The only profittesr of the turmoil in Lebanon are Syria, Iran and their lakey scums called Palestinians and Hizbullah terrorists.
9. Here u go again.blaiming syria, Zionist did it
and that's the reality. They r the one spreding volience everywhere.
10. #4 everyone!!! but u r the first country to know it
get real. Srop hiding the truth, and just admit to the world that zionist did that....the whole world knows isreal did that!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
11. Enough of this!
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.13.07)
This is nasty and unexpected! I hope that the good people of Lebanon realise that the only true friend they have in the M.E. is Israel! Is there still someone who thinks that Syria wants to discuss peace with Israel? Syria, stop interfering with Lebanon! Stop interfering with Israel! Stop cooperating with Iran! Stop killing innocent people!
12. Ah, just another day of Arab politics
Cameron ,   USA   (06.13.07)
13. ah....Our good partner in peace
Emilio   (06.13.07)
I hope people realize that the Syrians are a threat to the free world and they need to be eliminates. Enough of this silly idea of talking to our enemy.
14. I think it's time we Zionists admit
Korem ,   New York, USA   (06.13.07)
how every single one of us, being super secret Zionist spies, know all about this incident and know that we collectively did this using our ultra hi-tech villain fortress of Israel. It's not like the Syrians would want to kill an anti-Syrian politician. Clearly to suggest that is a conspiracy theory.
15. 2 facts
ali ,   beirut   (06.14.07)
you in israel can have your own analysis but we in this region had made our own based on facts ... anyone who speaks against the syrians will be killed by the israelis .. israel can't and will not find a better neighbor like assad .... 40 years of israeli occupation and not a single bullet . Mr Assad claims that he is a secular modern regime but he is nurturing all the sectarian deviding wars in the region .. he is 100 % behind the sectarian war in Iraq ..lebanon (in tripoli as an example ) ..and in palestine (he told meshaal from Hamas that he doesn't like the Macca accord with Fateh ..hence the latest escalation ) .. you will never as israeli find a better customer .. his actions are exposed and i think he is standing now on his last toe. the one who killed eido is israel ..they did it for the syrians ..just like MR Hariri .. Assad role is to force the arabs to a desperate situation where they are forced to sign a peace treaty with israel ..that was the jobs of the father and now the son .. there will never be peace with you ..and whatever is signed by us now ..our kids later on will throw it in the garbage ...and it will start all over again . syrians,lebaneeses,iraqis ..all know those FACTS ..
16. #15 ali
shmulke ,   W coast USA   (06.14.07)
From the looks of your post, it must be hashish season in Lebanon again...all the rest of us can clearly see how much the Syrians & Israelis love and respect one another...
17. thank goodness the arabs are weak, blind and clueless
18. #11 and the only friend of LEbanon
English guy ,   London   (06.14.07)
as you say is Israel! Good friend that has invaded Lebanon multiple times, caused hundreds of thousands of refugees, time and time again, led the way to the massacres of Sabra and Shatila, and then last summer laid waste almost all of south Lebanon and scattered millions of cluster bombs before they left. Is that your definition of "a good friend"? In terms of disrupting Lebanon's existence, Israel takes the prize - way way above any interference attempted by Syria or Iran.
19. #!8- But English guy, you overlook your own.................
Cameron ,   USA   (06.14.07)
very bad-smelling history of intrigue & self-serving behavior in the ME. You & yours deserve a particularly large gold medal for centuries of slapping people around everywhere on the planet and taking the best of what they had for yourselves. Get off that moral high-ground, English guy, it doesn't suit you very well. Thank God your self-righteous British reek is really starting to fade away from countries like Ireland.
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