‘Gaza will become Hamastan if Israel does not act’
Meital Zur
Published: 13.06.07, 23:08
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1. You have yourselves, Sharon, and Olmert to blame for this.
cj   (06.13.07)
2. Bush Road Map Always led to Hamastan
Marcel ,   Florida   (06.13.07)
Lokk at what his visionary dream has brought to Iraq. And yet you still grovel and prostrate to this incompetent fool who continues to push the two state final solution for Israel..
3. Why prevent?
New Yorker ,   New York   (06.13.07)
What's the difference - hamastan or fatahstan? Let the Hamas "moderates" take on the Fatah "moderates". Let them enjoy each other's extreme moderation. The more of their "innocent civilians" join in the better.
4. al qaeda are already there!!!
5. Can you smell what I smell?
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.13.07)
Syria, Lebanon, Hamas, Iran... The enemies are at the door and nobody is doing anything to stop them!
6. "work on a political solution with the PA" ?
redmike ,   tel   (06.14.07)
I now see that the article was written yesterday. Things move fast in the M.E. :-) I wondered what PA was being talked about? Most of it's members went to live in Egypt.
7. I was trying to say this before the disengagement
Steve ,   USA   (06.14.07)
B"H .... but no one listed to me. How can Israel fight Hamas by removing tomato farmers? If Israel needs to convince itself of its innocence, it is losing time and resources on getting the problem fixed, making it more difficult. But those in orange remain without homes and jobs, indicating that Israel still does not understand what is happening. What a shame.
8. #5: yes, Israel needs to TAKE THE INITIATIVE
Zvi   (06.14.07)
For years now, Israel has been largely responding rather than taking the initiative, which means that it is always behind the curve. "MK Vilnai: The Palestinians have become pawns in someone's game" No, they have ALWAYS been pawns in someone else's game. The problem is that right now that someone else is crazier and has less to lose.
9.  Re: 2. Bush Road Map Always led to Hamastan
Roy Galut ,   Selah Washington USA   (06.14.07)
Lets not forget that Bush Jr is only continuing what Clinton,.Bush Sr And Carter Started...they are all following the Globalist agenda....and Israel is at thier mercy...and if hilary wins the roadmap to peace will continue......
10. Gaza infighting may lead to formal terror state
totoro ,   Japan Kyoto   (06.14.07)
Gaza infighting may lead to formal terror state ??? what ?? and what was it until now? a "peace" loving state?? loonies!!
11. Let me get this straight
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.14.07)
Major-General (res.) Yaacov Amidror said “The result is a war in which Hamas will gain full control over Gaza. The fear that Gaza will become a Lebanon-like Hamastan, a wasps’ nest that in the future will attract al-Qaeda men and extensions of Iran. All of these things are coming to life before our very eyes.” Guess what it happened the moment that moron Sharon run away, then Olmert let Hamas run in the elections. You are 18 months too late! Where the hell have you been?
12. GAZA
DSM   (06.14.07)
It is stupid for Isreal's leaders to believe there is any difference between Hamas, Fatah and the PA. All want to drive Israel into the sea. The only difference now is that Hamas is the stongest of the three. Israel should be prepared to let the fighting continue as they weaken each other and then, in a well planed action, strike to defeat the winner. Israel must not bargin with those bent on destroying her.
13. #1 WHY WHY WHY do you leave out LIVNI???
malcolm   (06.14.07)
She was the one who got Sharon the necessary votes for the Katif Surrender. Without her it would have never happened. Giddy with a huge political victory and then Sharon's payback promotions, she went on to conduct further fatal experiments that include: -The Philadelphi Route Surrender -The Hamas election -The Lebanon Surrender -Secret "negotiations" for the Golan Surrender -Talks of accepting the Saudi Surrender -International force in Gaza concept
14. More popcorn..
Arthur ,   SF   (06.14.07)
Those animals are on the life safary. Let's kick back and watch the entertainment. I rather see them wiping each other than Larry King tonight..
