Report: Jews behind campaign to boycott Israel
Hagit Klaiman
Published: 15.06.07, 14:04
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1. Jews?
Frank ,   Canada   (06.15.07)
Once again anti-Semites are manipulating Jews to make the bad job for them and to give a legitimacy to their crimes.
2. We Jews are our own worst enemies.
3. So name the Jews
Eli Shoresh ,   Israel   (06.15.07)
I hope we'll see the list of these Jewish Intellectuals who still think appeasement works. They are so out of touch with the reality of the Middle East, yet consider themselves qualified to be activists for a discredited method of pressure. It's a shame that proud Jews, who have always been in the forefront of social reform and justice, have to pick on their own to try and improve their own liberal credentials. There is so much that they could be doing against the Zimbabwe and Nigerian regimes, heaven knows we have enough injustice and cruelty in the world, and these Yeredim and anti-Israel assimilated Jews are still trying to prove their credentials to the Christian majority.
4. Is there more good news???
M. Hartley ,   Atlanta, US   (06.15.07)
I am going back to bed and maybe, when I wake up again, this article will only have been a bad dream. If not, ship every last one of their a--s to Gaza.
5. There are always Jews prepared for KAPO role
Alan ,   SA   (06.15.07)
6. rubbish
rj ,   engladn   (06.15.07)
who is the jewish chronicle playing a false tune too.??? i live in london adn have many friends over from Israel studying at various universities and can assure you that Israelis.. lecturers or students have in no way helped the boycott along....obviously the second rate and very british jewish newspaper is trying to appease sectors of the population by stating such rubbish...yes Israelis and Jews do give their opinions and feel for the palestinians plight but they certainly would not welcome boycotts of unis or goods from Israel...jewish chronicle you are writting rubbish and not for the first time...
7. So Typical
mark ,   South Africa   (06.15.07)
Yes our so called fellow Jews are our worst enemies.But as history has proven it always comes back to the perpetrators with a violent sting.Remember the Judenraat & Ghetto police, in the end they too went into the gas chambers. How very very sad.
8. please, dont call traitors "jews" or "israelis"
Yaniv ,   Tel Aviv   (06.15.07)
its not about the origin or the blood, its about the principals. in my opinion they shouldnt be allowed to call themselves jewish, nor israelis. they are a disgrace for our nation who think they can make a change. what a joke.
9. Look who is teaching Hebrew in US universities
Professor A. F. ,   Princeton, NJ, USA   (06.15.07)
These are former Israelis who daily attack Israel in US universities. Something must be done with these instructors. They play a major role in anti-Israel propaganda in USA.
10. Even a leftist like me thinks these people are idiots (end)
Noah ,   New York, NY   (06.15.07)
11. Did you ever consider
Duderino ,   Chapel Hill, USA   (06.15.07)
Did you ever consider the possibility that they are your conscience, and they are telling you how shameful your behavior is? I suppose most of the people that post here have no conscience to begin with.
12. With who can we talk ?
charles ,   petach tikva   (06.15.07)
They are maybe right regarding the 40 years of "occupation" as they say . But they do'nt look at the other side of the defunct "green line" . Do they see what happens those days in a region that is free of this "occupation" ? How can we have a serious arrangement with them , and trust them , if between them thay can't even live in peace . Regarding their universities . When was their first university opponed ? yes , during the Israeli "occupation" . They did not build any from 48 to 67 , when occupied by Jordan or Egypt . We Jews have always been in forefront for the fight for freedom and justice . Even today , here in Israel , we are still in this forefront , we are fighting for OUR right for freedom and justice , and to live in peace . That's something not many abroad understand [ or want to understand ]
13. #11 And your conscience, where is it ?
Iossef ,   J'lem   (06.15.07)
David ,   Central Coast, USA   (06.15.07)
15. jewish
pinny ,   lawrence ny   (06.15.07)
just because we had the misfortune of these peoples parents being jewish doesnt mean that their children are"JEWISH".
16. Self destructing JEWS, HELL is big enough to include them
17. British Boycott
H Granot ,   Petah Tikva Israel   (06.15.07)
When pogroms spread through Russia in the 1880s Jewish radical and Anarchist students marched with Pogromchiks to blaim Jewish shopkeepers for antisemitism. Later hundreds attended Yom Kippur services in an act of contrition. When will our brothers learn that hatred and isn't mitigated by the addition of their own self-hatred?
18. A pitty the Jewish religion doesn't apply excommunication.
robert renders ,   mechelen belgium   (06.15.07)
If it would, those "Jews" would be standard excommunication candidates.
19. The repugnent Neturi Karta of the Secular Left
S Judah ,   London   (06.15.07)
20. I am so shocked and surprised
Avi ,   Jerusalem   (06.15.07)
How could a professor of "media studies" at the august University of East London have come to such terrible conclusions? They should have left east London Poly as it was or turned it into a sixth form college. Talk about inflation of academic real estate and devaluation of the academia. The whole lot of them should be sent out to work for their living in a real job, such as Kushrut supervisor or lifeguard at a mixed haredi/Hamas swimming pool.
21. Not all academics are actually 'smart' , know anything.
There are many "smart" people who cant even tie up their own shoelaces, are bereft of commonsense. I'd put these twits into that category. They should be seen for what they are - a minority, their views to be rebutted.
BUSH ,   USA   (06.15.07)
Who doesn't know that a Jews worst enemy is the Jew himself. Who do you think helped 6 million die in WWII. Do you thing Hitler could have done it alone. While the reformed movement was enjoying life in America, Jews in Europe were dying Of course Charles likes to blame G-d and not himself who is also a Jew hater. Communism was started by a Jew. George Soros the biggest liberal donator is a Jew also hates his own. Jews support Palestinians over Jews anyday even financially. The govt has Jew hating parties. Nowadays the only loyal Jews one can find are only those attached to the religion.
Mush DeLeon ,   Austin, Texas   (06.15.07)
With all the Chomskies and Finklesteins in the world, I'm really not surprised. I think they should be cpatured, and paraded through Tel Aviv in their underwear. Oh wait, that was in Gaza. Same idea. Traitors. Turncoats. Kapos.
24. pull their citizenship
25. Were we only half as clever as the Palestinians
Raphael ,   Netanya   (06.15.07)
We would apply to our traitors the medicine the Pals use with their "collaborators".
26. down, down with all academics
27. Kol Hakavod, brethren
Gazan   (06.15.07)
28. #9 are Hebrew teachers academics?
29. BOYCOTT, SHMOYCOTT ,   manchester u.k.   (06.15.07)
30. The names of renegades should be published
Caroline ,   Israel   (06.15.07)
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