Two states for one people
Ronny Shaked
Published: 14.06.07, 17:25
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1. Why nightmare?Hamas giving what Gazans wanted, IslamicState!
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.14.07)
2. Ronnie is mistaken
David ,   Hartford USA   (06.14.07)
he's mistaken in thinking that there is ANY moderate PA leader to work with. Abbas condones child brainwashing to become jihadists. He says one thing to the west and the opposite to his own people. Abbas is Arafat in a better suit, no more. It's too late for Gaza- just hope that Israel is ready for what comes next.
3. Palestinian Nightmare?
JK ,   NYC   (06.14.07)
This is exactly what Islam and Hamas has dreamt about, this is total wish fulfillment, nihilism and anarchy.
4. What irony for the Israelis
Cameron ,   USA   (06.14.07)
Vast numbers of people who loathe and desire to kill them, have now hurt themselves so badly that they are now truly dependent upon the aid & goodwill of the Israelis. God himself must groan.
5. I wonder
Gee ,   Zikron Yaakov   (06.14.07)
If we can't go back in time, why can the Arabs? They are always demanding the deals they turned down and attacked us for. I have no problem with giving one people one state. That should be Gaza. All 'Palestinians' need to go there. Then close the border forever.
6. A Lebanese - Throw this people out of Gaza and W. Bank
Yuhanna Alqarmidi ,   CA, USA   (06.14.07)
Throw this people out of Israel and adjacent territories and countries. They never had a state and never deserve to have one.
7. Israel must stop caring for Palestinian's needs. They want .
to have the cake and eat it too. They want the money from Iran and Syria for bombs to kill Israelis and they want to use hospitals in Israel ! Why aren't they asking Europe and Arab billionairs to build at least one hospitals in Gaza so the people won't have to go to Israel for help? why dosn't the world and Arab league ask Egypt to build a hospital near its borders with Gaza to accept Palestinins for health care? (in case they don't like to see Iran and Syria-supported Palestinian terrorists to enter Egypt, pretending to need medical care?
8. What one people? The Western Palestine Arabs are
Uzi ,   Haifa   (06.14.07)
a very recently conceived and artificial sub-set of greater Palestine Arabs who are an artificial sub-sets of greater Syria Arabs. The only viable nation state of all greater Palestine Arabs is the Kingdom of Jordan. Gaza may be ceded to Egypt.
9. The end of the "uprising" charade
TR ,   Toronto, Canada   (06.14.07)
Mr. Shaked, are we watching the same movie? This is not Israel's responsibility and nor is this a "disaster" for Israel. In fact, this marks the beginning of the end of the Palestinian refugee myth and the emergence of one, unapologetic Palestinian enemy state (to replace the "uprising" charade Israel has had to contend with for so many generations). That this Palestinian exercise in self-determination has demonstrated that it has no "self" but rather several gangs of thugs with no motive but destruction, comes as no surprise to those of us who have been soberly paying attention.
10. "Palestinians" are not a people! Just Arabs!
who came from Egypt, Jordan, Syria, Tunis, Lebanon mostly in the 19th and 20th century. Even Yasser Arafat was born in Cairo in 1929!
11. Pardon?
Matthias ,   Switzerland   (06.14.07)
"Israel, even if it really wants to, cannot at this point in time disengage from Gaza" So the writer admits that the 'disengagement' plan was just about expelling its Jewish residents, nothing more and nothing less. But now it is about time for Israel to really disengage which means to stop supplying water and electricity stop cooperating with the 'Palestinian' animals! But of course, the leftwing government won't dare doing that.
12. Gaza belongs to Egypt
Ahmad rinawi ,   Dearborn USA   (06.14.07)
Gaza problem is population explosion and as long as this problem is not resolved there will not be peace and quiet there. Gaza has territorial continuity with northern Sinai which is practically empty. Allow Gazan to migrate there and control terror in Gaza. Egypt will get oil revenues, 2,4 billion dollars, to accomodate Gazan. Than it will be easier to create a Palestinian state in the West Bank. This is the only solution for now.
13. Shaked tries to blame Israel - but shouldn't
Raymond from DC ,   Washington, DC USA   (06.14.07)
"Israel didn't do a thing to embolden the moderate camp; the meetings between Ehud Olmert and Abbas were futile and humiliating." Excuse me? Under Sharon and Olmert, hundreds of prisoners were released as signs of "good faith" (only to have many rejoin the "resistance"). Israel provided thousands of work permits through Fatah representatives. Israel released hundreds of millions in tax revenues through Fatah. Under US prodding, it even allowed arms and Fatah-affiliated forces to enter PA territory. Many of us opposed these policies, but Israel did everything short of deliver them a state on a platter. The fact is that Abbas and Fatah were unable or unwilling to accomplish anything positive. If Abbas felt "humiliated", the fault lies within.
