Noam Shalit fears son's fate in light of Gaza chaos
Ahiya Raved
Published: 14.06.07, 15:30
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1. Abandoned By His Own Gov't.
Terry ,   Eilat, Israel   (06.14.07)
When you look at our trio of losers, Olmert, Peretz, & Livni - could there have been any other outcome? They just were not willing to do what was necessary immediately to free him. This poor kid is the victim of his own rotten gov't. - And in case anyone misunderstands me, I don't mean a prisoner exchange or negotiations. There should have been no limit to the pressure we put on the Palestinians for his release.
2. We are behind you Noam
Talula ,   Israel   (06.14.07)
Noam, I cannot begin to imagine the constant grief and not knowing that you and your family have had to wake up to every single day for a year. I think of Gilad every day and pray with all my heart he is returned to you safe and well. You know that you are not alone, we stand with you and pray with you...... with all the families of our missing soldiers.
3. # 1 - Terry
Talula ,   Israel   (06.14.07)
Like what? What pressure can we put on them apart from tons of bombs from F-16 and Apache fighters? An all out assault won't get Gilad back, it could even make things worse for him. What are you suggesting?
4. one door closes - another opens
tom ,   toronto, canada   (06.14.07)
it is not a good time to negotiate with the arabs, but it may be the best time for covert action in gaza, whether it be the freeing of shalit, or to settle some other "issues outstanding".
5. Has there ever been a soilution to get him back?
zionist forever   (06.14.07)
I am not sure there was a practical solution even before all of this. The Hamas demands were over 1000 prisoners including Marwan Bargouti and many terrorists who have blood on their hands. The palestians even said after that they should kidnap more soilders and trade them for prisoners. If all these killers had been released it would have put every single soilder and Israeli at risk of being kidnaped even from inside Israel itself and they are then used to trade for more prisoners. Now there is chaos in Gaza and I dont think that Hamas would even be interested in doing the prioner exchange they wanted earlier they have to concerentate all their efforts on killing members of Fatah and if they dont think there is anything in it for them keeping him alive then sadly there is a very real possibility the would murder him. All we can do is pray he will be released soon alive and unharmed.
6. just get the Egyptian citizenship and will be taken care of
"he did not get any information from sources who have been holding negotiations with the kidnappers, such as Egypt." two citizenships, he has, do not worth the pieces of paper.
7. To #4 - Since all the lunatics in Gaza wear masks ...
Barbara ,   USA   (06.14.07)
Why couldn't Israel send in Arabic-speaking commandos wearing masks and dressed like the Hamas freaks to search for the kidnapped solider under cover of the latest chaos? They must have some idea where he might be.
8. #7 you have just burnt the surprise !
9. Best wishes to the Shalit family
Casiopea ,   Spain   (06.14.07)
I am praying for Gilad Shalit and his family. G-d bless you all. This chaos in Gaza may be convenient to search for Shalit.
10. If anytime is a good one for a strike it may be now!
jack bauer ,   usa   (06.15.07)
If Israel has any information on where to rescue shalit, then it should act now! Send in a troop of special forces, and kill anyone/everyone who tries to prevent the rescue. What better time to try it? Have apaches and F16s ready in case it turns into a fiasco of hamas counterattacks. Any counters should be simply leveled immediately. No need to get into a full scale battle. Just make the attempt before it is too late...if it isnt already. But I think this govt. is too impotent to do anything even if they knew where he was! They can keep themselves busy approving gay marches around the country, and figuring out how to hand over the rest of the land to the enemy
11. I hope it is a comfort the Gilad Shalit's father that his...
"Rebekah" ,   California   (06.17.07)
son's name is in the ELS Bible codes from scholars. It appears Gilad Shalit is an antitypical (repeat of history) Joseph in the Bible who also was a captive. That gives me the hope that Gilad Shalit will survive his captivity as Joseph did.
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