Fatah starts detaining Hamas members in West Bank
Ali Waked
Published: 14.06.07, 06:51
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1. abbas
as an israeli i don't know if i can fully trust you or not. however, what you have done now for the sake of your people is formidable and incredible. you have taken charge. you work with the israelis behind the scenes, you realize that hamas is in no way a partner for peace for your people. you have woken up. thank you for doing the right thing. for attempting to end this violence and the shameful and criminal behavior of your people. this has got to stop. you do not need un forces to come and control these areas. you need a tough hand, a vision for the future of your people and a willingness to step up resistance just like the lebanese army is doing. we all stand behind you and the palestinians that wish to live in peace with israel forever....that is if you are sincere, of course! we all would like to be productive peaceful neighbors. go after all those that do not share your vision for peace and non violence. most gazans support you. israel and the usa support you and europe does as well. clean your streets and then we can all talk. the un is a bunch of useless fools. they don't give a hoot about the palestinians or the israelis. you are the only one that can do the loaundry this time and i am sure you'll prevail. eliminate haniyeh and mashaal for good and bring your people the state and peace they so much deserve.
2. Will Iran Intervene?
Dave Levy ,   Burbank. CA USA   (06.14.07)
Well, finally Hamas made it's move. Israel must bascially stay out of this intra-Arab Palestinian conflict as much as possible. However allowing Fatah to lose, would certainly result in a more strident and aggressive Strip and W. Bank. Sooner or later, Hamas will join with Hezbollah..and other more radical elements in the M.E. This is really a power play by those that think any cooperation with the US is treason, and there can be no dialogue with Israel. It's much more than just a power play between 2 factions. Israel may have to actively support Abbas, to avoid worse problems. The idea of an intl force is absurd..they will be like the US, cannon fodder for both sides. With countries pulling out of Iraq, why bother with Palestinians? After the dust settles...they just may be a new M.E. But watch Iran. Now would be the perfect time for them to intervene.
3. civil war in gaza: good for everyone
4. No compromise
Ihab ,   Jerusalem   (06.14.07)
Go for it, it is not going to be easy, some of your close allies will betray in the process. Now who puts pressure on Mashaal. Hamas should understand that they must become a political party and disbaned their hooligans. They killed the peace process in 1996 and any rule of law in the PA past 5 years. Abu Mazen while you are at it, remember it is not Fatah we are trying to save it is the future of Palestinians. Here is the formula: Hamas do not want to live and let anyone live, Fatah wants to live and does care if others live, we want leadership the will live and let live. This is the final crossroad, we are in the 21st century let us liberate ourselves from tyrants, corruption, ignorance, and fundementalisem, these are our real enemies.
5. Gaza
Rebecca   (06.14.07)
Like it or not Hammas, not the unity government, won the elections in "Palistine". If Hamas take over Gaza and they are not alined to the moderate PA, what will be expected of Israel? I worry that the world will still expect us to try work with them.
6. Mazen was weak and the P.A. is dead !
redmike ,   tel aviv   (06.14.07)
all the calls from politicians and some journalists to support Fatah or Mazen etc are simply from people who don't understand the new reality. Gaza now belongs to Hamas! What will Mazen 'pull out of the unity government' ? He has nothing to pull out!
7. Altalena
yosef ,   tel aviv   (06.14.07)
For years, the Left has called for the Fatah "moderates" to do an Altalena on Hamas. What they did not understand was that Mashaal and Haniye are not Begin. While Begin refused to have his forces fight other Jews, even after the murderous attacks and betrayals such as Altalena, Hamas has no Freyarim. They will win.
8. Our Opportunity.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.14.07)
Time to abandon Abbas. Let Fatah go down in flames. What would have been impossible politically, now Hamas will do for us. Fatah is the real obstacle to peace. And it's been the main problem since Oslo when our idiot leaders brought Arafat & his terrorist thieves & thugs back from exile. We can deal with Hamas later. But, of course, our leaders are still idiots. They'll mutter all kinds of stupidities like "support moderates" - the same delusional thinking that brought us Oslo. Strategy??? They haven't a clue.
9. Stop the illegal arrests, no detention without trial
ash ,   gush etzion   (06.14.07) what i will expect to hear many of the worlds concerned citizens shouting about what is going on, just like they did when Israel did something similar. However, I doubt these calls will come. How about not shooting at hospitals? Not firing at youngsters? Not placing bombs that will kill and injure innocent people? All things happening in the Palestinian Authority recently. When Israel was assumed to do any of these things all hell broke loose. I'm waiting, concerned citizens.......
10. To # 4 , Ihab
Hiram ,   Tel Aviv   (06.14.07)
Ihab, your analysis is fine. But who did allow HAMAS to come to power ? Were the Palestinian so short of understanding and maturity so they did allow criminals to come to somekind of power ? This situation is somehow simlar to the events which led to WW II . Gaza phenomena is not new to history. There are plenty of other similar exemples.....the same causes will always produce the same effects ....
11. "This is a battle between Islam and the heretics"
Oh, well isn't it always?
12. Arrests....woooo that should scare them.
Maybe give them an official "condemnation," too. That will turn any terrorist back into a law abiding citizen.
13. I thought PLO said they could never arrest Hamas?
14. utter rejection
Palestinian   (06.14.07)
the Palestinian society has utterly rejected the bunch of thugs and theives of the Fatah party. These thugs and theives are now trying to impose themselves by force and with the help of Israel and America.
15. alqsa martyrs
Nablusi   (06.14.07)
the so called alaqsa martyrs are nothing but a bunch of farters who could only pick up on fellow civilian Palestinians... they are nothing but a pay-as-you-go political thugs with no use to the palestinian society.
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