Hamas: We'll execute Fatah leaders
Ali Waked
Published: 14.06.07, 17:16
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1. they are drunk alright & like every drunk they will
fall down also. but dont compare them ''to acting like Israel''
Tayfun_Turkey ,   Istanbul   (06.14.07)
HAMAS WILL THANK YOU FOR YOUR GENEROSITY. My Country Turkey should ALSO send all ARMS captured from PKK, which is armed by USA and Israel , gifting them to HAMAS and Hizbullah as a reply to US&Israeli stake on arming PKK and erecting a Kurdish state doggy to Israel and USA. AT the end you will not only cry on "Arab plan" proposed as you will find no arab supporting that plan as it was designed by Zionists themselves but you will also hurry out from occupied lands to western countries, as for western countries, remember the end of "Planet of Apes" to guess your future!
3. What!?
Shlomo ,   Eilat Israel   (06.14.07)
I can't believe to what my eyes just read! ISRAELI WEAPONS!? Any way,If we want to handle them or just make them quiet, we just need to hurt them moraly. How? Just cut their electricity down, and turn on for a hour in different times.. I just want to see their faces when this will be happen.
4. hate to say this but will
Yisraeli   (06.14.07)
Well there you go Israel, well done. Dont say you didnt encourage it. You expelled all the Jews that kept Gaza in check. You surrendered the border on the insistance of Little Miss Muppet Condi, who thinks she knows it all. You bought Sharons BS who only fulfilled your desire to "punish" those horrible settlers. You over whelmingly voted that pathetic excuse for a politician Olmert. You cooked this broth only problem is that we ALL have to eat the shyte you created. Congratulations Israel.
5. Murdering their own
AZ   (06.14.07)
The Palestinians are murdering their own people. Where is the outcry of humanitarian organizations? Where is the outcry against the countries who supplied Hamas with arms? Hypocrites!
6. weapons sent by Israel
Talula ,   Israel   (06.14.07)
malcolm   (06.14.07)
She got Sharon the votes. She worked hard with Rice to implement these insane experiments. She is a key player who thinks she knows it all. She should be hogtied and hauled out of the Knesset. Her only answer is to send in UN troops to oversee more arms smuggling.
8. This is what islamic-radicalization all about !!!
KMR ,   Middle East   (06.14.07)
9. Don't Report the Palestinian Self Destruction
Not because I want to safeguard their 'excellent reputation'. Nope, because every news outpost i have read/listened to on this had come to the same conclusion -It's Israel's Fault and the fault of the world not to give money to Hamas. I want to tell these morons, what do you think they would do if they had ALL of Israel? Don't you think it would be like this? This isn't about CASH!!! Stop with that angle. This is about POWER. If they had all of Israel, all of Israel would be a Palestinian Civil War battlefield. Israel, stop sending weapons or whatever to Abbas. CUT COMMUNICATION WITH HIM NOW. Let Gaza turn into the smoldering crater they desire. I care not for these murdering, uneducated low-lifes. The people voted for Hamas, remember that when the civil strife gets uglier, remember that when they complain the money was turned off, remember that when Hamas linked terrorists try to attack Israel. Don't report this trash. Turn off the cameras and render them the insiginificant wanna-be warlords they aspire to be
10. Israeli Weapons
Long Live Palestine ,   Palestine   (06.14.07)
Yes do not be surprised cause Israel gives weapons to Hamas too. Israels needs to see brothers fighting. Israel did spread weapons all over Gaza before they left. Israel is guilty in this too. Israel gives weapons to Fatah and then kill them. Please know what you are doing? An d what so called Israel is doing by providing Hamas and Fatah with Arms....
11. 4 - this would never have happened if no disengagement??
mike ,   israel (formerly usa   (06.14.07)
israel's presence in gaza prevented hamas from gaining strength and power? maybe it hastened the inevitable, but it was just that: INEVITABLE. don't go moralizing without being accurate and honest.