15. Hamastan
mark ,   westfield usa   (06.14.07)
Neither Fatah or Hamas truly are in favor of 2 states living side by side in peace. For Fatah, it is destruction in stages. At least Hamas tells the world their true intentions. When the palestinians overhaul their education system, which currently teaches that Jews are from Satan, and that Israel should be destroyed, there will not be peace. Do not be eluded into making a false peace that will never be implemented! Why is Israel in such a rush to committ suicide??
16. IL must not intervene.It is not worth one sniffer dog's bone
Alan ,   SA   (06.14.07)
17. Very important...!!!
enzo ,   london,uk   (06.14.07)
The Palestinians finally got their two-state solution!!!
18. Israel should prevent Hamastan
leah amdur ,   Jerusalem Israel   (06.14.07)
Israel needs to do absolutely nothing. If Israel gets involved then we will be blamed for everything yet again. Let the Palestinians sort themselves out and do what they want to each other. We must stay out of it. Let the US go into Gaza and sort the Palis out or let the UN Bishop Tutu, the BBC, the European Union go in and sort the Palis out. We should stay out of it. There is no difference between any of these Palis Hamas or Fatah or whatever.
19. Crazy:Cruel:Cunning
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.14.07)
To Leah: I basically agree with you,that Israel should stay out of this intra-Arab conflict. Yes, indeed, whether Fatah, or Hamas, their goals are similar, with Hamas at least honest about it. I mean does anyone think they will be satisfied with a 2 state solution. This is about destroying Israel, piece by peace. That said: what to do now? Re-occupying the Strip is not in Israel's interests. Isolate it as much as possible..stop the smuggling..keep pecking away at their leaders and military infrastructure. They need to be hurt more. This cannot evolve into a war of attrition. As with Iraq, Iran and Syria are benefitting by others doing their dirty work. It's really tragic, but not unexpected. These people are simply crazy, cruel and cunning.
20. UN to go IN and Israel to stay OUT!!!
Isabella ,   Isrel   (06.14.07)
Let the UN deal with the savages, let them have first hand experience of what we Israelis have had for donkey's years.
21. Sly bastard
Israel   (06.14.07)
he only wants israel back in gaza to validate his claim for living in a settlement there. no way, not going to happen. none of our soldiers should step foot in their.
22. to 1 yes but why
hayat ,   palastin   (06.14.07)
many of the palastinian as a public not acting or rulling / has the fath in their mind and hamass in their heart or may be the opposit .. but sure may both the mind and the heart be the one .. and this is the fault of israil that not encourage the mind i mean fath // so most people will be with the heart and mind of hamass it apears soon in gaza as it is the crowded the poorest and the closed place // but it is not alquada or iran or syria / the proposal is palastinian but the funds may be from the other // i think israil can reach to a point with hamass but never with alqueda // becouse there is sharing of benifits of both the palastinians and israil .. but alqueda has an evil idology .. and iran may change its tune syria is the same // and the base of this fault is from america and its stratigy / they put alqueda with the palastinians and the iranian and the serian in the same line .. .. it mustt look to alqueda as the only or the first enemy .that can not negotiate with // and it might had the benifet of the others to deviate alqueda //but usa push alqueda to the others // not the others running to alqueda // it is the truth
23. #1. Spoken like a true visionary - NOT!
Tim - Brighton ,   UK   (06.14.07)
Israel WAS RIGHT to get out of Gaza. Isabella #20 has hit the nail on the head. The UN has to meet its responsibilities AND GO IN.
24. 2 states
Elisheva B.A. ,   florida, usa   (06.14.07)
hamastan, fatahstan, makes no difference. if gaza becomes hamastan, and the west bank fatahstan, then enzo's right, the palestinians finally get their 2 states living side by side. but if either or both of those states declare war on israel, then israel will be going to war against states and not territories, and israel can wipe them out. well, the idf of the 70's and 80's could, but after last summer's disaster in lebanon, i'm not sure that today's idf could, and a damn shame it is too!
25. gaza IS hamastan
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.14.07)
and has been for a long time now, only under a different name before: arafatstan. other than that, no difference.