14. #4 No, he's laughing at their calamity.
jan ,   usa   (06.14.07)
15. Think of the broader picture...
withheld ,   Copenhagen, Denmark   (06.14.07)
I am worrying about how this might affect the region. If Gaza becomes this Afhgani Taliban like state, it is bound to spill over into Egypt, Jordan, Syria and Lebanon not to mention Israel. I am also worried about the local Palestinian, he who does not support Islamic fundamentalism, he who only wants to support his family and live a quiet life. This is an uncertain future we are heading at.
16. to#12
Alan   (06.14.07)
what you are saying is very interesting....
17. #10 - Your statement boggles the mind...
Gene ,   Raleigh, USA   (06.15.07)
How can the Jews call themselves "a people" if they and the ancestors are from many different countries? Only a small minority of Israelis can claim they are descendants of the early Israelites.
18. re: #4
joell ,   usa   (06.14.07)
"they are now truly dependent upon the aid & goodwill of the Israeli" just like all those billions of dollars israel recieves from USA each year
19. failure of policy
jim boez ,   usa   (06.14.07)
You say there was a failure of Israel policy, but what was Israel to do? A conflict between the Fatah and Hamas was inevitable and there was nothing Israel could do about it short of Israel fighting Hamas itself. Fatah has to do the fighting...its their country, its their fight. Unfortunately after they fail, it will become Israel's battle.
20. this situation is great for Israel !
redmike ,   tel aviv   (06.14.07)
Hamas is now encaged and totally dependent on Israel. It is not clear what Hamas will do now? It's in a prison of its own making! Israel can now act much more freely against any attacks from Gaza. No moderates to worry about:-) Israel now doesn't have the problem of traffic between the West Bank and Gaza. Mazen is finished so there will be no more calls for a Palestinian State! Things couldn't have worked out any better for Israel.
21. also jordan, which makes it 3 states for 1 people
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.14.07)
anyone for 4 states? 5?
22. how on earth did the author find a way to
jack bauer ,   usa   (06.15.07)
blame Israel and the west for what is happening? I mean other then withdrawing from the gaza? which I though that he supported?
23. 17 And whats a GAZAN... lol... now thats a
freedom ,   canada   (06.15.07)
stretch.. No one owns gaza and neither so called palestinians nor israelis really have a good claim.
24. "continue caring for the population and supply its needs"
E ,   Israel   (06.15.07)
why do we need to "continue caring for the population and supply its needs"??? The 'palestinian' population in Gaza is responsible for this mess! they ELECTED Hamas!! We have to recognize the fact that those of them who are not out and out terrorists, are accomplices to terror. To say we have a responsibility to continue to supply the needs of an enemy who does not even recognize the state of Israel and has sworn time and time again to destroy us is utter maddness...
25. Bad for Arabs, not for Israel
Dan ,   Israel   (06.15.07)
The only difference between Hamas and Fatah is that the former openly says to the world it wants to destroy Israel whereas the latter "only" says this in Arabic. What can be better than two anti-Jewish genocide-advocating extremist clans killing each other?
26. Jungle
steven ,   france   (06.15.07)
The day the Israelis left gaza,the Palestinians turned it into a jungle;;a horrible rotting putride jungle.The areas that the Israelis left behind,were Beautiful flourishing oasis's,with housing and cultivated fields;But when they left ,all this was turned into Hell on earth;;which is what we are seeing to-day.But even a jungle can be beautiful,only if the Plants remain fertile.and do not rot. WHY IS IT THAT THESE "PEOPLE"HAVE TO DESTROY AND BURN EVERYTHING THEY TOUCH?
27. `#7
tony ,   paris   (06.15.07)
Unfortunately,The Israelis DO CARE; No matter what "CERTAIN" people may think,The Israelis do believe that there is a possibility,for peace,but certain"People do not;Yes,,"They" Take ,and take more every day from the rest of the arab world and Western countries,for as long as they have the AUDACITY "to cry and blame Israel for every woe,that hits them,and as long as we believr them,they will continue to get what they want; it is true what you say,These people have NO decency,they send their familys to Israeli hospitals to get attended to;and then they send their Mothers and sisters to the same hospital to blow them selves up along with the very people who nursed them,in the name of "Allah.How in heavens name can Allah allow such a person to walk this earth??and yet,the arab world sits quiet,we in the western world sit quiet,and let MANIACS such as ASSAD,and That ignoramous of Iran,preach hate .So you see ,This just goes to show,that even though,Israel has enemies,She proves that even between enemies there can be RESPECT.
28. 40 years
steven ,   france   (06.15.07)
Why dont the palestinians roam the desert for 40 years and they eventually can too have there home in the Sinai;;Nobody lives there ,its very empty and lots of place to build cities,What with all the arab oil;they should get something to start a life;;;or maybe they should really ask the jews,,How they did it ..Just maybe they will learn something..because todate ,,They have learnt NOTHING.
29. Don't worry ALL Palestine will be united soon
Mohammed   (06.15.07)
All of Palestine will soon be united one state under Islam. The days of Zionist occupation are nearly over
30. #29
Arthur ,   SF   (06.16.07)
Keep on mustrubating you mind .... Besides killing each other - that's the only think you excell in... Dreamer on the Pegasus...
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