12. #4 Malcolm - you are 100% right. theres a who cabal of them
Yisraeli   (06.14.07)
13. hamas
JL   (06.14.07)
we should start passing out candies and sweets to celebrate
14. #4 is so so right
15. We┬┤ll execute Fatah leaders.
Uzziel   (06.14.07)
Well I think that this is the kind of sentence that if pronounced by the fakestinians is some kind of justice but if pronounced by Israel is " a despicable crime against the humanity"...
16. Iraq,Lebanon,Gaza-Condi stick to playing Piano
Alan ,   SA   (06.14.07)
17. Just reported on World Net Daily
Chaya ,   Bat Yam, Israel   (06.14.07)
Hamas also has control of the Philadelphi crossing AND the crossings on the Israeli side! What in G-d's name are we doing about this???
18. Hamas' completely taking over of Gaza is good for Israel.
Yigal ,   Haifa   (06.14.07)
With Hamas completely in control of Gaza, the Israeli PM and the rest of the liberal government ministers would not be able to fool themselves and make believe that they have peace partners. Abbas and Fatah are the real danger for the foolish government of Israel.
David ,   Central Coast, USA   (06.14.07)
20. Islamist-Jihadist state
Brod ,   USA   (06.14.07)
Israel should NOT stand by on the sideline and let the Islamist-Jihadist fanatics take control and establish a Taliban state next to its border. Such fanatical entity is a tentacle of Iran--a fanatical Islamist-Jihadist state. Israel should do all what is necessary to ensure that those fanatics are defeated and neutralized.
21. What did the Palestinians expect? They ELECTED terrorists
Yonatan ,   USA   (06.14.07)
They're getting what they deserve
22. What we are witnessing
Guy ,   Israel   (06.14.07)
is the Palestinian myth imploding. There has only ever been one possible solution to the "Palestinian" problem, Gaza to Egypt and the bulk of the West Bank to Jordan. There never will be any other viable solution and even this one is problematic for the simple reason that the Egyptians and Jordanians do not want them, and believe me, they know why.
23. Preview of a binational state in Israel
Otter ,   Canada   (06.14.07)
This is what it would be like, my friends. Are Lefties still advocating a democratic binational state?
24. Hamas
Ilan ,   Providence, USA   (06.14.07)
I find it particularly amusing how there are no Israeli-bashing Islamofascists chipping in right now. Hamas' real intentions (i.e.- a violent, non-democratic take-over of Palestinian society and eventually all of pre-1948 British Mandate Palestine) are evident. If you open the door to radicals bent on militancy, they will step into power.
25. Israel always betting on the wrong horse
New York, USA   (06.14.07)
Whenever, you gamble my friends eventualy you lose.
26. i told u so
rami   (06.14.07)
the pals are falling more into extremists laps bx of israel's inhumanity & holding their $$. don't think u're spared the ill effects of that..... teh west bank is headed that way too.
27. Gaza must be dismantled
Otter ,   Canada   (06.14.07)
Some situations are not fixable. Gaza must be dismantled, its people allowed to emigrate to Arab countries, and the criminals dealt with accordingly. That's the only solution. Some situations are just not fixable. They have a high population growth rate, are running out of space and have no hope of a viable economy. For the sake of every family there, Arab countries should allow the mass immigration of Palestinians into their countries. Just leave the criminals there to battle it out to the last man.
28. #27 Otter, trouble is they will want Israel to take the refu
C. LeFevre ,   Tampa, USA   (06.14.07)
And I do not accept #4 that this is Israel fault. The Palestinians have made most of their problems all by themselves. Just as the Sunni's and Shite's in Iraq. If the world can not see now what Islam is, they are wearing blinders. Nor can they expect Israel to find a peace partner in any of these barbarians.
29. #18 you are correct Hamas is good for Israel
New York, USA   (06.14.07)
And I wish Hamas would take complete controls of the Gaza strip. I would rather Israel have Hamas as a "peace" partner that left wing morons in Knesset are desperately seeking rather than that snake Abbas and his nazzi Fatah movement. Hamas is a blessing in disguise for Israel to save Israel from itself.
30. #22 Guy - Not the land
Gary ,   USA   (06.14.07)
The people, yes. But not the land.
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