26. This is great, thanks Sharon, your plan is working
freejay ,   Israel   (06.14.07)
You fools here seem to think a two state option is still viable. Sharon knew it wasnt and also knew HAmass would eventually take control of Gazza. He also knew and stated that the only viable option is to make Gazza a buffer zone like up north. His plan is finally starting to work. A BUFFER ZONE IN GAZZA IS THE ONLY SOLUTION! Olmert is too weak to impliment this next stage, but no matter what you think of Bibi, he will do it!!!!!!
27. "Refugees"
leon ,   Grand Rapids USA   (06.14.07)
This unfortunate, but eminently foreseeable situation derives from the establishment of PERMANENT refugee "camps", established by the UN, supported by the UN, and tacitly by the US. These pseudo-cities created a class of professional "refugees". This class of folks results in a state of instability, which in turn has created Hamas. Arafat cheerefully supported this state of affairs, knowing full well that the result we see today would be inevitable.
28. Isn't it usually best to wait until it's too late?
It's what we do in the west. Keep our head in the sand and fingers crossed, hoping to die of old age before the bloodshed reaches "our" neighborhood. Then it will be our children's problem. Ah, the good life! Off to the club, now..
29. forget Gaza nobody cant solve it
zionist forever   (06.14.07)
Try and more Israeli soilders will die for nothing. There is no way to control Hamas and anybody in Israel or anywhere else who belive that it can be turned around is delosional. Nobody could stop the fighting during Lebanons civil war eccept the Lebanese when they were ready to stop it and its the same with Iraq and Gaza its the one killing each other who must decide when the time is right to end it and Bush is kidding himself if he believes that sending in more US troops or training an Iraqi army will bring an end to it. Right now what Israel needs to do is completly seal off Gaza .. land mines in sites where rockets are launched from then the terorists will end up kiling themselves before they get their rockets off. NATO troops along the Gaza/Egpt border the UN dont know what they are doing. Some kind of moat around the place to stop tunnels somethiing that was talked alot about when Sharon pulled out but noithing ever came of it. Let Gaza become Hamastan but Israel cuts itself off from there .. to get out or in you will need permits turn the place into a virtual prison for the brave Hamas martyrs. Abbas is not much better but he does need to be strenghened not by giving him the tax money Olmert has right now ( that should be used to pay for the damage palestian terrorists have done in Sderot and other areas ) and he certainly shouldnt be given weapons like Condi wants to spend millions of dopllars to provide Gaza has shown what a mistake that would be. At the same time Israel and the US should hold secret negotiations with him make sure he knows his place .. he wants support from the west he does as he is told. Let him make moderate attempts at peace making which look like he is taking the intiative so he does not look like a pupet of Israel when Israel calls he answers make the palestians think this is the man making the decisions. He asks for what Israel and the US tell him to ask for and they will be things that can be delivered - stay away from refugees or Jerusalem ask for territory which is not strategicly important to Israel. In these areas and small settlement outposts will be removed. It makes it look like he has influence which Hamas do not and the people will see he is actualy getting results. If Hamas loose enough support they will be weakened more than any millitary operation can achive. He doesnt ask for Gaza untill things are sorted he wont concern himself with there it will only complicate everythng.. Olmert must also abandon this rediculous Saudi plan and all the other left wing plans which involve giving away just about everything ... do it slowly where Abbas asks for thiings that can be delivered it gives the impresion that progress can be made. Olmert must also not make more mistakes by handing over the Golan for a few promises by Assad or he only risks openeing another front where terorists can base themselves in the Golan OFFICIALY assad knows nothing about it and he is doing his best to stop it but unofficialy he knows exactly whats goin oin and is not going to make any effots. There is no hurry to do a deal with Syria they are no threat to Israel and havnt been in decades right now the palestian front must be addresed. Dont expect peace to come of it but hopfully it will calm things down for Israels benefit
30. #13 You're right. I just meant the whole Olmert gov't.
cj   (06.14.07)
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